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Mr & Mrs Questions Quiz Game

Very funny Mr and Mrs questions quiz game for hen parties! This free Mr & Mrs quiz is printable or downloadable. The His & Her questions below feature classy, rude, about her, love and funny questions that can be customised to suit your bride.

In this article, you will learn:

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What is the Mr and Mrs Quiz Game?

It's a fun game that’s played at hen parties. The chief bridesmaid asks the groom-to-be to complete a list of questions about his fiancée and their relationship. The answers are kept secret until the party, where each guest will then ask the bride to be a question from the list.  Will she answer it the same as her fiancé, or will it be completely different?

The objective of the Mr & Mrs game is to have fun and learn more about the relationship between the future couple.

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What Do You Need to Play?

Before you start the game, there are a few things you need to prepare ahead of time.

  1. Choose what questions you want to use from the list below. Don’t choose too many; just pick around 20 questions to keep it nice and fun. But it is completely up to you!
  2. Once you have carefully selected the best Mr and Mrs questions that you know will work perfectly for your bride. You will need to sit the groom down and interview him with the Mr & Mrs questions you have picked out. (This provides you with the answers to all the questions.)
  3. Now we have the questions and the answers figured out we can begin having some fun. Get your drinks ready, girls!
  4. Sit the bride down in the middle of the group and fire away the questions. Everyone in the group sips their drink for every correct answer the bride gives. For every question the bride gets wrong, she takes a sip. Start with a few easy questions to get her truth juices flowing, then move on to some more embarrassing questions. (She’ll be happy to share more after a few drinks)

Extra Tip: For an added bit of fun - Film the groom answering the Mr and Mrs questions to play back to the bride whenever she answers a question.

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200 Mr & Mrs Hen Do Questions

In The Beginning

1. What year did you get together?

2. Where did you meet?

3. Who made the first move?

4. Who gets the last word in an argument

5. What was she wearing when you first met?

6. What are you most likely to argue about?

7. What were you wearing when you first met?

8. When did you start dating?

9. When is your anniversary?

10. Who asked who out?

11. Where was your first date & who paid?

12. How 'far' did you go on the first date?

13. Why have you taken so long to propose?

14. When was the first time that they said I love you?

15. What were his exact words when he proposed?

16. Who said "I love you" first?

17. What was the first film you saw together?

18. Where was your first kiss?

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Mr and Mrs Question - About Her

