Classy Ideas for a Hen Do

Classy Hen Party Ideas

If you are planning a hen party, you will be thankful for all the fabulous ideas available to make the day and night just as special and memorable as heading on a night out!

Forget about ordering your favourite takeaway and sitting in front of the TV in your PJs (unless that’s what you want to do, of course.)  Just by adding a little bit of creativity to your ideas, you will be able to give the bride-to-be an unforgettable hen party!


Stylish Hen Party Activities

Tasteful Hen Games

Elegant Hen Decorations and Accessory Ideas

Chic Hen Party Food & Drink Ideas

What about a Hen-Fest?

Stylish Hen Party Activities

Deciding on some hen party activities might be a good idea to keep you entertained during your weekend. Or mobile hen do activities if you're hiring a party house… And there are plenty of great ways that you and the girls can entertain yourselves throughout the daytime and evening, and these are just a few of our favourites…

Pamper Party

Pros - Enjoy prosecco and nibbles while receiving a foot massage.
Cons - You might become too relaxed before the night!

Pamper Party - Classy Hen Idea

Who has ever turned down a pamper at home? Give the bride-to-be some TLC by organising a pamper night. Whether you fancy letting professional beauty therapists do all the work with a mobile pamper hen party or something as simple as a face mask, everyone will love it. Take a look at these face masks from Sanctuary Spa.

Nude Life Drawing

Pros - A cheeky naked male. Naughty but nice, we think!
Cons - It's hard to know where to look - wink wink.

Nude Life Drawing - Classy Hen Idea

Unleash your artistic side and try out a hen party life drawing session! Get creative and sketch your nude life model in different positions. Figure drawing is getting more and more popular. Play various fun and unique games and have a great laugh with this light-hearted experience. The bride-to-be will also get involved in one pose!

Learn how to take the best photos with our guide to Instagram-worthy hen party photos!

Host A Hen Party Pyjama Party

Pros - Grab a bottle of wine, pop on your favourite DVD and relax
Cons - There could be some snoring

Host a Hen Party Pyjama Party

Nothing is better than getting into your pyjamas, popping open a bottle of wine and sitting ready to watch your favourite movie. So what better way to enjoy a girly weekend than a pyjama party? You could even get matching pyjamas to get into the party spirit. Here are some great ideas on Etsy.

Check out this fabulous list of 8 movies for a hen night.

Activities for Hen Party Houses

Crafty Hen Ideas

Pros - Create something personal, it could be for the wedding.
Cons - If you don't have a creative side, you could always give it to the kids.

Crafty & Classy Hen Ideas

If you want to get the girls in the creative spirit, make the party a crafty occasion!  There are so many different ways you can enjoy doing some DIY. From decorating something to creating something entirely from scratch, all these things you could buy from Hobbycraft. And it’s an excellent way for the bride-to-be to de-stress from all the planning.

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Pop Up Cocktail Bars with Mixologist

Pros - No noisy bars or drunk men, just professional cocktail making.
Cons - Who is going to wash all the glasses?

Pop-up Cocktail Bars with Mixologist

Sometimes, you want a nice cocktail without the noisy, busy bars. So why not bring the bar to you and assemble your cocktail bar with all the equipment? Or, if you fancy learning something about making your drinks, add the mobile cocktail making class to your party, with a trained mixologist to teach you some tips and tricks.

Create a Karaoke Night

Pros - Everyone loves a sing-song, right? Get all the girls involved.
Cons - You might need to wear some ear protection!

Create a Karaoke Night

When all the girls are together, there is no denying that you will sing some songs. So make a night of it and turn your party into a karaoke night! Get some drinks and nibbles, and all the girls will be ready to sing all night long. If you want to go all out for this experience, hire a karaoke machine from Hire a Karaoke.

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Bake Off Hen Party

Pros - Have a TV celebrity from GBBO in your kitchen.
Cons - Not everyone will be able to lick the bowl.

