Brno Stag Do

Brno Stag Do

What to Expect on a Stag Do in Brno?

A city in the Czech Republic that will not disappoint is Brno. With all of the impressive Brno stag do ideas you will be able to put together the ultimate weekend. Enjoy a fast paced experience with some go karting or take advantage of Brno’s nightlife with an absinthe night. The opportunities are endless when it comes to what you can do during your celebrations. Everyone can enjoy a trip to Brno with some of the cheapest beer and food in the entire world!

What to Expect on a Stag Do in Brno?

Brno is a smaller city in the Czech Republic with a whole lot of charisma, experiences and nightlife to dive into with the lads. This underrated city is bound to make you feel like kings for the weekend, with a reputation for cheap food and even cheaper drinks that will have you ballin’ until the early hours each night. The cheaper little brother of Prague, you’ll still find a lot to do in Brno without having to queue for clubs or landmarks quite as much.

As well as getting the best bang for your buck, a Brno stag do will bring you unique memories like no other European city would. Because of its big brother Prague, Brno can often get overlooked – meaning it’s never ridiculously touristy and busy throughout the year. You’ll be made to feel at home and special all at the same time within the city, plus no mass tourism means no need to worry about getting in and out of bars or running out of pints!

A little known fact of Moravia’s capital city is the students! Thousands of students live and study here, creating a buzzing atmosphere throughout the city – especially after dark. On the flip side, the locals have preserved the city extremely well. Modern architecture oozes out of the location, creating great photo opportunities and memorable day trips like the Old Town Hall and the city’s hidden Labyrinth.

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Language: Czech
  • Currency: Czech Crown
  • Cost of a pint: 32 Kc
  • Airport: Turany Airport
  • Flight duration: 2 hours

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Brno

Have a browse below at the top 10 Brno stag activities that will be perfect for your celebrations.

1. Indoor Go Karting with Transfers

Add some adrenaline pumping action as you climb into a powerful go kart and whizz your way around a race track battling it out for 1st place against the other lads.

2. Top Night Out

Get stuck into Brno’s amazing nightlife as you take a tour around the best bars with free beers, take a trip to a cheeky lap danced club and finish the night off in one of the hottest nightclubs.

3. AK-47 & Handgun

Play with some big boy toys as you and the lads to shoot an AK-47 and a handgun at a variety of targets with 50 bullets each.

4. Brewery Tour with Meal

Take a trip around a brewery in Brno with an English speaking guide as you taste a variety of local beers before tucking into a delicious lunch along with 2 large beers to wash it down.

5. Absinthe Night

Prepare for some hardcore drinking as you visit the best bars in the city and receive 2 free absinthe shots per person at each bar in order to get the party started!

6. Medieval Banquet

Tuck into some mouth-wateringly delicious food at your reserved table with plenty beers to wash it down with as you sit back and watch an entertaining show.

7. Outdoor Go Karting

Get hearts racing as you jump into a powerful go kart and whizz your way around an outdoor track in a race to secure 1st place against the other lads.

8. Stag Arrest

Stitch up the groom during this weekend as two female police officers come and arrest him and perform a sexy strip show for the entire group.

9. Traditional Meal with Stripper

A traditional Brno meal with a cheeky twist, as you tuck into a tasty meal and beers at your reserved table, a sexy stripper will arrive and perform an exotic strip tease show for you.

10. Shotgun & Pistol Shooting

Get hands on with lethal weapons at a shooting range as you and the lads use your 40 bullets each carefully at a variety of targets.

If these Brno stag do activities don’t seem like they’re for you there are still plenty of others that we’re sure will be!

 Top Places to Eat in Brno?

Top Places to Eat in Brno?

When you’re not pranking your groom with hilarious surprises and ridiculous games, you’re going to need to eat – and Brno does not disappoint in this department! If you’re brave enough to try a bit of Czech cuisine while living it up on your weekend, get yourself down to the popular Špaliček restaurant. This place does tradition like no other, with dishes like duck, rabbit and port schnitzel for you to sink your teeth into. Because beer is so cheap in Brno, the price of a pint is literally cheaper than water here, we highly suggest you explore your taste buds and try some of the locally brewed beverages.

Because Brno has become increasingly more popular with tourists, there’s more than just Czech classics to enjoy while you’re celebrating in the Czech Republic. A top spot that loves hosting groups for delicious Mediterranean dishes is Borgo Agnese. This restaurant in the centre of the city is a little on the pricy side, but perfect for a memorable meal with the guys. On the other end of the spectrum, Burger Inn is a cheap and cheerful way to line your stomach for the weekend antics. Takeaway or eat in, this place elevates your average hamburger with a delicious meal to remember.

Sometimes, a trip to a different city is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone to try something new. If Czech classics simply aren’t tickling your fancy, what about Vietnamese food? Gỗ Brno is highly renowned for bringing interesting, tongue tantalising food to Brno for a great price. For comforting Italians and easy eats, Castellana Trattoria is situated right next to the Malinovského náměstí tram station in Brno.

Guide to Brno Nightlife for Stag Weekends

Everything else a side, it’s likely you’ll spend most of your conscious (hopefully) time in the nightlife scene on your Brno stag party. But where’s best to hit up first? Keeping it within the areas of Kozi street, Koblizna street and just St James’ Square in general will guarantee you an abundance of bars and nightclubs to try on foot. This area is home to the popular Charlie’s Hat. This underground haven is built into the catacombs of Brno and is bouncing until dawn every Friday night.

