Stag Do Magaluf

Stag Do Magaluf

Dinner & Erotic Show

Dinner & Erotic Show

  • Exotic adult show
  • Striptease, comedy & dance
  • Tasty 3 course meal
  • Epic stag do addition
  • £84.50
Segway Tour

Segway Tour

  • Discover the city
  • Fast paced Segway’s
  • Tourist hotspots
  • 1 hour duration
  • £61.00
Guided Bar Crawl

Guided Bar Crawl

  • Visit the best bars
  • Whistle stop tour
  • A fun guide
  • Experience the strip
  • £19.00
Casino Entry & Dinner

Casino Entry & Dinner

  • Tasty 3 course meal
  • Sangria included
  • Test your luck
  • Night in the casino
  • £56.00
Catamaran Cruise & Lunch

Catamaran Cruise & Lunch

  • 5-hour cruise
  • BBQ food
  • Beer, wine & soft drinks
  • On-board bar
  • £86.00
Ultimate Boat Party

Ultimate Boat Party

  • Amazing boat party
  • Party on water
  • Top notch DJ’s
  • Bar on board
  • £73.50
Return Airport Transfers

Return Airport Transfers

  • Hassle free transfers
  • Air-con minibus
  • Private driver
  • Pick up & drop off
  • £31.50
Super Club Entry Pass

Super Club Entry Pass

  • Night of your life
  • Super club entry
  • Smart wristbands
  • Drink credits
  • £40.00
Banana Boat

Banana Boat

  • Zoom across the water
  • Hold on tight!
  • Huge banana boat
  • 20 minutes on board
  • £37.50
Erotic Pirate Show

Erotic Pirate Show

  • You can’t miss it
  • Raunchy & seductive
  • Reserved seats & entry
  • Pirates of Mallorca
  • £81.00
Dinner & Stripper

Dinner & Stripper

  • Classic stag addition
  • Delicious 3 course meal
  • Seductive strip show
  • Gorgeous stripper
  • £68.50
Flying Fish

Flying Fish

  • For adrenaline junkies
  • Float high & fly
  • Epic water activity
  • On Magaluf beach
  • £37.50
VIP Champagne Party

VIP Champagne Party

  • Champagne welcome
  • Popular party venue
  • Perfect way to celebrate
  • Personal waitress
  • £15.00


  • Epic paintballing fun
  • 200 balls per person
  • Attack & defend games
  • Comes with equipment
  • £31.50


  • Classic stag activity
  • Professional stripper
  • Any venue you want
  • Sexy striptease
  • £248.50
Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing

  • Epic fun on the water
  • Thrilling & powerful
  • Fly across the water
  • Trained instructor
  • £155.50
Private Boat Charter

Private Boat Charter

  • Own private boat
  • Relax in luxury
  • Personal captain
  • 3 hour cruise
  • £1242.00
Travel Abroad With Funktion

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7
One Way Airport Transfers

One Way Airport Transfers

  • Stag do essential
  • Private transfer
  • Hotel or airport
  • Relaxing minibus
  • £22.00

Why Enjoy a Magaluf Stag Do?

A party haven for explorers, you can guarantee a Magaluf stag do will treat you well. This resort town sees millions of groups visit for the Spanish sun and unbeatable nightlife – two things that make or break a weekend abroad! One of the most popular party destinations, you’ll find reasonably-priced accommodation, great beaches and cheap booze as just a few reasons why all the ideas are ever-popular. Although known for being cheap and cheerful, Magaluf can fit any budget and every kind of groom to be around due to the amazing ideas we’re sure you already know about.

Why Enjoy a Magaluf Stag Do?

Magaluf – you’ve heard its name, you’ve listened to the stories and you’ve decided this is the city for your last night of freedom. And we can’t say we blame you! One of the best places to go in the way of nightlife, this resort town has something for everyone in the depths of the darkness, flashing lights and lap dancing madness. The Strip might be the reason you come but discover fine sand beaches and hidden gems like Sa Porrassa island for a weekend to truly remember. A Maga massive party is exactly what a groom to be needs to blow off some steam before the big day, and who’s to say you can’t do it in style?

A Magaluf stag do is what dreams are made of, filling your weekend away with banter, babes and booze all in one lively area. The whole place can be explored by foot, and you might be surprised by the investments the resort has made to stray away from the trashy image to a more high-quality holiday destination. Magaluf makes it easy to have the ultimate weekend – spend a day at Wester Water Park, spend as little as 10 euros on drinks offers and cure your hangover on the popular beaches.

  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: 2 euros
  • Airport: Palma de Mallorca (PMI)
  • Flight duration: 2 1/2 hours

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Magaluf

There are so many Magaluf stag do activities available it can be hard deciding which to include into your celebrations.

1. Jet Skiing

Take to the waves and explore the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean with this exhilarating water-based activity!

