Palma Stag Do

Palma Stag Do

Daytime Party Cruise

  • Ultimate party boat
  • Open bar on board
  • Swim stops on the way
  • Professional DJ

Water Park

  • Prepare to get wet!
  • Epic waterpark venue
  • Kamikaze slides, rapids
  • Soak up the sun

Anima Beach Club VIP

  • Exclusive Balinese bed
  • Trendy VIP beach club
  • Seafront venue
  • Lauren-Perrier or Moet Champagne

Evening Party Cruise

  • Party the night away
  • Epic boat cruise
  • Beers & sangria on board
  • Professional DJ

Bunny Girl

  • Sexy bunny girl
  • Classic stag party
  • Will come to you
  • Great party starter


  • Epic adventure
  • Discover Creeks & Canyons
  • Includes wetsuits
  • Prepare to get wet

Tito's Guestlist & 3 Drinks

  • Trendy club venue
  • Best DJ’s around
  • Includes 3 drinks each
  • Variety of dance rooms

Tito's Guestlist & Drink

  • Ultimate nightclub venue
  • Stress free entry
  • One drink each
  • Epic night out

Tito's VIP Package

  • Your own reserved table
  • At a luxury club
  • VIP treatment
  • Fast track entry


  • Epic water activities
  • Abseiling, climbing, rock scrambling
  • Perfect for adrenaline junkies
  • Includes transfers

Paella Meal with Drinks

  • Drink on arrival
  • Tasty sharing platter
  • Traditional paella
  • Includes drinks

City Bike Tour

  • Comfy bikes
  • Explore the city
  • English speaking guide
  • Equipment included

Private Catamaran Cruise

  • Amazing catamaran boat
  • Private for your group
  • Epic water activities
  • 4-8 hour cruise

High Ropes Course

  • For thrill seekers
  • Extreme heights adventure
  • 47 epic obstacles
  • Ultimate zip line

Hard Rock Cafe

  • Delicious 2 course meal
  • Famous venue
  • Includes drinks
  • Epic celebrations

One Way Airport Transfers

  • Stress free transport
  • Pre-booked for you
  • One way transfer
  • Make it on time


  • Epic variety of games
  • 100 paintballs each
  • Perfect for thrill seekers
  • Latest guns & equipment

Public Palma Bay Catamaran Cruise

  • Epic catamaran boat
  • 5 hour public cruise
  • Delicious BBQ on board
  • Includes sangria

Return Airport Transfers

  • Hassle free travel
  • Pre-booked for you
  • Travel both ways
  • Pick up & drop off

Sea Cave Adventure

  • Epic water adventure
  • Explore sea caves
  • Includes guides
  • Great for thrill seekers

Segway Tour

  • Whizz around the city
  • Powerful Segway’s
  • See tourist hotspots
  • Unique daytime activity


  • Sexy & seductive girl
  • Chore­og­raphed routine
  • At your accom­moda­tion
  • Classic stag addition

Tapas Dinner with Drinks

  • Traditional Spanish dishes
  • Hot & cold options
  • Includes drinks
  • Beer, wine, water etc

Go Karting

  • Powerful karts
  • Epic race tracks
  • Grand Prix races
  • All equipment included

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  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

Why Choose Palma for Your Stag Do?

Sprinkle some sun into your celebrations with a stag do in Palma. Packed with reasonably priced nightlife and unbeatable beaches, a Palma stag weekend is a guaranteed win. On one side you’ve got rich culture and tasty tapas, and another great group accom­moda­tion and a buzzing bar scene. Pack your stag party abroad with action-packed activities, memorable boat parties and water sports experiences. A Palma stag do is underrated, which means the prices are good for a high-quality last night of freedom.

Why Choose Palma for Your Stag Do?

Palma is stag heaven, it’s a party paradise waiting to welcome you in with open arms. It’s shocking how much actually goes on in this tiny area, but either way we love it and so does everyone else. This city can offer almost anything you’d ever need to ensure your weekend is as good as it could be, blending Spanish culture with tourist favourites. You’ve got the best of both words with the capital of Mallorca! Beautiful bays and beaches, inner city style and shopping plus awesome architecture and places to eat.

The Gothic Cathedral which is situated along the seafront offers most of the main attractions and shops. Usually known as the Old Town, it is full of ancient maze like passages which will help you discover the many sights and monuments hidden around this Old Town. If what you’re looking for is quirky cafes, unusual galleries and boutique shops then look no further as the Old Town has no shortage of any of these. It’s a great place to explore when you have time to kill in between your stag activities. As for nightlife, it’s both easy to stick in Palma for more relaxed bars with friendly locals or skip on over to Magaluf for the strip and a classic last night of freedom.

  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: €3
  • Airport: Palma de Mallorca Airport
  • Flight duration: 2hr 40min

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Palma

1. Daytime Party Cruise

Take your celebrations on the water with this popular daytime cruise party complete with an open bar for drinks. Professional DJ and a scheduled swim stop for a dip in the ocean!

2. Go Karting

Do you have a need for speed? Pack some friendly competition into the stag weekend in this classic stag do staple complete with powerful go karts and all equipment needed.