Popular Pubs

Brno is so compact, that the city doesn’t have specific nightlife districts but rather key pubs, bars and nightclubs that are a must-visit while you’re visiting. From traditional fare to modern tavernas, Brno has a variety of different pubs you can dip into for a pint or two (or three!) You can’t go wrong with a classic Irish pub, and St. Patrick Irish Pub is a little glimmer of the Irish drinking spirit right in the heart of the Czech Republic. All the beer and booze in Brno is cheap as chips, and this includes top-rated pubs like this one.

A pro tip for exploring Brno nightlife for weekends is that a lot of the restaurants open until late and serve tipple until at least midnight! Don’t stroll past a venue that looks like just a restaurant without keeping your eye out for a big bar! Stopkova Plzeňská Pivnice is a prime example of this. The popular Czech restaurant has an encompassing bar in house, and you can even treat yourself to a bite to eat if you’re feeling tipsy. Pub/­bar/­club/­music venue the Music Lab is pretty hard to categorise, but worth a mention all the same. Also in the centre, you can listen to live music while toasting to the groom to be in this epic nightlife spot.

Bars in Brno

It might be a bold statement, but bars are what Brno does best. There’s far too many bars to visit in just one night, leaving you with a lot of choice depending on what kind of celebrations you want. If you’re looking for an adventure like no other to kick off your last night of freedom, how about paying a visit to Bar který neexistuje – translates to ‘the bar that doesn’t exist’. Located in the city centre, there’s not too much we can give away about this mysterious hotspot, but if you want a night to remember, definitely make this a stop on your weekend!

For an experience like no other, you have to head to the Sky Ice Bar! Exactly what it says in the name, this swish bar as a -20 degree ice room where you can enjoy a drink with a chill. The first ice bar in the Czech Republic, your groom to be is sure remember the weekend with a trip to this unique bar. Speaking of different experiences, pop your head into Kabinet Huličů Shisha bar for a drink and a smoke in this relaxing environment.

Brno is home to a lot of secret underground systems, and this includes a few hidden bars located under your feet! Charlie’s Hat is one of the most popular bars for this, with curved stone-brick ceilings and a quirky feel. We’ve mentioned beer a lot because it’s so cheap, but what about wine fans? If you’re a big lover of a glass of wine, Jedna Báseň bar is a classy and chilled-out place to visit. Plus, wine is almost as good value as the beer!


It may be small for a city, but Brno packs a punch when it comes to nightclubs! Czech locals are a fan of dancing until dusk, and the city has a multitude of venues to facilitate celebrations just like a stag do in Brno. Why don’t you start off at the biggest and most popular? Sono Centrum is a monster club that names itself as a high quality music club. Inside, you’ll find a stage for live music, 700 seats and space for 1,200 people standing – so your group will be fine!

Unlike a lot of cities in the UK, you don’t need to just stay at Sono Centrum all night or weekend. There’s plenty more places to dip your toes into and make the most of your lads trip away! Check the schedule and head to Fléda for world-renowned artists, local musicians and free-flowing booze all night. Situated on Štefánikova Street, the massive venue also holds Elektra and Vendeta club nights alongside live music if that genre of music is more your scene.

Top Reasons to Visit Brno on a Stag Party?

Top Reasons to Visit Brno on a Stag Party?

A Less Crowded Capital

Brno gives you the best of both worlds. Great nightlife, shops, activities and excursions, but less busy and crowded than Prague!

Cheap as Chips

Planning a stag do abroad can get expensive enough, but with half a pint of beer under 60p in most of the city it’s hard to say no.

Rich History

Brno has an extensive history of defending itself from other countries, and this is fortunately reflecting for us by the mighty castles, cool cathedrals and impressive Old Town of the city.

The Labyrinth

Brno’s best kept secret, the city have more recently opened the underground tunnels underneath the Cabbage Market to the public. Anyone down for a spooky 40-minute tour?

A Unique Memory

It’s much more likely that your group of guy friends haven’t visited Brno before, unlike obvious locations. If so, this in itself would be a great memory.

Keeping Up with the Times

Brno is a great combination of old landmarks and modern architecture that makes for a one of a kind scene – and one of a kind photographs of the weekend!

Getting the Most from Your Brno Stag Weekend

Getting the Most from Your Brno Stag Weekend

We can’t deny that Prague is the obvious choice when it comes to celebrating the last night of freedom, but there’s plentiful reasons why Brno is great, if not better for your mates send-off. If you’re just going for a short stay, we highly suggest you pack the visit with all the great places to go. In the daytime, explore the city’s history with places like the Špilberk Castle and Cathedral of St Peter & Paul. Both of these eye-catching buildings can be enjoyed from a distance or admired up close and inside.

It’s relatively easy to get the most out of your Brno stag weekend with the prices being so low. A lot of the landmarks and things to do are outdoors and even free most of the time, so you can cram a lot into the celebrations for a relatively low price compared to other big European cities. Two must see places while in Brno? The first is Four Rooms bar and eatery which is open 22 hours a day to the public with a cool, edgy vibe and relaxed seating. Secondly is Super Panda Circus. Recently voted the best bar in the whole country (beating Prague), do we need to say anything else about this friendly venue?

How to Get Around Brno?

How to Get Around Brno?

Traversing around the city centre and beyond is made one hundred times easier with the trams system in Brno. Regular trams run from popular districts of the city and the outskirts if you want a change of scenery, and with tickets as little as 10 CK (35p) it’s an inexpensive transport method too. On top of that, all tram tickets are interchangeable between trams, trains and buses. Buy one ticket for 24 hours and you can use it across all those modes of transport as many times as you like.

As Brno is so small and compact, it’s easy to head to one specific area and explore on foot. The whole inner city is built for walking (especially St James’ Square), so you can browse shops or dip into cafes easily on foot.

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