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Activity Details

  • Explore your location
  • Self-run, start anytime
  • Great value, app technology
  • Team challenges & puzzles

What Does the Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt Christmas Party Include?

You and your group can enjoy a competitive treasure hunt run through an interactive GPS app filled with questions, quizzes and challenges. Simply choose your location, split into smaller groups and head out to unlock hotspots. Each hotspot will reveal tasks your group has to complete in order to earn points. The app includes the treasure hunt map as well as a live scoreboard so you can keep track of the other squads throughout. The group with the most points by the end of the day will win!

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What’s Included

  • Please let us know the town / city you want to run this event in
  • Using interactive app technology
  • Work in groups to unlock GPS hotspots on the app
  • Complete, self-run event
  • Everyone uses their own smartphone
  • Create selfies and squad names
  • Unlock clues, puzzles, and tasks
  • Photo and video challenges
  • Live scoreboard, tracker map, image recognition and GPS activation
  • Everyone uses their own smartphone to download the app to participate
  • Groups sizes from 6 to 250 people
  • Add on - Customise up to 8 multiple choice questions. These can be about your brand, business, people, anything really - £250 + VAT
  • Add on - Custom Branding - Create a more personalized experience by adding your company's brand colours and logo - £100 + VAT
  • Add on - Remote Host - Setup and guided by our remote host, this option allows you to focus on the team bonding with an expert on standby to support your team and boost morale during your activity - £250 + VAT

Watch the Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt Video

Event Format

Prior to the event starting, everyone will get to download the bespoke game app 
on their phones. With the option to add on a remote facilitator to manage the 
event, they will explain how the activity will run before splitting everyone up into 
smaller teams of 4-6 people. Each team will also get to assign their own team name 
and make selfies for each member.

From here, teams will get to use the app’s interactive map to track down the 
nearest GPS hotspots. At each hotspot, teams will be faced with a series of 
trivia questions, tasks and interactive photo/video challenges, earning points 
for each successful attempt.

With a live scoreboard on the app to keep track of other teams’ progress, those 
with the highest score at the end of the activity will be crowned the overall winners 
of the day!

Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt FAQs

How does the Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt Work?

Hit the streets in your smaller groups and explore the location whilst being steered to unlock GPS hotspots containing a range of tasks, fun interactive photo and video challenges and general knowledge questions. Devising an effective strategy is essential as you’ll be competing against other squads via the live scoreboard and photo wall on the app.

As each hotspot is achieved, your group will be rewarded with virtual scavenger hunt items which can be used to score bonus points at the end.

Once the squads have unlocked all the hotspots and completed the challenges, they come back together to reveal the winner. The winners are the adventurers who have accumulated the most points.

Who is the Urban Treasure Hunt for?

Perfect for businesses wanting to focus on health and wellbeing, or companies looking for an energetic activity in a particular location.

Is the Urban Treasure Hunt okay for large groups?

Absolutely! We can run it for groups between 6-250 in one session. However, if your group is larger just contact us as we have a few ideas for groups over 250+. You'll break into smaller squads of 4-6 people during the event.

What equipment do we need to run the Urban Treasure Hunt?

Everyone will need to download the app to their smartphone. Please ensure your smartphone is fully charged for the event. Although everyone has the app, one person will be in charge of answering the questions. This will breed teamwork and communication between each squad.

How long does the Smartphone Urban Explorer last for?

Total duration for the treasure hunt is anywhere up to 2 hours. If you add a facilitator, you'll receive a 15-minute remote briefing and 15-minute wrap-up session that will round up to 120 minutes total for the activity.

How far could we walk?

On average, participants walk approximately 2 -4km depending on their location and routes they take to complete the activity.

Do all the groups follow a set trail?

No - the treasure hunt can be accomplished in any order with groups making their own decisions about which 'GPS hotspots' to find first and in which order they carry out the tasks.

What do I get if I add on a facilitator for the urban treasure hunt?

The additional facilitator will add a formality to your event all via remote video link and include:

  • An encouraging remote briefing to start off the experience
  • Remote presentation/­­wrap-up of the team photos and videos from the event, all accessible via video for each participant
  • Available for support throughout the urban treasure hunt


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