Team Days Out

Looking for an exciting day out to make your team stronger? These adventure days out for your team are exactlyAdventure Days Out for Your Team what you need to make your team more effective than ever.

Paintballingis a fantastic activity for developing valuable life skills. It’ll teach you how to think on your feet, make rational decisions under pressure and how to effectively communicate & co-ordinate with your employees. A fun and fast-paced day out where anyone can join in.

The Smartphone City Treasure Hunt is an enjoyable & chilled out teambuilding activity. After booking, all you need is a smartphone with a long lasting data plan and you’re good to go. You’ll walk around the city completing tasks & challenges. A great way for your team to bond while improving their problem solving skills. Book for the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt for the same activity but with a drink or two en-route!

Click here to see our variety of popular teambuilding activities, chilled or thrilled!

High Ropes Course takes your team out of the office and into the great outdoors, forcing them out of their comfort zones. Your team will take on intimidating heights and strengthen their bond as they support and encourage one another. A truly adventurous and challenging day.

Based on the hit TV show, the It’s a Knockout Team Challenge gives you the chance to take part yourself! Your team will go head to head in a variety of wacky, fun-filled games. A brilliant way to treat a hard working team. Best of all, it’s available in any suitable venue as long as you’ve got the space. Turn your office car park into a game show arena!

You can find all these and more adventure days out for your team here, as well as chilled out treats, meals & more. Enquire on our website and give us a call on 0161 341 0052 for more information.  

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