Master of the Tasks Christmas Parties

Master of the Tasks
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Activity Details

  • Tv show challenges
  • Hilarious game material
  • Tasks per group
  • Prize for the winners

What Happens on a Master of the Tasks Christmas Party?

On a Master of the Tasks Christmas party, you and your colleagues will be tested on your mental and physical skills as you compete in a host of hilarious games inspired by the classic British television series! With over 25 games to play through on the day, everyone will split up into teams of 4-6 people at the start of the day before each group is given their first task envelope.

Inside, tasks will be labelled as “Practice” or “Live” - the former means that you’ll have around ten minutes to prepare a strategy, whereas the latter means that you’ll have to tackle the task without any preparation! With points awarded for each successful attempt, those that managed to rack up the highest score by the end of the activity will be crowned the winners!

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What’s Included

  • A light-hearted event inspired by British TV shows
  • Themed games and props
  • Enthusiastic taskmaster to host
  • Funny tasks that require working together
  • Over 25 games to choose from
  • Visuals, music and game material included
  • Set up on the day
  • Medals and prize for the winners

Event Format

On the day, your event will begin with a short briefing from your taskmaster host who will be there to explain how the day will run before you split off into smaller teams of 4-6 people. After that happens, each team will be issued a golden envelope with their given task inside.

During the event, members of each team will need to rack their brains and work together using collaboration and problem-solving skills in order to complete their given task successfully. Remember, the better you do, the more points you’re likely to be awarded!

At the end of the day, each team’s scores from each task will be tallied up, and your activity host will then announce who the overall winners are.

Master of the Tasks FAQs

What is the Master of the Tasks based off?

Inspired by the hit TV game shows beloved by Britain, the aim of this event is about competing in a series of tasks where there is up to 25 you can take part in. Battling it out against other groups where you must earn points in the challenges to the win the game. It’s the perfect activity which is great for everyone to take part in.

What will Happen on the Day?

Get ready for a hilarious experience, which will have you competing against other groups in a variety of challenges. To win the game your group will need to earn the most points to come out on top. You will have your very own games host who will guide you through all the rules and create a fun filled day. Groups will each be given a golden envelope which will include what challenge they must complete, but the tasks will either be a live challenge which you must start straight away or a practice challenge which gives the group 10 minutes to discover a plan. To give you an idea, here are a couple of popular tasks:

  • Sticky Notes - Wearing a blindfold you must stick as many sticky notes as possible onto yourself
  • Smarties - Wearing boxing gloves you must try separate orange and blue smarties
  • Biscuit Tower - Grab the biscuits and create a tall tower without them falling
  • Parachutes - Using a wooden spoon you must design a parachute


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