2. Paintballing

A classic for the weekend, spark some friendly competition between the guys as you take to the battlefield locked and loaded with paintballs.

3. Catamaran Cruise & Lunch

Feel like a celebrity footballer on this catamaran-style boat as you explore the coastline on your own cruise with food and drink provided.

4. Erotic Pirate Show

Looking for something different? Get the groom's heart racing with the hugely popular erotic pirate show that’s native to Mallorca.

5. Guided Bar Crawl

Instead of getting lost in Magaluf’s strip, have an English-speaking guide to help show you the best pubs and bars in the resort town.

6. Casino Entry & Dinner

Embark on a classy night out by securing entry to one of Magaluf’s best casinos before getting sat down to enjoy a delicious meal with the guys.

7. Stripper

The ultimate stag do activity, be sure to make it an unforgettable celebration for the groom-to-be with a hot-n-heavy striptease!

8. Banana Boat

Hop on an inflatable and ride the waves with your friends as a skipper takes you on a wild adventure. Hold tight as you bounce and try to stay on board, all while avoiding plunging into the cold sea!

9. Superclub Entry Pass

Make sure that the groom’s last night of freedom goes off without a hitch by securing your entry to the hottest nightclubs in Magaluf - A stag do staple!

10. Ultimate Boat Party

If you’re heading abroad, it’s only right to enjoy a party on the water with this ultimate boat party. Enjoy an electric atmosphere on board.

If these Magaluf stag activities aren’t taking your fancy, there are still plenty more that you may prefer in this Spanish city.

 Places to Eat in Magaluf

Places to Eat in Magaluf

Conveniently for you, Magaluf is laid out in a way that all the best places to eat are easily accessible from everywhere. This seaside resort town is well-practiced with serving English grub to party-goers, and Tom Brown’s is the perfect example of this. This deliciously simple restaurant near the seafront can cater to even the fussiest of your friends with burgers, pizzas and even roast dinners! If you’d prefer to get a bit more adventurous with your eating habits, go next door to Tom Brown’s for seafood at Pardo’s Restaurante. Although a little pricier, this eatery has a more varied menu with a Spanish flare.

If you’re looking to bookmark your night out with a meal that’s an experience, that’s plenty of impressive restaurants around Magaluf and the surrounding areas of the resort town. For dinner with a sea view, Restaurant Titanic is an awesome venue that boasts style and fresh flavours on the menu. This is one place that you can find lobster dishes if that’s something you want to check off your bucket list! Alternatively if you’re looking for a more relaxed bite to eat in the day, you can find the modern Tast café in the Monument Plaza and indulge in massive tapas and high quality meats.

On its own, Magaluf isn’t renowned for any fine cuisine and restaurants that will blow your socks off with their classy atmosphere, but that’s the beauty of a Magaluf stag do. This vibrant destination sets no standards or boundaries for your group of mates, so you can be yourselves and enjoy whatever calorific, carby goodness you fancy in order to send you off to sleep and cure those wicked hangovers. When it comes to drinking, the best thing about Maga is how cheap any form of alcohol is. Pints come as cheap as 1 euros, and you can bag yourself a drinks deal wherever you go after 11pm.

Guide to Magaluf Nightlife for Stag Weekends

This is Magaluf’s true speciality, coming in the top 10 for European nightlife on most lists you’ll find on the internet. This city keeps it simple, and seen as it’s been in the party game for years you’re sure to be in good hands. Punta Balenta Strip is where the main fun happens, offering everything from quieter bars, eateries, the big-name nightclubs and strip clubs to keep you and the boys busy all night. You’ll feel welcomed and ready to party in style as punters invite into bars with luring deals and gorgeous girls, filling your night with excitement.

Punta Ballena (Magaluf Strip)

The holy grail of nightlife in Magaluf, we guarantee that you’ll find yourself a little tipsy on the Magaluf Strip. There’s an abundance of bars, pubs and clubs to visit, so it’s wise to narrow your choices down before you get to the weekend. One must-visit bar that many groups start the night in is STEREO Bar, a longstanding favourite for partygoers. This high-ceiling venue is the king of drinks offers, brining punters in with 10 euros for 5 pitchers, shot girls and epic DJ sets all summer. Another bar that serves food by day but lights up at night is Crystals Bar, which has made a name for itself as even a local favourite.

If you opt for a Magaluf stag do you can look forward to a cracking night out that won’t break the bank, no matter where you go. When you bustle into the middle of Punta Balenta strip you’ll be blinded by neon lights and seduced by the blaring music of each venue. Lennons Bar is a massive party venue that’s great for larger groups, but if you’d rather a quieter, pub atmosphere then the Red Lion can cater to your boozing needs. If you’re on the hunt for entertainers and performers to add to the last night of freedom, try Mambo’s Terrace and you won’t be disappointed.