Bake Off Hen Party

Consider yourself as quite the baker? Why not put your baking skills to the test with our creative Bake Off hen party? It's a great way to break the ice; at the end of it all, you will have some sweet treats to enjoy. With this TV show activity, you will have a former GBBO contestant in your kitchen helping you all along the way.

Perfume Making

Pros - Chance to relax and design your signature scent.
Cons - Who knows what concoction you'll make if you don't have a good nose?

Perfume Making

Another creative experience, like perfume making, may be a great idea when staying indoors. Before mixing your scents with our perfume-making class, you could let a professional perfume consultant talk to you about all the different blends.

Tasteful Hen Games

1. Mr & Mrs Questions


If you're looking for a classic party game that all the guests will love, these Questions will be perfect. It’s an excellent way to get all the gossip on the relationship as you test how well the bride and groom’s responses match. Of course, you should ask the groom the same questions and record his answers before the party. Browse through these 200 Mr & Mrs questions for inspiration.

2. Prosecco Pong


Everyone has heard of beer pong, but we’re classy, right ladies? We love prosecco! Split into two teams and pour the prosecco into each cup. Take turns throwing the ball and trying to land it in the opposing team’s cups. If you get it in, one of them has to drink it. Need to get your kit?

Prosecco Pong Party Drinking Game - £14

Prosecco Pong Party Drinking Game - InspiredbyAlma

Custom Ping Pong Balls - £12.90

Custom Ping Pong Balls - Uberpong

3. Balloon Questions


Before the hen do, get everyone to write a question down on paper. Then, when you’ve got them all, place them inside a different balloon and blow them up. Throughout the night, let the bride-to-be pop a balloon and answer the question inside. Make it even better and get everyone to answer the question!

4. Guess the Wine Game


Do you think you know your Pinot’s from your Sauvignon Blanc? Put your taste buds to the test with the guess the wine game. Get everyone to bring a bottle of wine with the label covered. Each person tastes each wine, and then you have to guess what brand the wine is and which guest you think brought it to the party. And it’s a great way to get a little bit drunk.

5. Hen Do Icebreaker


If you have a mixed group of ages and friendships, an icebreaker will be a great way to start the party fun. You can do your own with a selection of fun mini-games or perhaps buy this party icebreaker set from Not on the Highstreet. A set like this will ensure all the girls have some fun without you having to put anything together beforehand.

6. Ring of Fire Cards


You are looking for a way to get all the girls drunk? Look no further; the Ring of Fire game can be the perfect drinking game for many girls. And all you need is a set of cards and a cup. The rules are pretty simple, too, but if you feel you may easily forget them, buying some cards with all the laws on each card might be better.

7. Gin & Tonic Pong


Prosecco pong might not be your thing, but don’t worry; there are plenty of other variations of this game. Like Gin and tonic Pong, the same rules apply. Split into two teams and set up your 6 cups, then fill them all with gin and tonic. When a ball lands in the opposing team’s cup, one team member has to drink.

8. Hen Do Charades


Another fun icebreaker that will have all the girls laughing is Charades with a twist. You could write down your charades beforehand and stick them in a bowl for later or buy some. We love these charades you can buy off Not on the High Street! The great thing about a game like this is that everyone can participate.

9. Drink If Games


This one is pretty simple but another quick and easy way for the girls to get drunk. 'Drink if' is a game that everyone will love. All you need is a list of sentences and someone to read them. After each one is read out, you drink if it applies. For example, drink if you’re going to be hungover tomorrow. Check out some more drink-if game sentence suggestions.

Printable Drink If Hen Party Game - £3.50

Bachelorette Party Drink If Game - CreativeUnionDesign

Drink If Hen Party Icebreaker - £4.50

Hen Party Games Drink If - TeamHen

10. How Well Do You Know the Bride


A great way to inject some friendly competition into a night is with a how well do you know the bride quiz. Before the day, get a selection of questions ready on some paper to hand out to all the girls to answer. See who gets the most questions correct. You could buy some ready-made quiz sheets if you don’t want to create your own.

