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Activity Details

  • Build a go-kart
  • Score sponsorships
  • Crew tool kits
  • Podium for winners

What is the Soap Box Derby Team Building Event?

The Soap Box Derby team building event is the ultimate experience to bring your group together for a hilarious day out, all inspired by the Red Bull TV racing show. Split into groups you are given your own pit-stop garage where the real work begins. The initial hurdle for groups is to secure sponsorship by presenting their pitch, so unleash your creativity and get inventive!

Then, it's off to the design workshop where you can use your funds to purchase the parts and materials you need to build your go-karts. Throughout the event, groups will participate in various rounds where they must work together to take pole position in the finale. It's the perfect group bonding activity, so start your engines and get ready to race!

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What’s Included

  • Build your own racers in this fast-paced outdoor event
  • Enthusiastic event team
  • Tool kit per crew in a pit garage
  • Regularly updated equipment
  • Pitch for sponsorships
  • Design your vehicles together
  • MOT to pass safety checks
  • Once built race to the chequered line
  • Medal ceremony to finish
  • Fully set up beforehand

Event Format

On the day, your squad will have a speedy briefing where they will be told all about the event. Divided into groups, each squad will have their very own pit-stop garage with a standard go-kart, a tool kit, and some basic materials for when you start the design process. Groups must present their pitch to secure sponsorship, so get creative and collaborate to clinch the chequered flag!

This next part is crucial, groups must decide on what items they want to purchase using their funds for their go-kart. Once the design process is complete, one member of each group must do a lap showing off their epic go-kart. To qualify for the race finale, all go-karts must successfully pass an MOT check. A variety of games will take place including relays, pitstop challenges and collaborative group tasks to determine which group secures pole position.

While passing the chequered flag earns race points, winning the event is not just about top speed. The championship group is determined based on their design, driver’s gear, collaborative group work, and the most skilled driver on the track. The overall winning squad receives medals and bubby, so get ready to battle it out and be victorious!

FAQs: Soap Box Derby Team Building

What happens on the day?

Inspired by the Red Bull TV racing show, you will be split into groups where you must design, build, decorate and race your own go-karts. Groups must take part in a variety of rounds, to take pole position. Whoever wins the races receives points, but the winning group is based on the design of the go-kart, group work and the best driver.

Is this activity technical?

No technical expertise is required to participate in this activity, so anyone can join in regardless of their prior experience!

How are points awarded?

To score the most points, groups must unleash their creativity and collaborate in designing the go-karts, performing well in the rounds and races, and selecting the most skilled driver for the final race.


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