The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Team Building

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt
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Activity Details

  • The best of the best
  • Exciting trivia & quizzes
  • Huge variety of challenges
  • GPS smartphone app

What is the Ultimate Treasure Hunt Team Building?

All of our best scavenger hunt questions and challenges rolled into one compre­hen­sive hunt around your chosen location. The ultimate treasure hunt will split your workforce into smaller groups so you can compete through GPS-linked questions and challenges. Work together to collect points at each hotspot so you can end up the winning squad!

This entire scavenger hunt is run through an easy-to-use app on your smartphone device. This means you’re completely in control and can fit this adventure into your plans however you like.

Add a facilitator for an additional cost who will provide a remote briefing via video link plus support throughout the activity. Once the squads have unlocked all the hotspots and completed the challenges, they come back together as a whole group for a lively wrap up. Our event staff will presentation / wrap up the activity showcasing the best photos and videos taken by the participants throughout the event.

What’s Included

  • All themed challenges rolled into one treasure hunt explorer
  • Variety of content including movie trivia, sports, countries, TV shows, celebrities and music
  • Split into teams depending on your group size
  • Choose a captain and work together
  • Work together to earn points by answering questions correctly
  • Use easy, GPS activated app on your smartphone
  • Live scoreboard and photo wall on the app
  • Uplifting team brief from our event staff via video link
  • Add a facilitator to give a remote briefing and final wrap-up session via video link for an additional cost - enquire for details

How does the Ultimate Treasure Hunt run?

On the day, you can decide when to meet and activate the app for each participant. Then, explore your chosen location whilst unlocking different hotspots on the interactive app. Each hotspot will contain questions and challenges based around a multitude of topics. This can include your location, general knowledge, enter­ta­inment trivia and more. Collect as many points as you can before the end of the activity. Each group can keep track of the others through a live scoreboard, plus upload photos on the interactive photo wall. The event will finish with an entertaining wrap-up session via video link.

What equipment do we need for the Ultimate Treasure Hunt?

Each group will need to download the app to one of their smartphone devices to join in the ultimate treasure hunt. All you need to do is make sure your smartphone is fully charged beforehand. We’ll provide a remote facilitator to give a briefing and wrap up via a video conference link such as Zoom.

Is the Ultimate Treasure Hunt suitable for larger groups?

Absolutely! This ultimate scavenger hunt works best with lots of people taking part to fill out the smaller groups. We have run this activity for groups between 6 and 250 in the past. Usually, groups will be broken up into 4-6 participants each.

Do all the separate teams follow the same path during the Ultimate Treasure Hunt?

Not if you don’t want. Each squad can choose which hotspots they want to visit at random, taking different paths by following the GPS map on the app. This makes for a better competition because each group can’t see the others progress in person!

How do the Ultimate Treasure Hunt hotspots work?

Simply look for hotspots on your interactive map and move closer to your chosen hotspot. Once you’re in range, the hotspot will open up to give you the questions and challenges inside. Work through these together, collect the points and move onto the next hotspot.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Joanna Dawson
9th September 2021
We had a great time, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The app worked really well and the clues and tasks were great fun. We got some fabulous photos and videos to share round.
Rating 5.0
Alison Gray
20th August 2021
Thanks - it all went great and the team enjoyed it!
Rating 5.0
Christina McMellon
28th June 2019
Everything went really well and we enjoyed the treasure hunt.