3. Sea Cave Adventure

Have an adventure under the Spanish sun with your own visit to the sea caves that surround Mallorca’s costline. This guided tour will take your breath away.

4. Stripper

It’s not a proper stag party without a cheeky stripper to entertain the guys and make the stag blush! Make sure you add a surprise stripper into your stag do in Palma.

5. Water Park

Feel like a big kid for the day with Water Park passes for all the guys. Enter into a world of slides, rapids and pools in one of Palma’s most popular water parks.

6. Private Catamaran Cruise

Feel like a celebrity as you float out to sea on your very own catamaran boat. Comes complete with hours of boat hire, fuel and a bar on board to keep your replenished.

7. Paintball

Shoot your shot in a bit of friendly competition on the Spanish island! Paintball is always a popular choice to add as a daytime activity on a stag weekend.

8. City Bike Tour

See the sights and learn a little about Palma’s fascination with a guided bike tour around the capital of the island.

9. Bunny Girl

Treat the stag to a sexy bunny girl visit right in the comfort of your own accom­moda­tion. Our beautiful bunny girls are definitely a more memorable upgrade from the classic stripper!

10. Segway Tour

Explore every inch of Palma in the most unique way – on segways. Race around on these fast little vehicles and see some of the best sights of the city.

Places to Eat in Palma?

Places to Eat in Palma?

Eating out in Majorca is a huge deal and as your wondering around any city in Spain you will 100% see families eating their meals at 9pm, sometimes even 11pm. Palma has a never ending choice of restaurants and cafes depending on your taste’s, mostly very reasonably priced so you don’t break the bank! For local dishes, a favourite for locals and travellers alike is Bar España. Classic by name and nature, this teeny tapas bar on Carrer de Can Escursac will blow your mind with both traditional and unique tapas dishes that are cheap as chips. For a more expensive occasion, try the upscale tapas that’s offered in Ombu tapas restaurant. This eatery is situated central to Palma, and you can sit outside to watch the world go by while you dine.

You might be surprised to find a whole manner of cuisine’s reside in the capital of Mallorca. All kinds of food have found their way to this little Spanish island and become favourites for anyone looking for good, hearty good. Indian cuisine is just as popular here as in places like Manchester and Birmingham, and Basmati Indian restaurant is a shining example of this as it’s always busy (make sure to book!) Likewise, you can find juicy burgers and crispy fries American-style at La Nueva Burgesa. The burger combos here are perfect to line your stomachs before the stag night out, too.

Whilst in the wonderful city of Palma you’ll want to really experience what the city has to offer, including its specialities when it comes to food. When you’re out there be sure to look out for coca de patata which is a sweet bread-like bun made from potato flour and dusted with icing sugar. It’s a great option if your wanting something sweet. If your fancying a savoury item then the pa amboli will be perfect, it’s a snack of bread and olive oil which is often served with cheese, cured ham or chorizo!


Guide to Palma Nightlife for Stag Weekends

The nightlife is obviously what is most important when it comes to your stag weekend. And we want to make sure you have the best time when you’re out in Palma. On the island, the main places we suggest to head to when you’re out in the evening are La Lonja, Santa Catalina and the Paseo Marítimo. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find dotted around Palma. Although the capital is more expensive for a night out than places like Magaluf, you’ll find an extra special quality and style that you just can’t find anywhere else on the island.

La Lonja

La Lonja is also known as the Old Town which is the heart of the city’s nightlife. It’s probably one of the best places to go for a late-night bite to eat or heading out into some of the pubs, cocktail bars and sky bars. First up on our list is probably the most popular bar in La Lonja and the surrounding nightlife districts of Palma, Bar Abaco. This longstanding favourite is all about the Spanish culture, with ancient interior that focuses on art and local produce. The prices increase inside, but a slightly more expensive pint is so worth it for the memories this place will give you!

For something way more laid-back, try some bar nibbles and a local brew at Café la Lonja. This small bar is a great place to start your stag night, collect your bearings and line your stomachs with a bit of grub before you go full throttle! For a lick of the British charm in a Spanish setting, get yourselves over to The Tavern for a few drinks. This lively little pub will make you feel at home in no time, and is always busy on the weekends all the way up to closing at 3am.

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is an area that is bustling with people in the evening due to the vast amount of watering holes including late night bars. This region is made up of cocktail bars that focus on great drinks and a sense of style, while still being just as welcoming as La Lonja. If you’re on the hunt for super quirky décor and even crazier drinks, LAB Cocktail Bar is the ultimate watering hole in Palma. The cocktails here have a kick, and the bar is weird and wonderful inside. For something a bit more on the subdued side, Santa Catalina has you covered with Coupe cocktail bar. Slightly more expensive, you’re guaranteed to leave with a wobble in your step as these drinks are strong and very drinkable!

Is your groom to be a massive movie buff? He’s blend in like a charm at Atomic Garden, a blockbuster themed bar that’s full of hilarious references and unique IPA’s. You could spend hours reminiscing over your favourite films in this unique bar - pair that with a few drinks and you’ve got a winner. Last but not least, we’ve got to mention Cerveceria Tramuntana. One of Palma’s most well-known microb­rewe­ries, definitely pay this pub a visit if you’re a beer lover.

