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Survival Island
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Activity Details

  • Learn survival skills
  • Tackle problems together
  • Essential equipment
  • Experienced staff

What is the Survival Island team building activity?

Join the Survival Island team building event and become a master of the great outdoors! Through a series of exciting challenges, you and your group must work together where you’ll learn essential skills to tackle the wilderness. From constructing your own shelter with branches and leaves to creating makeshift stretchers, it’s a group bonding experience like no other. This event offers a unique opportunity for a thrilling adventure to obtain valuable skills which can be used in everyday life.

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What’s Included

  • Work together outside of your comfort zones
  • Survival event management team
  • Break into groups for different challenges
  • Challenges can include – stretcher rescue, water purification, fire lighting, bug eating & more
  • Learn transferrable survival skills
  • Outdoor venue necessary
  • Safety equipment provided
  • Trained first aider
  • Set up beforehand

Event Format

Are you ready to tackle the Survival Island Team Building event? It’s the perfect experience to work together with your group and learn some valuable skills. On the day of the event, you will have a short introduction with experienced event staff where you will discover how the activity works and the knowledge needed to thrive in the wilderness.

Taking on a range of activities, each one includes group work and communication to succeed. Empower your group with the necessary support to overcome challenging activities including shelter building where you must gather natural materials like branches and leaves to provide protection. The groups will face the ultimate test, as they endeavour to start a fire using only the limited resources provided on the island, but working together is critical for a successful outcome.

Each task demands a unique set of skills to come out on top, and the ultimate objective is to cultivate a group that is adaptable, and capable of thriving in any environment. If you believe you have got what it takes to tackle challenges head-on and acquire critical skills essential for being on a stranded island, then this is the ultimate experience for you!

FAQs: Survival Island Team Building

What tasks are included on the day?

A variety of exciting tasks take place on the day, activities require group work where you’ll learn essential skills. To give you an idea, here are a couple of our favourite activities:

  • Stretcher Rescue - Create a makeshift stretcher using resources provided for an injured member.
  • Axe Throwing - Battling it out, the group with the most points will win.
  • Shelter Building - Using materials provided, groups must work together to create shelter.
  • Water Purification - Learn how to purify water using the most effective method.

What does the venue need to include?

The ideal venue for this activity must be in the great outdoors, with ample space to allow for a diverse range of activities such as fire lighting and water sourcing to be conducted.

Do we need any prior skills to take part in Survival Island?

No prior experience is needed to take part in this activity, if you are willing to learn new skills and collaborate effectively with your group then you are guaranteed to have a great time.


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