Stag Weekend Ideas and Things to Avoid

Stag Weekend Ideas: Fails to Avoid!

If you’ve been chosen to organise and plan the stag do, then we’ve got a few ideas we think you lads should take note of!

When it comes to the last night of freedom, the ultimate goal is that the groom-to-be has an unfor­get­table night with you and the lads… so check out some of these ideas and common mistakes you’ll want to make sure you avoid.

What Mistakes to Avoid on the Stag Do?

Don’t Leave It Too Late

Okay… so we know that this advice might be too little too late for some of you guys, and if you’re looking at this with a month to go until your so-called stag party, then you might be in panic mode… but chill! A months’ notice for a stag do is loads, trust us. You still have time to look at stag do activities, sort some accom­­moda­­tion, buy supplies and pay for everything without having to freak out. We’re merely suggesting that you don’t leave it any later than that, as you’ll miss out on deals and availability which might put a real downer on organising a killer stag night. Make sure you have everything organised and ready so that all the other lads know exactly what’s going on!

Pay Separately!

We say this time and time again to any stag we come across: DO NOT PAY IN A GROUP. Not only will this definitely ramp up the stress for the organiser and the stag himself, it could also ruin friendships and even the wedding if people are stingy or don’t pay on time. There are so many ways you can easily pay separately so that everyone is responsible for themselves. Try an event payment app (they’re free), or use something like our online VIP events area where everyone can pay separately and have access to the times and itinerary for the weekend. When it comes to the night out, we recommend coming up with an alternative, such as pooling together some money to buy the stag’s drinks throughout the night. This way, the only drinks you need to worry about buying is your own.

Don’t go Overboard on the Night Out!

While stag do nights out are famous for being long, loud drinking sessions, make sure you’re able to get up and take part in any activities you have planned for the next day! Every stag group is different, meaning that it’s entirely possible to have a group of both heavy, light and non-drinkers. Again, this all depends on how many people are coming on the stag do. You can’t decide how much someone has to drink, but you can arrange your activities in a way that means the lads are likely to take it a bit easier the night before! For example, trying to get a group of severely hungover blokes half-way across town from A to B isn’t going to be fun, especially if you’re up ‘til the early hours. A great way to avoid this is by arranging activities earlier on in the day, hopefully making the lads less likely to go over the top with the pints!

Be Realistic About Your Budget

Especially if you’re taking a big group of lads on the stag do, you’ll want to keep everybody’s individual budgets in mind when planning & organising your celeb­ra­tions. For example, where some might be completely happy with spending a couple hundred pounds on the night, others may need to stick to a limited or tight budget. With all that being said, as the organiser you should consider what everybody is willing to spend throughout, whether it’s on the night out or otherwise. Not only will this make the planning process easier for yourself, but you’ll also manage to avoid any awkward conver­sations or potential arguments over payment.

Fancy Dress Frenzy

A big part of any send-off is whether you and your group decide to wear ridiculous fancy dress to make the night more memorable. Although we’re definitely pro fancy dress, there’s definitely some stag weekend ideas fails to avoid in this area. The biggest fail is not checking if the bar, nightclub or even restaurant that you’ve booked allowed fancy dress in their venue. This can completely ruin your night and cost a bomb if you have to find somewhere else last minute. All in all, the biggest fail to avoid on this stag weekends ideas fails to avoid list is getting overly stressed. Don’t worry yourself sick about the little things, as long as you have a good group of lads and somewhere to go, you’re bound to have an epic last night of freedom.

Ready to start planning your unfor­get­table stag do? Then check out some of the awesome stag do activities we offer and get inspired!

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