Elegant Hen Decorations & Accessory Ideas

So you’ve got your hen weekend activities and night games to keep all the girls busy, but you want to ensure that everywhere is decorated and ready for a celebration.

There are a range of different ways that you can do this, whether you want to buy things or do a bit of DIY and create your own. It’s a great way to get everyone in the party spirit.

Table Decorations

If you’re having some food or a table laid out with bits on it would be a good idea to get some table decorations. You could get things like placement cards, shot glasses, confetti, personalised sweets, table covers - you get the idea. If you want more inspiration, read our article on table decoration ideas for hen groups.

Photo Props

Capture all the amazing memories with the bride-to-be on her special day with the help of some photo props. Whether you use some glasses, rings, speech bubbles or anything else you can think of. We love this idea and equally love this set you can buy from Ginger Ray.

Hen Party Balloons

Nothing says 'party' quite like a few balloons, and there is no excuse not to have some dotted around your house. If you are looking for some simple but effective ways to make an impact with your decorations, these will be perfect. You could get "hen party" spelt out in balloons or even a fantastic balloon arch!

Blush Balloons & Fan Garlands - £19.99


Rose Gold Hen Party Bunting Balloon - £7


DIY Hen Party Decorations

If you have a creative flare and want to keep the gathering as DIY as possible, you might go about creating your DIY decorations. There are so many different ideas and inspirations for what you could make. From your balloons to party keepsakes and everything in between.

Glasses & Drink Stand

If you have a creative flare and want to keep the gathering as DIY as possible, you might go about creating your DIY decorations. There are so many different ideas and plenty of inspiration for what you could make. From your balloons to party keepsakes and everything in between.


Does the bride-to-be have a favourite celebrity? Is she a huge fan of the Royal Family? There is almost a mask for everything you can think of on Partyrama! The best thing about this website is that you can even make face masks from the bride-to-be’s face! So, if you want to laugh with this accessory, this will be perfect.

Unusual Hen Party Ideas

Party Bags & Favours

You may want to put together some party bags or party favours for all the girls to say thanks for coming to the event. Alternatively, you could even fill them with things they can use throughout the celebrations! Either way, putting together your bags can be really fun. We found some classy party bags from Ginger Ray, perfect for a night with the girls.

5x Rose Gold Hen Party Bags - £5.99


Personalised Hen Party Gift Bag - £3.90

Personalised Cream Bridesmaid Gift Bag - LauraGodboldDesign

Personalised Clothing

Personalisation is what makes something a bit more special. No matter what you add to a hen, if it’s personalised, all girls will love it. From clothing to accessories, decorations to props. There are so many things you could include in the celebrations. We love the personalised banners that you can buy from Etsy.

Chic Hen Party Food & Drink Ideas

Cupcakes & Macaroons

Hen Party Cupcakes & Macaroons

If you’re looking for some sweet treats, adding things like cupcakes and macaroons to the party would be a good idea. You could make these professionally or buy them from your local supermarket. You could even have a go at creating them yourself! Either way, something like this will always go down a treat (literally) with all the girls.


Everyone loves picking at a few sweets during something like this, so having a little sweet table full of different bits and bobs would be a good idea. You could even go all out with a lovely kart with paper bags and jars full of sweets. This way, people could fill them up and take them home if they didn’t want sweets during the party.

Hen Punch

Make the drinks a little bit different and put together your own punch. Suppose you get a large jug, bowl or even a large pitcher. It’s great for photo opportunities as you can snap some photos while having the same drinks. A party punch like this could be made alcoholic or even non-alcoholic, depending on what you’d prefer.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Adding afternoon tea as a food and drink option for a classy celebration will be perfect. It’s nice and easy to put together, too. Make your finger sandwiches of choice, some scones and a selection of cakes, and you’re good to go. It’s a great way to ensure everyone has an excellent selection of snacks during the hen party.