Nightclubs in Magaluf

We’re placing our bets that when the end of the night approaches you’ll want to finish the celebrations in a booming nightclub, right guys? Magaluf definitely fall short of awesome nightclubs to dance, drink and toast to the groom to be. The most popular and world-renowned venue is of course BCM Planet Dance! Inside this massive nightclub is an adult playground for all to enjoy, with stylish décor, performers, entertainers and famous DJ sets all summer long. Top tip for BCM – the tickets for this monster club sell out fast during the year, so if your groom to be has his heart set on partying in Planet Dance we highly suggest you grab your entry before they sell out.

BCM isn’t the only place you can finish the night on a high, there’s plenty of other popular nightclubs to choose from to. For all your RnB needs, the best place to go is Tokio Joe’s nightclub situated on the strip. However, if you’d rather something completely off the cuff and memorable than the only place to head is Gringo’s. This weird and wonderful nightclub is renowned for its reloaded bingo, dance-off’s and competitions with crazy prizes.

Beach Clubs in Magaluf

You don’t need to limit your celebrations to after dark! There’s a whole host of beach clubs in Magaluf that give you a place to party under the Spanish sun all day. Of course, Nikki Beach is one of the most popular beach clubs and pool parties across Europe, and they have a modern, stylish venue in the heart of Magaluf too. Definitely more on the expensive side, Nikki Beach is a full experience with live DJ sets, day beds, loungers and pools alongside a delicious Mediterranean restaurant and bar. For a cheaper alternative that still packs an impressive punch, Oceans Beach Mallorca is a hotspot for daytime celebrations.

Both Nikki Beach and Oceans Beach are all about party atmosphere, poolside posing and drinking – but what about something a little more chilled? Bondi Beach is technically beach club with a venue on the seafront, beach area and opening times until 2am. However, you’ll find a much more relaxed, restaurant vibe inside where you can indulge in the finest dishes, expertly made cocktails and more sophisticated entertainment.

Reasons to Visit Magaluf

Reasons to Visit

The Strip

Let’s be honest, the insane nightlife on the Punta Balenta strip is the main reason lads keep going to Magaluf for the last night of freedom!

Cheap & Cheerful

Let go of all your money worries with a place like Magaluf, as this seaside town can fit almost every budget without comprising a good time.

Fine-Sand Beaches

From Playa de Magaluf to Palma Nova, there’s plenty of sandy beaches where you can spend a day topping up your tan – and most can be accessed on foot.

Thrilling Activities

Magaluf is home to an impressive amount of activities, from water sports to adventures and bar crawls.

World Class Events

If you’re celebrating in the summer, it’s easy to find a variety of memorable events to fill the weekend with famous faces and memorable moments.

Getting the Most from Your Magaluf Stag Party

Getting the Most from Your Magaluf Stag Party

It’s not all bars and boozing in this seaside resort, there’s plenty to see and do that will keep you busy throughout your stag do in Magaluf! Make sure you get the most out of the weekend and find out what’s to find while you’re tanning in Mallorca. Speaking of tanning, we highly suggest you spend a couple of hours at Playa de Magaluf. This fine-sand beach in the main attraction of the town and stretches 900m so everyone can find a space for their towel. Along the beach front you’ll find cafes, restaurants, bars and coffeeshops to keep you replenished and water sports opportunities just off shore for a bit of adrenaline.

For an adrenaline pumping day that’s on land, there’s only one place to go – Western Water Park! In this huge theme park you’ll definitely still get wet with the amount of rides, pools and attractions on offer. Situated just a little outside Magaluf’s centre, spend the day feeling like a big kid at this popular park.

 How to Get Around Magaluf?

How to Get Around Magaluf?

Thankfully, getting around Magaluf is easier than ever. The resort town is hugely pedestrianised for your ease, and most things to do and attractions can be found within walking distance from each other. When you do want to travel further afield, the public transport in this Spanish town is second to none! As well as being extremely affordable, it’s the quickest and most efficient way to explore Magaluf and the surrounding area. Bus stops are dotted all around the town including outside most major hotels and accommodation, so you don’t need to stroll far to hop on a bus.

Why Use Us When Planning Your Magaluf Stag Do?

Despite there being a huge variety of choice when it comes to choosing who to book your Magaluf stag do with, we think you should book with Funktion Events if you’re looking for tried and tested activities and a dedicated team with plenty of experience to organise your event. Since 2007, we’ve helped plan and organise endless parties both in the UK and abroad. From this, we’ve earned thousands of 5-star Trustpilot reviews and ranked 1st out of 263 UK stag and hen party organisers on Freeindex.

We aim to make the planning process as easy and straightforward as possible, which is why we offer the latest online events area for individual payments and itinerary updates, so everybody in the group can be kept in the loop! Aside from all this, you will also be safe in knowing that your booking will be covered by UK laws and regulations through the fact that we’re a fully ABTA bonded company.