Gdansk Stag Do

Gdansk Stag Do

Why Choose Gdansk for Your Stag Do?

Looking for an alternative city to spend your celebrations? Then taking the lads for a pre-wedding jolly in Gdansk is an unbeatable choice. This humble city in Poland packs a punch with activities… especially shooting, racing and drinking experiences for the guys! No matter how long you and the lads stay for, whether it’s a full week or just a couple of nights, you can expect to enjoy cheap prices, beautiful buildings and fantastic bars & clubs plus so much more. Easily build an epic party package that your groom to be will remember that won’t break the bank.

Why Choose Gdansk for Your Stag Do?

If you fancy exploring somewhere new for the last blowout, we highly suggest opting for a stag do in Gdansk. This Polish city is as humble as it is fun, and that’s what makes it such a unique experience to visit. Poland trades the generic ‘fun in the sun’ party for something a little more authentic, giving you experiences that you won’t forget for a long time.

With an extensive history dating back to the 10th century, Gdansk has been part of multiple countries and has even had periods of independence as an “international city”, with architectural influences in various different European styles, Gdansk is a truly unique city like no other on the continent.

Choosing a quieter city for your last blow out also means you miss the crazy tourist influx, and the Polish residents will treat you like their own in local pubs and bars alike. No tourist influx means no rising prices, and even though the city is cheap and cheerful it still receives consistent and great Gdansk stag do reviews.

  • Country: Poland
  • Language: Polish
  • Currency: Zloty
  • Cost of a pint: 7-10 Zloty
  • Airport: Gdansk Lech Wałęsa
  • Flight duration: 4 hours

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Gdansk

If you’re in charge of planning the weekend make sure to fill the celebrations with plenty of memorable activities! Start with the list below of top 10 experiences to try while you’re there, tried and tested by groups like you.

1. Private River Cruise with Stripper

What better way to explore this port city than by boat? And to make it even better, your boat will have a cash bar, comfortable seating and a hot female stripper for the groom-to-be!

2. Vodka Tasting

With a long history of vodka production, why not go for a Polish vodka tasting session? With an expert English-speaking guide and 5 different samples, you’ll get to see why the spirit is so popular in Poland!

3. Steak & Strip

What could be better than a steak dinner, beers and a beautiful European stripper? This is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate the groom-to-be’s hitching in style!

4. Quad Biking

Take to the dirt on a powerful ATV as you race around on an awesome track with your mates and an experienced instructor to guide you.

5. Party Bus

All aboard the party bus! See the sights from your awesomely kitted out bus with all the party essentials you could possibly need to make this an unforgettable experience!

6. Bar Crawl with Vodka

Kick off the night out in the right way with a 4 hour tour of different bars around the city, led by an English-speaking guide and including 5 shots of vodka each!

7. Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting

See how the Germans do it when it comes to making some of the best beer in the world with a brewery tour and a sample tasting session with the guys!

8. AK-47 & Guns

Test one of the most famous firearms in the world as you and the guys get the opportunity to test fire an AK47 and other guns, with 40 bullets split up between 4 different weapons.

9. Nightclub Entry

Make your way into one of Gdansk’s best nightclubs where you’ll get to jump the queue and head straight to the bar!

10. Outdoor Go Karting

Get the adrenaline pumping with a high-speed competitive race around an outdoor go karting track with the lads that makes a great break from all the drinking and partying!

On top of these popular options there’s other Gdansk stag do ideas that might suit your groom to be down to a T. Make sure you find out all your options below you head overseas to celebrate in Poland!

Top Places to Eat Around Gdansk?

Top Places to Eat Around Gdansk?

One of the best things to explore while you’re enjoying this quaint Polish city is the cuisine on offer. Walk the cobbled streets in the town centre to find some of the prime eateries in the city, all with a contagiously friendly atmosphere that will draw you in undeniably.

First up on our list is a vibrant gastropub situated in the heart of the city on Wyspa Spichrzow (Granary Island). The extremely popular Chleb I Wino (“Bread & Wine”) is the perfect place to head to if you’re after a delicious range of Italian delicacies including vegetarian and vegan options.

Alternatively, you could always explore the city to its fullest by trying some traditional Polish food at Pierogarnia Mandu! Specialising in Pierogi, a dumpling-based cuisine popular all across Poland and Central/Eastern Europe, this popular restaurant in the heart of the city boasts a modern and sleek interior with a warm atmosphere and is definitely worth a visit at least once!

And of course, when it comes to the booze, Gdansk is a “go hard or go home” kind of city – making it well suited to a crazy night in Gdansk! The city is known for its love of absinthe, and with the hard stuff coming in cheap it’s a hard liquor to avoid if you’re out late at night.

Guide to Gdansk Nightlife for Stag Weekends

Although quiet about it, Gdansk is a hub of nightlife adventures and an adult playground that we’re sure you and the lads can get behind.


