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Activity Details

  • Escape the cube
  • Series of challenges
  • Game show host
  • Prize for the winners

What to Expect from a Qubed Christmas Party?

Treat your colleagues to one of our Qubed Christmas parties and get stuck into a a fun-filled activity where you complete a variety of tasks all inspired by the hit TV show! After split into smaller groups, you'll all get to battle it out in a series of games to pass different stages to make it to the end, but make sure you don’t run out of lives! If you want to make it all the way, there will be medals and prizes waiting at the end of the game!

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What’s Included

  • A challenge for many skills inspired by popular TV
  • Game show style host
  • The Qube, equipment, lighting and music provided
  • Work in groups to earn points
  • Pass different stages and advance inside the Qube
  • Medals and prize for the winners
  • Once you’ve lost all your lives, you’re out!

Event Format

On the day, the event will begin with a short introductory briefing from your activity host. They will explain how the experience will run before splitting everyone up into smaller groups. Then, it will be time to take on the cube!

During the event, you will be faced with a host of group-based and head-to-head challenges, with the latter giving each squad the chance to earn extra fun money for their pot. Groups will also get some practice time before entering the “pressure zone”, where they must exercise caution and avoid mistakes and losing ‘lives’ as a result.

With around 14 tricky challenges to attempt, by the end of the activity, the group that has managed to work their way through each challenge and has racked up the highest score will be crowned the overall winning squad of the day.

Qubed Games

Some of the games that you and your colleagues will play during the Qubed experience include:

  • Exact - You will be blindfolded and must stop the clock within the 0.5 seconds either side of 20 seconds
  • Descent - You must bounce the ball twice onto the surface and into the cylinder
  • Tilt - Your group must hold a beam each to create a plank, the ball must roll from one end to the other without falling off

FAQs: Qubed Team Building

What is the Qubed event inspired by?

Can you beat the Qube? Inspired by the popular TV show The Cube, this activity will release your inner competitive streak as you battle it out against other groups to see who will win. If you’re a big fan of the TV show, then this activity will make you feel like a real contestant with your own games host and tense music included!

Is a host included in the Qubed team building event?

Yes, a host is included! This event will have a host who's sure to make your day an absolute blast!


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