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Activity Details

  • Taking you back to Rydell High
  • Grease themed dance routine
  • City centre private venues
  • Pink Lady Jackets included

What Happens on a Grease Dance Hen Party?

You’ve seen the film and you know all the lines so why not put all that to practise and Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchie, Marti or Jan for the day with a grease dance hen party. With our Grease dance hen party, you can have fun whilst learning some fabulous dance routines with instruction from your very own dance instructor. Your dance class will take place in one of our many city centre private venues, so there will be no hassle getting to your location. Not forgetting that spectators are free of charge.

What’s Included

  • You’ve seen the film, you know the lines, now learn the moves
  • Nice fun warm up
  • Instruction from an experienced dance instructor
  • The Pink Ladies Jackets are included
  • Learn some moves from the film
  • Rehearse the dance moves as you go
  • Then put all the moves together for the final performance
  • Don’t forget you can singalong as well
  • Private room in a city centre venue
  • Spectators are free of charge

What Are The Classic Grease Dance Moves?

Everyone has watched the iconic film Grease which means you’ll have a basic idea of some of the moves they bust out during the film. Here are some of the most classic ones!

The Belt-Loop Side-Step

To do this move, all you need to do is wrap your thumbs into your belt loops and move your hips side to side!

The Twist

One of the simplest moves, just swivel your hips and move your hands in a circular motion!

The Hand Jive

The quicker you can do this, the better! Start off by slapping your knees twice, clap your hands twice, shuffle your hands twice, bump your fists twice, and rock your thumb over your shoulder one at a time. Keep going until you can’t no more!

The Windmill Snap

This one doesn’t require much, just step from side to side and click your fingers with the beat.

T-Bird Strut

For this move you need to side step going forwards with a little walk like an Egyptian flare.

What Should I Wear To A Grease Dance Hen Party?

It’s totally up to you what you fancy wearing to your Grease dance party. We recommend wearing trainers and gym wear for the most comfort. However you can also dress up to the occasion like the Pink Ladies with heels, leggings, tight tops and hair bows. Don’t forget, we supply pink jackets for you!

Where is The Grease Dance Class Based?

All of our Grease Dance party experiences are held within private city centre function rooms for you and the girls. They tend to be in either hotels, dance studios or a hired venue. The class will be private and bespoke for you!


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Chloe McDowell
10th September 2022
We had a fantastic time! The bride to be absolutely loved it and all the girls too! The dance instructor we had was amazing!
Rating 5.0
Cara Jackman
2nd October 2021
We really enjoyed ourselves, the grease dance class was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the cocktail masterclass, they did us some snack and we had some shots and free drinks and it was really fun making the cocktails the bar tendered that looked after us during the experience was really good.
  • Cara Jackman 1
  • Cara Jackman 2
  • Cara Jackman 3
  • Cara Jackman 4
Rating 5.0
Aimee Harrison
16th March 2019
We had an amazing time on the hen do thank you and the dance class was fab! Attached some pictures! Thanks for everything xxx
  • Aimee Harrison Picture 01
  • Aimee Harrison Picture 02
  • Aimee Harrison Picture 03
Rating 5.0
Rebecca Rogers
28th April 2018
Yes we had a wonderful time. Everything was very well organised. The bride loved all of it! Thank you for arranging it all!
Rating 5.0
Catherine Reavey
10th March 2018
yes we had a fantastic time, thank you!
Rating 5.0
Laura Brewer
17th June 2017
It was a really great day really enjoyed ourselves. Would definitely use Funktion Events again
Rating 5.0
Fiona Thomas
29th April 2017
“yes thoroughly enjoyed!”
Rating 5.0
Rebecca Spink
1st April 2017
“it was really good and the dance instructor was amazing very well organized and fab venue also. Thank you.”
Rating 5.0
Josie Marks
4th July 2016
The event went really well! We all had a really good time, the instructor was lovely and the venue was great so we went back on the evening. The whole activity was great fun and we even used the dance on the wedding reception evening. Planning a hen can be stressful but you finding this for me and booking it took away any stress.

Thank you for your help!
Rating 5.0
Jemma Ljumi
7th May 2016
We had a fab time and the bride had a lovely hen do so thank you!