Starting off with the best bars in the city, we think that if you and the lads want to have a few chilled drinks before heading off to the bigger nightclubs and venues, then heading to one of these fantastic bars first to wet the whistle is a great idea. For example, Flisak ’76 would be a good option to start off with! Situated in a cosy basement in the heart of the city, this family-run bar serving the people of Gdansk since 1976 has gained a reputation for being the first cocktail bar to open in the city!

Famous for being the only brewery in the entire city, Brovarnia Gdansk should be top of your list if you and the lads are hoping to try some delicious locally-brewed beer. With three fantastic local beers on tap and an atmosphere that’s hard to beat, this lively venue in the heart of the Old Town area also has a brilliant food menu, so visiting at any time of the day is a wise idea.


Situated in a 16th century cellar beneath the city streets, Piwnica Irish Pub Gdansk is a one-of-a-kind venue that’s great for anybody looking for a completely unique drinking experience. With classically Irish drinks on their menu like Guinness, Murphy’s and many more, you and the lads shouldn’t be fooled by this bar’s strange exterior before heading downstairs to enjoy a refreshing pint of stout.

Situated right in the middle of the city centre on the iconic Piwna street is the Old Gdansk Beer Pub and Caffe. A beautifully designed pub at the heart of all that goes on in this city, visiting here is a no-brainer if you guys are on the hunt for a cosy hotspot that serves a variety of both international and locally-sourced beers.


Despite not being a city known internationally for its nightlife, Gdansk is still an extremely vibrant and lively city when the sun goes down! Kicking off the list with one of the biggest and best hotspots in the city, Bunkier Club situated in an unsuspecting underground basement on Olejarna street, this late night club was once an actual bunker used during World War II and maintains some of these features even today! With multiple rooms playing different music until the early hours of the morning, this is a fantastic venue to spend your entire night dancing until the sun comes up.

Another top location that brings in flocks of party animals is Klub Parlament. Situated in the heart of the old city and spread out across three floors, the atmosphere in this club is one to be rivalled with some of the biggest parties in Gdansk taking place here! With guest DJ’s from all over the world, you can expect a night out like no other at this awesome nightclub.

What Are the Reasons to Visit Gdansk?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Gdansk?

The History

From its origins as a Prussian city to its status as an international “Free City” to playing a huge role in the Polish Solidarity movement that led to the fall of communism in the country, Gdansk’s extensive history is hard to compare to any other European city!

The People

The Polish are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people you will encounter, so you and the lads can assure that your group will be welcomed by the locals.

The Architecture

After a huge re-construction effort after World War 2, Gdansk was rebuilt with Dutch, French, Italian and Flemish influences, making it a truly European city.

The Nightlife

Known as the party hotspot in the “Tricity” area, Gdansk packs a huge punch when it comes to hosting unforgettable nights out, perfect for you and the lads.

Epic Stag Do Activities

Whether it’s trying a Polish staple with a vodka tasting session or testing your aim with a day of extreme firearms shooting, you and the lads will be spoilt for choice for things to do in this awesome city with the activities we have to offer!

Getting the Most from Your Gdansk Stag Weekend

Getting the Most from Your Gdansk Stag Weekend

When it comes to making the most out of your time in Gdansk, this vibrant and ever-interesting city has so many hidden gems and popular landmarks alike that you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see! First up, with Gdansk’s history dating back to the 10th century, you can see how the city has evolved and snippets of what it had previously looked like by visiting the Old Town. Situated right in the middle of this vibrant city, this district calls itself home to some of the most interesting buildings and landmarks you will see on your trip.

If you head into the city centre, you will soon find that Gdansk has more than a few canals! As one of the country’s most important industrial towns, the city still retains some of its historic architecture from its former glory years as a port city. One of these few surviving buildings is the 15th century crane, once the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world! If you’re looking to learn more about the city’s long history, the building is now operated by the country’s National Maritime Museum, which holds permanent exhibits inside.

Another great way to spend your time wisely in this city, especially in the summer, would be to pay a visit to Jelitkowo Beach. Situated to the north of the city, the beach features an impressive pier which proves to be a very popular hotspot for both tourists and locals when the warm weather arrives!       So if you fancy taking a walk along the beach or exploring the nearby Jelitkowski woodland park?

How to Get Around Gdansk?

How to Get Around Gdansk?

Poland is definitely ahead of the time when it comes to transport. Especially in Gdansk, the city is built to avoid traffic jams with plenty of trams and trains to catch throughout the day and well into the evening. To make things extra easy for your visit, tickets for both the tram and the trains are the same. Buy one ticket for 24 hours, and you can hop on and off both forms of transport at your leisure. Better still, the city is littered with little ticket kiosks to buy your tickets from. That means you don’t need to venture to a stop or station to grab a ticket for the day!

Make sure to remember that night buses and trams are a separate ticket, and a little more expensive because of the timings. If you’re planning to explore all day and well into the night, we highly suggest you save money and buy a 24-hour ticket rather than two separate ones for day and night. When you’re in the centre of the colourful city, it’s small. This quaint size means that you can pretty much get anywhere on foot, especially if you have a few pints inside your belly! For more fun, why not take a tour of the inner city on a beer bike?

Why Opt for Us for Your Stag Do in Gdansk?

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