Guide to Instagram-worthy Hen Party Photos

Guide to Instagram-worthy Hen Party Photos

Hen parties are one of the biggest celebrations in a girl’s life – after the wedding itself! Therefore, having high quality stunning photos to remember the party by is super important.

There’s no need to splash the cash on a professional photographer for a celebration such as a last night of freedom, as your closest girlfriends can add some sparkle to your photos by following this handy guide! We’ll help you through the steps to make your photos Instagram-worthy and suggest top tips to make the girly celebrations perfectly picturesque. After all, you can’t throw a hen party and not leave your Instagram followers feeling envious, right ladies?

How to Acheive Instagram-Worthy Photos?

Decide On A Theme

For most parties, choosing a theme is an essential part of the night. There are heaps of hen party themes to choose from ensuring you won’t fall short of choices on your weekend but remember to stay true to the bride. Stick to the tradition party with sashes, L plates, tiaras and feather or opt for something different such as hot referees or cabin crew!

Choose A Fun Activity

Taking part in some fun  filled, relaxing or hilarious activities will ensure you get some amazing candid shots of all the girls. We have heaps of hen party activities on offer – we’re talking thousands! Feel like a girl group being captured in action with a dance party, creative with life drawing or stumble all over the place with the hen challenge. No matter what activity you opt for, the photos are bound to be favourites amongst the girls.

Drink Some Cocktails

Everyone loves a little bit of Dutch courage, especially when there is a something to celebrate!

Not only do they get the girls raring to party, but they also act as a great subject for some Instagram-worthy photos. Pop a colourful umbrella in, decorate with fruit and even add some dry ice for cool photo effects!

Snap some pics of the girls behind a bar during a cocktail making class or become a mixologist for the day with the amazing gin masterclass.

Get Glammed Up

Everyone loves to get dresses up from time to time, and a pre-nuptial party is the perfect excuse for it! So, get ready to whip on your best dress, slip on those heels and party the night away whilst looking like a celeb. Don’t forget to stick to any themes or attire that has been planned ahead, such as matching hen party t-shirts.

You’ll be working the camera whilst celebrating, which means hair and makeup have a key part to play. There are plenty sites which dish out top tips and tricks that will make your makeup more photogenic, such as BuzzFeed, Glamour and Allure.

Transform Your Venue

Whether you’re hiring out a venue, hosting at home or heading abroad for your party, you’re going to need some decorations around in order to make your photos one of a kind. If the bride to be wants a stylish celebration then flowers, balloons and bunting will be super stylish addition to the celebrations.

Why not get hands on with some DIY and make the bunting yourself with our creative bunting making activity? For some extra fun photos, create your own colourful backdrop and photobooth props for a whacky and playful time. For quirky, classy and tradition table decoration ideas check out our table decoration ideas for a hen do!

Don't Forget To Accessorise

To make your photos Instagram worthy you are going to needs some accessories to spice up the images and give them more depth. Things such as face jewels or glittery tiaras will really make your photos pop. If you’d prefer something more subtle something such as matching sashes will be best for you.

If you’re struggling to decide on which accessories to opt for during your celebrations, then check out our essential guides to hen night accessories! Here you will find plenty advice and suggestions based around subtle, classy and essential accessories alongside table decorations, party themes and t-shirt names!

Get Ready to Party!

Whilst sipping on your tasty cocktails and prepping yourselves for a big night on the town, you and the girls will need some tunes on that will get everyone on their feet and singing their hearts out.

Of course, we have you covered! Check out our epic hen party playlists, where you will find the best songs of the 80s all the way to boy bands tunes. After all, catching photos of the girls in action calls for some great candid shots.

Play Fun Games

No last night of freedom is complete without some fun games! Whilst pre-drinking and preparing to hit the town, you and the girls can get to know each other a little better by playing some hilarious games.

This is a great chance to get some fun group photos of everyone laughing, having fun and bonding with one another. Luckily for you, we have heaps of games, dares, challenges and quizzes for you to try on our hen party games section. Why not take a classic route and learn more about the buzzing bride and groom to be with some well-loved Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions?

Early Morning Antics

Let’s be honest ladies, a large majority of hen parties are going to end up in a nightclub some way or another. This gives heaps of opportunities to snap up shots of all the girls in quite a drunken state, which most will probably be embarrassed about the next day, but that’s all part of the fun right? Check out our nightlife activities for plenty guestlist entries, VIP upgrades and bottle packages. Most nightclubs are dimly lit, so if you don’t fancy unflattering lighting then why not opt for another mode of clubbing? Hop on a double decker party bus with cabin crew, epic tunes and good lighting on board!  

Brunch in Style

After hitting the clubs the night before, you and the girls are probably going to wake up late and super hungover. Luckily for you brunch exists! What better than rolling out of bed late, eating as much delicious food as you want and bonding with the girls over the previous night’s antics.

Everyone loves snapping pictures of their food, so brunch is the perfect opportunity to do so as it combines breakfast, lunch and dessert into one big delicious mix. So with that being said, why not consider one at Las Iguanas?

Delicious Treats

If you’re after something some sophisticated and light to start off the day, tucking into an afternoon tea will be the best bet for you. Whilst nibbling on fresh sandwiches, sakes, scones and other sweet treats, you can capture some great candid shots with natural lighting and gorgeous decorative displays.

If you want to catch the bride to be by surprise, spice things up with our afternoon tease, a delicious experience with a naked butler at your service!

Wine and Dine

All the girls will need to fuel up before more celebrations commence, so having a proper sit down meal tends to be an essential addition to a girly weekend. You can’t go wrong with some photos of food, especially when at a unique or quirky restaurant.

Forget about any diets and dive right into some delicious food! Why not be the chef and give pizza making a go or take on the wo-man vs food burger challenge?

Unwind and Relax

Taking a trip to a spa is a popular choice amongst girls who want a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. But you’re probably thinking ‘how can I take photos in a spa?’. Well, unfortunately you can’t but you can take as many photos you like with our mobile pamper party! You can even find your inner zen with a mobile yoga class. The photos from these experiences will act as a refresh both for the photo album and the girls themselves.

Soak Up the Sun

Not all bride to be’s want to stay local for their party celebrations, with weekends abroad becoming more popular day by day! So, gather up the girls and jet off to top Europe party destinations such as Ibiza, Marbella, Amsterdam and Barcelona. You’ll find stunning beaches, epic nightclubs, beach clubs and boat parties giving you more than enough opportunities to capture the girls having heaps of fun in the sun. Check out all are hen party locations for Europe.

Print The Images

After all the celebrations and antics are complete and you’ve snapped up enough Instagram-worthy hen do photos, it’s time to get them printed! There are heaps of online sites such as Photobox, Snapfish and Truprint that will print your photos at a cost friendly price. If you want to go down a more retro route, why not turn the prints into polaroid’s? If everyone is living in the digital age all you have to do is edit the photos, size them up and send them over to the girls! Happy snapping!

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