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Activity Details

  • On top of the world
  • Challenge simulation
  • 29,000ft high
  • Learn survival skills

How Does the Everest Challenge Team Building Day work?

Think you have what it takes to climb Mount Everest? Experience the Everest Challenge team building activity, it's the perfect opportunity to work together and come out on top! Begin with 10 different tasks based on a different phase leading to the mountaintop! Each step will bring new obstacles and rewards that are sure to test your courage. The goal of this activity is to work together on your communication skills, planning, and leadership and to work well under pressure!

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What’s Included

  • Climb the highest mountain in the world – through simulation!
  • Professional mountaineer guides
  • Prep like you are climbing Mount Everest
  • Expert climbing equipment
  • Learn the skills for climbing
  • Group challenges – basecamp, oxygen, knots etc.
  • Indoor team event
  • Teaches planning, reso­ur­ce­fulness, strategy and communication

Event Format

On the day of your event, everyone will arrive at the venue before hearing a short introductory briefing from your activity host. They will explain how the day will run before splitting everyone up into smaller teams.

During the event, each team will get to assign roles and respon­sibi­lities to each team member depending on their skill sets - For example, those that are more analytical may be assigned to navigational and supporting roles, whilst those with physical abilities may be assigned to the more intense challenges. However, it’s up to you to decide!

By the end of the event, each team will have had the chance to take part in each challenge before reaching the top of Mount Everest… and once you do, everyone will inevitably feel a massive sense of achievement from working together effectively to achieve a common goal.

What Challenges will there be on the day?

Your group will be challenged throughout the day, learning a variety of techniques and skills to see if you have what it takes to make it to the top. Each of the challenge zones include:

  • Water Purification - Learn how to purify water with the right techniques
  • Oxygen - Learn to move your oxygen canisters and in the right order
  • Knot Challenge - Learn how to tie knots safely under pressure situations
  • Navigation - Teams are to draw camps on a whiteboard to show where each camp is on Everest
  • Whiteout Shelter - Blindfolded experiencing a whiteout your group must construct a tent together
  • Frostbite Challenge - Keep your hands in cold water for 3 minutes

Everest Challenge FAQs

What prior experience do I need before the activity?

No prior experience is needed for this activity, you will be guided by professional climbers who will show you the ropes on all the techniques needed. The main goal of this activity is to work together by tackling the different tasks and succeeding by completing them.

How many people can take part in the Everest challenge?

Grab your colleagues together for a great experience, perfect for large groups, this activity allows up to 500 guests to take part.


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