The Stag Do Travel Essentials

The Stag Do Travel Essentials

Let’s not kid ourselves, men hate packing, it takes up too much time, there is too much organising involved and there is always a list of better things you could be doing.

Men don’t need to plan ahead or consider all of their outfit combinations like women do, which is probably why it is one of the last things for them to do. Whereas for the girls this is all done weeks in advance with each outfit completely thought out as well as 5 back up outfits, enough toiletries for life and one too many bags of make-up. But lads don’t worry, decent preparation is the only thing you need to make sure you do as once it is done you don’t need to worry about it anymore. So we are here to help you figure out the essentials you definitely need to pack to ensure the weekend goes to plan.

The Essentials

1. Clothes

An obvious one but 99% of the time there is some sort of item of clothing that is left at home. Your clean underwear? Some socks? Or your favourite t-shirt? So of course clothes are the first essential you need to pack to avoid any disap­po­in­tment.

2. Shoes

Packing some shoes is again an obvious one but you may not think to pack yourself some smarter shoes. But make sure you do as some clubs may not let you in with your trainers.

3. Money & Bank Cards

If you are going abroad make sure you have exchanged some money before you go to get it at a better rate but also make sure you take your bank cards too just in case you haven’t taken enough money and you need to get some more whilst you are out there.

4. Plug Adaptors & Chargers

Again if you are going abroad make sure you take your plug adaptors so that you can use the electricity. And of course your chargers for your phones or anything else electric as it would be a right disaster if you accidently left them at home.

5. Your Phone

We probably didn’t have to include this in the list but hey you never know!

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6. ID

Although you may be well over the age of 18 some places have challenge 25 and if you have been cursed with a baby face then prepare to be questioned. And with your ID you will need your passport to even get into the country.

7. Toiletries

Nobody wants to be THAT guy that forgets his toiletries and well, stinks for the entire weekend so we will list what you need. Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser, hair gel, wet wipes, sun tan lotion.

8. Travel Insurance

Fingers crossed, but if something does go wrong you will definitely need some travel insurance to cover yourself if you go to another country so make sure you keep a copy on you.

9. Painkillers

Be the responsible one in this aspect and make sure you take a few packs of painkillers; this way nobody will have to deal with someone moaning about their hangover from hell or some sort of injury they have acquired during the previous night.

10. Your Sense of Humour

Okay so this isn’t an item you can pack but it is an essential. Let’s be honest you’re going on a stag weekend and if you don’t have your sense of humour with you then you won’t have as much fun. everybody knows how a stag do turns out so you have got to make sure you a ready to have a laugh and prepare for the most exciting weekend ever.

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