If you can’t quite decide exactly what type of food you are after, a buffet would probably be a good option. With the chance to go crazy and have almost everything you can think of on the table for the girls to pick at. And you can put an awesome selection of sweet and savoury food out to suit all the girls.

Cocktails & How to Decorate Them

Cocktails & How to Decorate them

Are you planning on having some delicious cocktails throughout the get-together? Whether buying them readymade or making them yourself, it’s always a fun and tasty drink to enjoy. And, of course, you could easily buy some fruit to garnish your cocktails or some straws to decorate them as you’d like.

Cheese & Wine Night

What goes better together than cheese and wine? Add some class and sophistication and make it a cheese and wine night. Especially if the bride-to-be loves herself a glass of red. There is no better way to surprise her than with something like this! Put together a cheese board full of her favourite cheese and get some crackers and wine to go with it.


Is the bride-to-be pregnant? Or one of the guests? Or do you just not want any alcohol? There are still plenty of other drinks you can make that don’t require any alcohol. You could try making some homemade lemonade. Or even get a selection of soft drinks together for everyone to drink throughout the evening and all of the fantastic mocktails that taste like the original.


For the sweet-loving girls out there, a great addition would be fondue. Chocolate fondue is always a great shout. With some fantastic things to dip into, you and the girls will be obsessed with this addition. But if chocolate isn’t your thing, you could always go savoury and turn it into a cheese fondue.


Does your weekend fall during the summer months? If you want to make the most of the warmer weather, it would make sense to enjoy a BBQ. With a variety of burgers, sausages, and meats, you can cook on the grill. You can ensure all your guests have a good amount of food during the celebrations.

Buff Butlers to Serve the Food

Buff Butlers to Serve the Food

A treat for all the girls would be something like Butlers in the Buff. You and the girls can enjoy sitting and relaxing whilst you have some lovely men who will serve your every need. Whatever food you want and all your drinks for the duration they’re there. It’s perfect for everyone to enjoy during the Hen Party at Home.

What About a HenFest?


Live Music

If you are trying to make your henfest an experience to remember, incorporating some live music would be a great idea. Function Central is a great company that can provide popular music genres. So, if you are planning a festival theme, a live band would completely transform the feel of the day.

Festival Hen Do Activities


Flower Crown Making

Flower Crown Making

A festival is about getting creative and what better way to do that than with a creative activity? One of our most popular for something like this is Flower Crown Making. You will be given some high-quality materials and flowers that you can then put together to create your beautiful crown.

Bunting Making

It’s all about decorations, so why not get creative and make your own with our fun Bunting Making experience? You will be provided with all the equipment and materials that you will need, and you will have an event host on hand for the experience to guide you through the whole event. And when you have made them, you can put them up.

Silent Disco

Every event will have a silent disco, and your henfest can’t be the one that doesn’t! Look at The Silent Disco Company; they have fantastic hire packages for your event. You can hire from 25 headsets to 400 headsets! A silent disco will be a great experience for all the girls.

What Food to Choose?

No music gig is complete without some food, and there is a selection of fantastic food options that you could incorporate into your day. From a BBQ to a pulled pork van and everything in between. You could also hire an incredible mobile Land Rover pizza van from Dough & Deer. They make their stone-baked pizzas for all different types of events.



And with every festival, you need to add some accessories. So why not get some wristbands to show that you are heading off to a festival? Hen Party Wristbands is a great website where you can get wristbands, lanyards and more to make your event look even better.

Photo Credit: Hen Party Wristbands 

Marque Hire

Nothing says a festival quite like a marque or a tent, and there are so many amazing ones around that you could hire. We love the tents and marques you can get from Event in a Tent. Whatever size you are after, you can find one that is ideally suited for all your needs. A tent would be an excellent idea for a place where you can hold all of the activities you have planned.

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