Chain Reaction Christmas Parties

Chain Reaction
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Activity Details

  • Encourages team cooperation
  • Design & build simple tasks
  • Link chain sections together
  • Produces a domino reaction

What is a Chain Reaction Christmas Party?

A problem solving event that utilises collaboration and creativity to bring your workforce together this festive season. A chain reaction Christmas party starts off with a brief from your event host in your chosen venue, then your colleagues will be split down into smaller groups to create some challenge. Each individual group will be responsible for one part of the chain, however the whole workforce must come together for the project to be a success by the end of the day. This activity is perfect if you’re looking for an away day that’s inclusive, not competitive.

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What’s Included

  • Use creative skill and solve problems
  • Start with a briefing as to how the day will run
  • Teams must work together to build the ultimate chain reaction
  • Each team will design and build their own section of the overall challenge
  • Even though you’re working in individual teams you must ultimately work collectively together to complete the challenge.
  • Fully managed event
  • Inclusive team building activity
  • Each team will prove whether their teamwork element has paid off as in the final test, if it all works, your chain reaction will set off a confetti canon!

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Event Format

On the day, the event will begin with a short briefing on how everything will run delivered by your event co-ordinator. After that, they will split the room up into smaller teams before assigning each of you a section of the contraption to build.

With all of your materials included on the day, you will need to be creative and inventive to make use of the kit you’ve been provided with, using creative skills to build up your section and making sure it connects well with the preceding and following sections.

When time finally runs out, the big test run will begin! Starting with the first section, the idea is for the entire chain reaction to work smoothly from start to finish. If you’re successful, the run will end with a confetti cannon! Not only is it a great way to motivate your team and give them the chance to unleash their creativity, but you’ll also feel a massive sense of achievement by completing this tricky challenge.

Chain Reaction FAQs

Where Does the Chain Reaction Activity Take Place?

If you have a large empty space within your office then you can choose to host this event there. However, if you want to get out the office, we offer a free venue finding service to help you book the perfect venue to suit you.

How is Chain Reaction Beneficial?

This event encourages your co-workers to use vital skills such as problem solving, communication, creativity and instruction following. All these skills are used day to day in work life, so it’s important to allow your colleagues to develop these skills within different environments, especially if they can have fun at the same time!


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