The Bride to Be Diary

While you’re going through all the emotions that come with a looming wedding, it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one feeling a little crazy and overwhelmed. To help put your mind at ease, have a read of the diary of a bride to be and laugh, cringe and totally agree with these feelings absolutely everyone has.

Engagement Glow

The Diary of a Bride to Be

Possibly the closest you’ll ever feel to being on the moon, the post-engagement glow is an unbeatable feeling. Just after you’ve had the shock of your life, cried, laughed and smiled like a total idiot as you’ve said “yes, yes, yes” to your kneeling partner – revel in that feeling of being engaged. In that moment, it’s only you and your SO that knows and it brings you closer and makes you feel on top of the world.

Spreading the News

The Diary of a Bride to Be Spreading the News

People definitely deal with spreading the news differently, however everyone is excited to do so. As soon as you can, you’ll be messaging your besties, calling your mum and posting an engagement ring selfie on Facebook for the world to see! Better still is the congra­tula­tions that roll in after you’ve spread your news, which honestly make you feel super special and is a particular high point in the diary of a bride to be.

Pinterest Excitement

The Diary of a Bride to Be Pinterest Excitement

Every soon-to-be bride has done this. Whenever you have a spare minute in your day (and usually at your desk at work), you jump on Pinterest and create boards packed full of wedding hair, dresses, colour palettes and more. Even if Pinterest isn’t your go to, we guarantee you’ll be surfing the net for centrepiece ideas and quirky ways to personalise your big day.

Back to Reality

The Diary of a Bride

We’re not saying that the wedding excitement totally wears off at the point, however you do learn some home truths that you might have been turning a blind eye to. This is the part of the diary of a bride to be that gets serious. Budgets start being set, fantasy wedding locations start going out of the window and you really have to put your adult head on for a bit. Just remember that above all, you’re getting married to the love of your life soon!

Planning Stress

The Diary of a Bride to Be Planning Stress

No matter how calm headed you are in normal life, there’s bound to be some stressful times when you’re planning the wedding. A lot of the time you can laugh off your bridezilla moments and know that your maid of honour can deal with your sassy remarks every once in a while. Keep in sight how exciting the day will be, and don’t get hung up on little things that won’t affect the bigger picture in the end.

The Hen Party

The Diary of a Bride to Be Hen Party

The hen party is super important, even if just to give you a break from all the organising! Tons of bride to be’s go down the party planner route in 2017, and it’s easy to see why. Book a whole hen party and personalise it for your hen to make the perfect last night of freedom without all the effort. Whatever path you take, let your hair down and enjoy the night or weekend before you get hitched.

The Final Adjustments

The Diary of a Bride to Be Final Adjustments

As your wedding edges closer, this is the time that every bride to be will get fussy about the little details. Making sure you have the guest list perfect, checking over the wedding venue one last time and organising your morning duties. Truth be told, this is definitely where the wedding jitters kick in – but the best cure for this is searching for the perfect honeymoon spot, trust us!

Last Minute Moments

The Diary of a Bride to Be Last Minute Moments

If anything rings true in the diary of a bride to be, it’s that those last minute moments of being engaged are really important and can be quite scary. With all the hectic planning, brunch dates and location hunting going on, sometimes you forget that you’re actually walking down the aisle. In those last minute moments, all you need is family and friends around you to calm your nerves and get you excited for your married life ahead.

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