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Activity Details

  • Mind-boggling challenges
  • Trust your gut!
  • Secret competition
  • Who will survive?

What is The Betrayers Team Building Experience?

A tale as old as time, your group will collaborate together on different challenges to try and win before time runs out – but something is brewing. There are betrayers amongst your group, messing with progress and you need to work together to uncover their true identities! As you compete in the challenges, use your detective skills to collect clues and use them to catch the betrayers at the end of each round. Find all the saboteurs before the final round is upon you, or face the consequences as a team!

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What’s Included

  • Play a game of detection with your trusted companions
  • Play through 4 challenges in groups
  • Each group will have several saboteurs they need to uncover
  • Choose a player you think is a betrayer at the end of each challenge
  • Challenges include mental and physical tasks
  • Earn coins throughout for your group
  • Timed challenges add competition
  • Correctly identify all the betrayers before the final round
  • All equipment included
  • Event host provided
  • Venue finding service available

How Does The Betrayers Run on the Day?

This is a fully organised event held at a venue of your choice. We can help you with our free venue finding service before an event manager will come and set everything up for the challenges. Get into two groups that will compete, but in each group there will be betrayers with ulterior motives. Complete the four challenges, and at the end of each challenge each group will need to vote a player they think is the betrayer. Find all the saboteurs before the final round.

What Are The Betrayers Challenges?

The Betrayers team building experience consists of 4 different challenges, meant to test the body and mind but also provide you clues to your saboteur. These challenges can include:

Enigma – Split into groups, each will receive a cryptic riddle that they must solve by working together. Race against the clock to get the most correct answers and earn more coins than your competitors.

Cipher Challenge – This challenge mounts on the pressure, presenting each group with several puzzles that need to be completed in order to unlock the box and get the coins in time.

Quest for Riches – This challenge is both mental and physical, providing each group with a treasure map that they must use to on a scavenger hunt to find important items. The group with the most items will win the coins.

Melodic Mystery – For those with a keen ear, you’ll be played a variety of different musical tunes using hand bells. Correctly guess what the songs are and earn your team coins.

This event is not connected with the official programme or authorised or endorsed by the BBC.


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