Paseo Marítimo

Paseo Marítimo is the area that has a buzz all night, full of restaurants and bars to start your night off in.  This district of the city starts off with a low hum of hustle and bustle during the early evening and turns into a busy nightlife haven after the dark! A lot of people in Spain leave their last meal of the day until close to 9pm, so why not fill your bellies and then head off to the nearest bar in Paseo Marítimo! The perfect venue pull off this combo is the classic Hard Rock Café! You can’t go wrong with traditional American dishes and massive pints of beer, right lads?

For something a little more traditional to Spain, might we suggest you enjoy Mojito bar for a few? This spacious venue has ample seating, good quality service and even a pool table if you want to get a rally going through the evening! Speaking of rallies, it wouldn’t be a last night of freedom without a dip into a sports bar, and Hogan’s sports bar is the place to be in Palma. For all your footy catch up and electrifying atmosphere make sure Hogan’s in on your list to visit.

Nightclubs in Palma

You might be surprised by the amount of nightclubs that are hidden away around Palma, because there’s loads! Overall, the capital of Mallorca is definitely unde­res­ti­mated when it comes to late night venues that will make you dance. However, one infamous nightclub that’s a must is Tito’s nightclub. Named as an ‘Inter­national Club’, Tito’s is more on the pricey side but you definitely get what you pay for. Bright lights, big performers and unmatched events are all reasons why Tito’s is ever-popular with groups.

If a big stag night out at Tito’s doesn’t appeal to you, not to worry! Try Social Club Mallorca, a boutique club with a pretty impressive appearance. Once you’re drawn in, you’ll find multiple rooms to party in, plus an outdoor terrace when the evenings are warm, performers and events all year round. For a more intimate night out in a smaller venue, there’s always Kaelum club that will welcome you with open arms.

What Are the Reasons to Visit Palma?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Palma?

Reasonably Priced

Palma is, for the most part, underrated. This means the prices are really great for eating, drinking and nightlife but still hold the same quality as party places like Ibiza and Marbella.

Cracking Culture

Palma has done an awesome job of mixing culture with the modern day, and you can learn a little about the island by visiting places like the Cathedral de la Palma or Miró Foundation.

Sand & Sea

The beaches in Palma are second to none and so close to all the shops and city dwelling. There’s a mighty 200 beaches around Mallorca, but Palma beach is definitely the most popular.

The Cuisine

Spanish tapas is well-loved all around the world, but no one does it quite like the Balearic Islands!

Stag Do Activities

Although the island is small and the capital little, the volume of stag party activities on offer is astounding. Make sure you pack your weekend with fun while you’re here!

The Weather

Nothing will rain on your parade while celebrating a last night of freedom in Palma. The weather is nice all year round, but especially between May and September.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Palma Stag Weekend

How to Get the Most Out of Your Palma Stag Weekend

Getting the most out of your Palma stag weekend is easy because everything is in one place! The slopping capital is simple to work your way through, from the tiny streets of independent stores right down to the waterfront and beaches. Overlooking the waterfront is the always eye-catching Palma Cathedral, named locally as La Seu Cathedral. You can take it’s beauty in from the outside, or venture inside to see collections of artefacts and a little slice of Spanish history. Pair your cathedral visit with a stroll around Casco Antiguo, the tiny hidden streets behind the cathedral!

We know that if you’re visiting on a short and sweet stag weekend, the chances of you wanting to drown in culture are slim. There’s plenty to do that will get your adrenaline-pumping or tantalise your taste buds too. Make sure you spend some time lost in Calle Apuntadores both day and night, as after dark you can enjoy sounds of music from Jazz Voyeur and unbelievable dishes from restaurants like Koa Grill and La Paloma.

How to Get Around Palma?

How to Get Around Palma?

When you’re sipping beers all day and taking shots at night, the last thing you want to worry about is transport around the city and island of Mallorca. Make sure you’ve got a basic grasp on the best transpor­ta­tion on the island before you jet off so you can focus all your attention on the celeb­ra­tions. If your accom­moda­tion is close to the city, you can forget having to hire a car. Buses run in and out of the city all the way up to 11pm, and once you’re in the city you can explore mostly everything by foot. This way you can see all the juicy gems in between!

Any later than 11pm, and we suggest you take the easy route and grab a taxi. There’s tons of taxis that are parked and waiting outside the bars and nightclubs around Palma. The fares are very reasonable and split between a group of guys you won’t notice a couple of euros here and there.

Why Choose Us When Planning a Stag Do in Palma?

The sound of a stag do in Palma is all well and good, but where do you begin with the planning? Luckily for you, event planners like us can save you a lot of time and hassle. Funktion Events have expertise in organising stag weekends all across the world, and are ranked 1st out of 263 UK Stag and Hen Party Organisers on Freeindex for our efforts. Not only this, but you can read 1000's of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot if you don’t believe us yet!

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