The Best Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

The Best Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

When it comes to Christmas advent calendars, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the bog standard chocolate advent calendar right?

The world of advent calendars is so much bigger than you may initially realise! There are endless options when it comes to Christmas calendars… There’s even options for our furry friends out there! So, take a read of our handy christmas calendar ideas to find the perfect one for you, your family, friends, or pets! They will cover a range of budgets, styles and of course, audience. Just make sure you order in time for the festive season.

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas!

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DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

DIY advent calendars are a great way of putting your own personal touch on the traditional Christmas calendar. Choosing to make your own advent calendar means you can have complete control over the gifts, value and meaning behind the gifts. What most people do is buy the boxes/­bags/­display the gifts will be stored in and then buy the gifts elsewhere. Here’s some festive DIY advent calendars online.

Burlap Gift Bag Advent Calendar - £16.99

Christmas Advent Calendar Burlap Gift Bag - Amazon

Felt Tree Advent Calendar - £13.99

Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendars - Amazon

Christmas Calendar Boxes - £9.99

Christmas Calendar Boxes - Amazon

Fabric Santa Advent Calendar - £12.99

Fabric Christmas Advent Calendars to Fill - Amazon

Garland Advent Calendar - £3.99

Make Your Own 25 Day Christmas Garland Advent Calendar - Amazon

DIY Xmas Advent Calendar - £25.99

Esportic Advent Calendar  - Amazon

The Best Advent Calendars for Adults

When it comes to advent calendars for adults, there’s an array of gift ideas for you to choose from. You can find anything from alcohol advent calendars to cheese calendars and coffee calendars. Adult advent calendars tend to fall into advent calendars for men and advent calendars for women, but there are some out there that are gender neutral such as skincare based calendars.

Coffee Advent Calendar - £19.99

Coffee Advent Calendar - Amazon

Liqueur Filled Advent Calendar - £13.99

Dark Chocolate Liqueur Filled Christmas Advent Calendar - Amazon

Savoury Cheese Advent Calendar - £29.99

Savoury Advent Calendar With Cheese - Amazon

Gin Advent Calendar - £65

Gin Advent Calendar - Amazon

Beer Advent Calendar - £75

Beer Advent Calendar - Amazon

Vodka Advent Calendar - £98.98

Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar - Amazon

Pet Advent Calendars

During the festive season it may be easy for our furry friends to fall to the back of our minds during the present buying panic. A pet advent calendar is a great way of ensuring your pet doesn’t feel left out over the festive month and gets plenty gifts like everyone else! There’s everything from dog advent calendars to cat advent calendars and even rabbit advent calendars.

Dog Christmas Advent Calendar - £8

Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar - Amazon

Cat Christmas Advent Calendar - £8

Scrumbles Cat Advent Calendar - Amazon

Dog Treats Advent Calendar - £6.49

Dog Advent Calendar - Amazon

Christmas Advent Calendar for Cat - £6.99

Christmas Cat Advent Calendar - Amazon

Woof Club Advent Calendar Dogs - £26.99

Woof Club Advent Calendar for Dogs - Amazon

Trixie Cat Advent Calendar - £9.99

Trixie PREMIO Advent Calendar Cats - Amazon

Beauty Advent Calendars

Beauty advent calendars are a very popular alternative amongst many during the festive season. Beauty advent calendars can include everything from makeup advent calendars to skincare and nailcare – there really is something that everyone would enjoy! The gifts from these calendars can last for a long time too, making them even more useful than other Christmas advent calendars.

Rituals Advent Calendar - £59.90

RITUALS The Ritual of Advent - Amazon

Festive Beauty Advent Calendar - £29.99

Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar - Amazon

Beauty Xmas Advent Calendar - £21.99

KreativeKraft Advent Calendar - Amazon

OPI Collection Advent Calendar - £79.90

OPI Celebration Collection Advent Calendar - Amazon

NYX Makeup Advent Calendar - £56.75

NYX Professional Makeup - Amazon

W7 Beauty Advent Calendar - £19.95

W7 Beauty Blast Advent Calendar - Amazon

Luxury Advent Calendars

Fancy splashing the cash this year on a luxury advent calendar? We’ve scoured the web to find some of the best luxury advent calendars out there, so you can spend more time shopping than searching! The price tag may be hefty one these advent calendars, but the high end products that which will last you a long time will be worth it.

Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar - £210

Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar

DIPTYQUE Christmas Calendar - £320

DIPTYQUE 2021 advent calendar - Selfridges

Balmain City of Lights Calendar - £105

BALMAIN The City of Lights Advent Calendar - Selfridges

Acqua di Parma Advent Calendar - £450

Acqua di Parma x Emilio Pucci Advent Calendar - Selfridges

12 Days of Missoma Advent - £395

12 Days Of Missoma Advent Calendar - Selfridges

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar - £150

Charlotte’s Beauty Dreams & Secrets Advent Calendar - Selfridges

Advent Calendars for Kids

When it comes to advent calendars for children, you won’t exactly fall short of options. There’s heaps of kids advent calendars out there, such as Lego advent calendars, chocolate advent calendars, toy calendars and more. We’ve collected a range of kids calendars varying in cost to ensure there’s something for everyone.

LEGO City Advent Calendar - £19.16

LEGO 60303 City Advent Calendar - Amazon

LEGO Harry Potter Xmas Calendar - £24.97

LEGO 76390 Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Amazon

Barbie Christmas Advent Calendar - £11.99

Barbie Christmas Advent Calendar - Amazon

L.O.L Kids Festive Advent Calendar - £12.99

L.O.L Surprise Kids Advent Calendar - Amazon

Alloy Toy Cars Advent Calendar - £31.99

Alloy Toy Cars Advent Calendar - Amazon

Pull Back Cars Advent Calendar - £25.99

Pull Back Car Advent Calendar - Amazon

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