Lip Sync Battle Team Building

Lip Sync Battle
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • Lip Sync Battle Experience
  • Lip Sync Battle Activity

Activity Details

  • Choose your song
  • Profes­si­onally chore­og­raphed routine
  • Split into two teams to battle
  • Private central venue

What’s Included

  • Your choice of song
  • Split into two teams
  • Profes­si­onally chore­og­raphed routine
  • Experienced dance coach
  • Microphone props
  • Each team battles against each other
  • Fancy dress welcome

The Lip Sync Battle Team Building lets you bust a move and silently sing your hearts out together with a team building activity that’s fantastic fun and great for a laugh. At the beginning of the day your group will be split into two. You’ll each be taught a silent song and dance routine by an experienced instructor. They’ll go through the motions (literally) with you step by step until you’re finally ready to put it all together and show the other team what you’ve got! You get to choose what song you perform to, and of course you’ll have some fake microphones to mime into. It certainly beats singing into a hairbrush at home.

Lip Sync battles started out as a short skit on the Jimmy Fallon show and have since exploded in popularity, spawning its very own TV Show in 12 different countries. Now you can finally treat your team to the amazing fun that is the Lip Sync Battle Team Building activity!

You’re to be in fits of laughter as you watch your colleague’s performance. Make sure to give it all you’ve got so you have a shot at being crowned Lip Sync champions! The event is fully co-ordinated with venue hire included, saving you a world of hassle when it comes to booking. Oh, and fancy dress is highly encouraged. Bust a move as Beyoncé or shake it like Shakira, whatever you like! Yes, that goes for the men too!

The Lip Sync Battle Team Building is great for helping people let their hair down and feel comfortable in front of their colleagues. It’s a great ice breaker for new employees and a terrific way to treat a hardworking team for a job well done. Make some amazing memories with your team with the Lip Sync Battle Team Building.


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