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Hen and Stag parties have a special significance in the life of the bride or groom. The night will be remembered forever as it marks a transition in their lives, marking a firm line between just being engaged and being married. The Stag or hen party should therefore be made as memorable as possible, especially if the bride necks too much fizz.
Getting all of the little details right can be difficult and that’s why it’s best to plan it in advance. There are lots of perks to pre-booking and here’s just some of them.

Hen and Stag parties often include a pretty mixed bag of people and so choosing the right activities in the right locations is important. You can take your time putting together just the right package, which is pretty useful considering how many different options we offer!
Hen Party
All of the activities from Funktion Events are self-inclusive and so everything you're going to need will be right there. This includes fully trained instructors and other professionals along with any materials necessary. Your only respon­sibility is to show up!
Advance booking means you have got plenty of time to cough up the cash. Each member of the party only needs to pay a small deposit to secure the event, making budgeting easier and giving you more to spend partying. The organiser can keep track of all payments easily in the Funktion Events VIP area.
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An organised event gets everyone feeling good and brings the group together. It’s not good enough to just go out on the night and hope that you can find something special; this is a one-off event that needs to hit the mark and make a statement. Everything should flow smoothly, your group moving from event venue to hotel to nightclub and back again with total efficiency.
We can organise individual events but where we really excel is with our packages. They offer a totally immersive experience which makes you feel like a true VIP, with tables booked and queues jumped the whole time. You also get a personalised bar and club guide to make sure you only visit the best places, and you'll enjoy a hot breakfast after a night in your classy hotel room.
Hen PartyHen Party
Start planning right now and take a look at our package deals!
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