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Activity Details

  • Compete in many challenges
  • Mental agility, common sense
  • Scavenger hunt tasks
  • Racing against the clock

What Does the Challenge 100 Christmas Party Include?

A fun-filled showdown between your workforce featuring an event host and an array of intelligence, skill and agility challenges to compete through. This xmas event is all about working together as you break off into smaller groups and complete the challenges. Together, you must decide which challenges to complete and in work order, as all the tasks are worth a different amount of points. Collect as many points as possible before time runs out and the winners are announced.

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What’s Included

  • Set out to test mental agility, intelligence and common sense
  • Earn points for your team by taking part in challenges
  • Challenges are worth different points, so teams must choose which to complete first
  • Scavenger hunt tasks will also be set up around the edge of the room
  • Each team is given a red box and a booklet. The booklet contains the list of challenges and the red box has the tools required to complete the tasks
  • When the clock starts, its time to get moving
  • The clock is projected onto a large screen to remind people
  • Team scores are updated and projected onto the screen
  • Every so often a bell will ring, meaning teams must try and complete as many of the scavenger hunt tasks as possible
  • Fully managed event

Event Format

On the day, the experience will begin with a short briefing on how the day will run from your activity co-ordinator. They will then split the room up into smaller teams before handing out the activity booklets and kits to each team. Inside these books are a list of challenges and tasks, each worth different amounts of points and varying in difficulty.

A large clock will be projected onto a screen that everyone can see, indicating how much time each team has to complete their list of challenges chosen from the book. When the countdown clock begins, teams will then need to bring out their time-keeping and collaboration skills to solve as many as they can in a bid to win the most points.

Throughout the activity, your co-ordinator will intermittently ring the scavenger hunt bell. When this happens, you’ll need to drop everything and switch to the hunt in a bid to win extra points and soar past the other teams on the leaderboard.

Challenge 100 Games

Here are just a handful of games that you'll get to play throughout your Challenge 100 team building experience:

Riddles - Rack your brains to solve a host of cryptic riddles in a bid to stack points for you and your team.

Team Challenges - Band together and bring out your teamwork and collaboration skills in a host of team challenges that will give you a chance to soar up the leaderboard.

Memory Bank - Test your memory with these tricky intelligence-based challenges in a bid to win more points for you and your 

Scavenger Hunt - During challenges, a bell will ring periodically. When it does, you will need to drop everything and make your way around the room and find bonus items.

Challenge 100 FAQs

Does Challenge 100 actually include 100 Challenges?

Yes it does! In fact, the little red book that will be handed out to each team on the day contains just over a hundred tasks and challenges!

Where can you Host the Challenge 100 Team Building Experience?

We can host Challenge 100 in most indoor spaces, such as offices, breakout rooms and private venues.


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