Drink If Game

Drink If Hen Party Game

Looking for an icebreaker to kick-start the last night of freedom? The Drink If hen party game is a simple yet hilarious game that anyone can play on your hen do and have a laugh with!

Getting to know the other hens finding out about each other is essential to a great night out if you’ve got members of your group who haven’t met yet. So when you start getting ready for your evening on the town, you should take a look at the Drink If game to get things started.

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Drink If...


What You Will Need to Play Drink If

  • Lots of alcohol
  • A game master

Drink If Rules

The only rule for this game is that you must be truthful! If you are guilty of doing what the question suggests at some point in your life you must drink up! Drink if is a popular drinking game amongst hens as you have complete control over the game, you can be as tame or as raunchy as you like with the questions and do as many as you like. You can even create your won rules, such as the first person to confess to 10 questions has to drink a mixture of everyone else’s drink!

How to Play?

The rules behind this game are as easy as they can get! One person is selected to read out a host of sentence endings after saying “Drink if” before them. If any of the hens match what you just read out, then they must admit it by taking a sip from their drinks! In terms of the content of the statements, you can get as imaginative and creative as you like with it, especially if you decide to come up with them yourself. However, if you get stuck for ideas, we’ve listed some below for you to consider!

40 Drink If Questions

1. You’re definitely going to be hungover tomorrow!

2. You’re still only on your first drink

3. You’re still sober!

4. You’re drinking wine

5. You’re drinking beer

6. You’ve never had a bad hangover

7. You’ve been drunk in the last 48 hours

8. You’ve ever been arrested

9. You’re a smoker

10. You still get ID’d at the supermarket/­pub/­bars

11. You’ve got children

12. You’ve never left the country

13. You can speak more than one language

14. You’re the tallest in the room

15. You’re the shortest in the room

16. You’ve never driven a car

17. You’re on the pull tonight!

18. You went to university

19. You’re the youngest in the room

20. You’ve known the bride the longest

21. You’re related to the bride

22. You’re engaged or married

23. You had to drink last time!

24. You’ve got a tattoo

25. You’re wearing heels

26. You’re on your first hen party

27. You know the bride’s middle name

28. You’re single

29. You’ve been texting whilst playing this game!

30. You’re not a pet person

31. You’ve got more than one piercing

32. You’re over 30

33. You’re the last person to go to the bathroom!

34. You’re wearing anything pink

35. You’re wearing lipstick

36. You’ve ever lied about your age

37. You’re related to the groom

38. You’ve seen the wedding dress

39. You’re still looking for a wedding present!

40. You’ve ever been to a strip club

When is the Best Time to play the Drink If Game?

This popular hen party game is best played at the start of the evening, especially if you plan on hosting pre-drinks at your hotel or accommodation. Not only is it a brilliant way to bring the girls together and have a laugh, but its also a great time to play as you will have only just started drinking, making it easier to keep track of what questions have already been asked!

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