1. What is her favourite meal?

2. Who is her favourite celebrity?

3. What’s her nickname for her/him?

4. If she could have one superpower, what would it be?

5. What’s her favourite pizza topping?

6. If she could change your name, what would she change it to?

7. What is her biggest fear?

8. If she won the lottery, what would she buy first?

9. What would your partner grab in a fire? (except from you of course…)

10. If she could be an animal, what would it be?

11. Who's the most attractive?

12. What was her first job?

13. What would be her dream car?

14. Heels or flats?

15. Where would she love to go on holiday at least once?

16. Does she want children?

17. How many kids does she want?

18. Describe her in 3 words

19. What size shoe is she?

20. What is her guilty pleasure?

21. Who would play her in a film of your life?

22. What perfume does she like to wear?

23. What is the bride's favourite chocolate bar?

24. What is her worst habit?

25. Who is the better driver?

26. Which animal would she be and why?

27. Who's the best cook?

28. What’s her favourite film?

29. What is her favourite song?

30. If she could take one thing on a desert island what would it be?

31. Who would play her in a film about her life?

32. What is the first thing she does in the morning?

33. What is her most embarrassing moment?

34. Which of your friends do you think he fancies the most?

35. What was the name of her first boyfriend?

36. What was the name of her first pet?

37. How many times did she have to take her driving test?

38. Can you name all of her cousins?

39. What was her favourite subject at school?

40. Have you ever used any of her beauty products?

41. What three words did she tell us to pass on for your stag do?

42. What was the last film that she cried at?

43. What is her signature dance move?

44. What is her secret party trick?

45. What is her favourite genre of music?

46. What is her spirit animal?

Mr and Mrs Questions - About Him

1. Which celebrity do you look like?

2. If he won £100 what would he blow it on?

3. Whose celebrity body do you wish you had?

4. Whose celebrity body does she wish she had?

5. Are you a bum or a breast man?

6. Who's the most attractive?

7. What’s his favourite pizza topping?

8. Who is the better driver?

9. What was his first job?

10. Does he prefer you in a dress or jeans?

11. Who does he make the best impression of?

12. Who would play him in a film about his life?

13. What do you think she finds most annoying about you?

14. What’s her favourite part of your body?

15. What colour are his eyes?

16. Who rules the roost?

17. What is his favourite sport?

18. What’s his shoe size?

19. Is he a tidy person?

20. Where would he most like to go on holiday?

21. Which body part would he say was his best feature?

22. If he could have any superpower what would it be & why?

23. Who's the best cook?

24. What is his favourite alcoholic drink?

25. What is his biggest guilty pleasure?

26. What is his worst habit?

27. What three words would you use to describe him?

28. What is the first thing he does in the morning?

29. What is his biggest fear?

30. What is his most embarrassing moment?

31. What was the name of his first girlfriend?

32. How old was she when she had her first kiss?

33. How old was he when she had his first kiss?

34. What was the name of his first pet?

35. How many times did he have to take his driving test?

36. Can you name all of his cousins?

37. What was his favourite subject at school?

38. What were your parents' first impressions of the groom?

39. What’s the best (and worst) gift he’s given you?

40. What’s the biggest lie you’ve told him?

40. What three words did he tell us to pass on for your hen party?

41. How many kids does he want, if any?

42. What is his signature dance move?

43. What is his secret party trick?

44. What is his favourite genre of music?

45. What is his spirit animal?

Funny - Mr and Mrs Questions

1. Who is more likely to deal with a spider?

2. Who will be most hungover after the wedding?

3. Who is the funniest?

4. Who is most likely to strip off on a night out?

5. Who's more stubborn?

6. Who’s the most annoying when drunk?

7. Has he got a big hammer?

8. What do you argue about the most?

9. What did he say you're most likely to end up in jail for?

10. What way does she like her eggs?

11. If you compare yourselves to any celebrity couple, who do you think you most compare to?

12. Who takes longer to get ready?

13. What's the one job he isn't allowed to do?

14. Is he allowed to choose paint colours on his own?

15. Do you have pet names for each other/ and your parts?

16. Have you ever bought anything from Ann Summers?

17. Who is his/her icon or who do they admire most?

18. Would you rather swim in cold custard or shower in baked beans?

19. What job around the house does he hate the most?

20. What was his first impression of you?

21. What item of his clothing do you hate the most?

22. Who's the best eBay bargain shopper?

23. Who is the vainest?

24. Who is the best dancer?

25. Who is best at keeping secrets?

26. Who is better at saving money?

27. Who wears the trousers in the relationship?

28. Who is better at DIY?

29. Who does the most work around the house?

30. Who would make the worst politician?

31. Who has the best taste in music?

32. Who’s more dramatic?

33. Who is better at time-keeping?

34. Who is the smartest?

35. Who would do it better if you had the chance to design a house?

Printable Mr & Mrs Questions Quiz

Mr and Mrs Questions Rude

1. How long were you dating before you had sex?

2. If he would lick food off you, what food would he choose?

3. How often do you have sex?

4. What’s your favourite position?

5. Where’s the riskiest place you’ve had sex?

6. What bra size is the bride?

7. Where would he most like to make love to you?

8. Best attribute?

9. What celebrity does he/ she have a crush on?

10. Who gets horny the most?

11. Where is the craziest place the two of you have 'got jiggy with it'?

12. How would he describe your kissing technique?

13. Who fancied who first?

Almost the Wedding Day

1. What did he say is the scariest thing about marrying you?

2. What did he say he'll miss most while you're away on your hen weekend?

3. What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

4. Out of all the wedding preparations, which aspect bored you the most?

5. What part of the planning have you enjoyed?

6. On a scale of 1 to "HULK SMASH!", how bridezilla did he say you are?

7. What have you not enjoyed?

8. How do you think marriage will change the relationship?

9. What do you love most about her?

10. What do you love most about him?

11. Which guest is most likely to embarrass themselves at the wedding?

12. What’s your couple song and why?

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How to Play the Mr & Mrs Quiz Game

Before you rush off and download our Mr & Mrs game questions quiz, you need to know the rules. Remember, this can also be used for Mr & Mr Questions or Mrs & Mrs Questions Game. The game aims to see how well they know each other and have fun.

1. Choose Some Fun Mr & Mrs Questions

Pick some questions from this page that the bride-to-be will find funny and personal to her. Mix in some of your questions as well. Choose the questions wisely and remember the audience. For example, the bride-to-be's grandmother might be there, so you don’t want to embarrass her, just have fun.

2. Give the Quiz to the Groom-to-Be

Once the questions are chosen, pass a copy of the quiz to the Groom to Be.  His job is to answer the questions honestly and not to tell his future wife.

3. Ask the Bride-to-Be on her Hen Party

During the hen weekend, normally the first night or day, find some time to get all the girls together with some drinks and start to ask her questions.  It's up to her to answer honestly or how she thinks her future husband will have answered.  Make it more interesting with some forfeits and drinking games.

4. Tally up the Score

How well do they know each other? Add up the scores and see how closely they answered.

When is the best time to do a Mr and Mrs Quiz?

Arguably, the best time to start playing through some hilarious Mr & Mrs game questions would be before you head out on the last night of freedom!

If you're all meeting up beforehand either at your hotel, accommodation or a local bar, this game is great to play at the beginning of the night as it makes for a brilliant way to bring up the energy levels and get everyone excited for the evening ahead!

Another great reason to do your Mr & Mrs quiz before heading out on the town is that it is a great way to introduce the girls to each other, especially if you have some attendees in the group that have never met.

What about Mr. and Mrs. Game's questions for a dinner party?

Although many people play this game on their last weekend of freedom, there’s no reason why you can’t combine the hen celebrations with a classy meal and change up the game with Mr and Mrs questions for a dinner party!

However, you might want to cut out some of the more inappropriate questions if you consider classing things up a bit.

How Many People can Play the Mr and Mrs Game?

What's great about the mr and mrs game is that everyone can get involved and have a great laugh, however, you choose to celebrate. Do you have some aunties or cousins that are particularly fond of cheeky jokes?

Whatever you decide to do, the Mr and Mrs game is suitable for everyone and is a great way to get some of the quieter members of the group involved in the banter.

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