CSI Team Building Activity in Wigan

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Activity Details

  • Realistic crime inves­tiga­tion
  • Scotland Yard detectives
  • Solve the murder mystery
  • Use real forensic procedures

Our CSI team building in Wigan is a great team event to bring your team together inducing problem-solving and commu­nica­tion in a high-pressure situation. Your team is faced with the murder of you’re a CEO, and it’s your job to find out who’s behind the crime using the latest crime-solving technology, forensic challenges and the help of ex Scotland Yard detectives.

What’s Included

  • 3 hour long Crime Scene Inves­tiga­tion team building activity created by senior ex Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Includes all forensic equipment and materials
  • Guests will get to wear body suits, masks and gloves
  • Faced with a variety of forensic challenges during the activity
  • Forensic challenges include fingerprint removal, blood splatter analysis and more
  • Team will get to use FBI software to construct photo fits
  • Promotes many benefits such as commu­nica­tion, leadership, colla­bora­tion and more
  • This activity is suitable for groups ranging from 5-500+ participants
  • Will travel to your venue
  • Can your team solve the motive, means and method of the murder?


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