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Activity Details

  • Indoor pub style games
  • Air hockey, casino, darts
  • Everyone involved
  • Dry hire or event managed

What is the Pub Olympics Christmas Party?

A collection of classic pub games to generate some festive competition between your workforce this winter season. On the day, an event host will run through all of the games included and any safety instructions needed. From there, split down into smaller groups to rotate around each of the games in the room, working together to earn fun money throughout the day. The group with the most fun money by the end of the day will be the winners!

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What’s Included

  • Please let us know the town / city you want to run this event in
  • You will be given a briefing and explanation of the structure
  • Selection of games to suit your requirements
  • Great fun for everyone
  • Teams will rotate around the games, with 2 teams going head to head on each game
  • Winning teams will be rewarded with fun money
  • Each game lasts from 10-25 minutes
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration
  • The team with the most fun money at the end of the day will be the winners!
  • Fully managed event
  • If you’re after a casual event, we can drop off some of the games and you can play them whilst socialising – just ask for dry hire.

Event Format

On the day, the games you’ve pre-selected will be there ready and waiting for you to play them. Before your event, we will send you a list of options for you to pick and choose from. If you’ve opted for a facilitator, they will give a brief rundown on how the activity will pan out before splitting you up into smaller teams.

During the event, each team will have around 10-25 minutes to play each game, competing against another team to bag as much fun money as they can whilst encouraging lots of friendly competition, teamwork and communication. Once you’ve finished, each team will rotate onto the next game, competing against a different team.

Finally, at the end of the session your facilitator will total up each team’s winnings to determine who the overall champions are, crowning them the winners of the day!

Pub Olympics Games

You get a choice of which games you would like your group to participate in from the list below:

  • Table Football
  • Air Hockey
  • Electric Darts
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Giant Jenga
  • Bar Skittles
  • Laser Sniper
  • Quoits
  • Shove Ha’penny
  • Giant Pick Up Sticks
  • Table Tennis
  • Casino Tables
  • Buzz Wire
  • Subbuteo
  • Splat the Rat
  • Neuron Racer
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Giant Scalextric
  • Giant Snakes and Ladders
  • Giant Puzzles

Pub Olympics FAQs

How Does Pub Olympics Work?

An event host will kick things off with a run down on how the activity will unfold throughout the day. You choose which games you would like to play beforehand so your host can have them all set up and ready to go on the day. Team will rotate arounds the selected games, with two teams going head to head on each game in order to win fun money.

Who is Pub Olympics Suitable For?

Pub Olympics is suitable for any workforce. You have the ability to select which games you would like to include into your session, which means you can cater to all your co-workers needs and requirements if there are any.

What are the Benefits of Pub Olympics?

Everyone enjoys playing fun games, especially when they have an enjoyable competitive twist to them. Pub Olympics will have your colleagues using vital skills such as communication and strategic planning in order to earn the most fun money for their group! These skills can be applied within the office and also strengthen bonds between co-workers.


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