Hen Party Bingo

Hen Party Bingo

A saucy & daring bingo game specially designed for your hen do!

Including 25 daring challenges, you're gonna need some guts, a lot of alcohol and giggles to win. Part of our hen party games, naughty bingo has a unique twist to it but like the real game itself, whoever shouts 'Bingo!' wins, but it's not quite as easy getting to that point. There's the silly, the totally embarrassing and the absolutely hilarious challenges included, check it out and you can even download it below to print out and take with you on your celebration weekend.

Hen Party Bingo Sheet

The 25 Hen Party Bingo Challenges:

1. Flirt with & ask a guy over 60 for their number

2. Lick your lips & say "Bet you taste better than last night's beefy steak...MOOO!" to a stranger

3. Enter the guy's toilets

4. Stroke a beard

5. Obtain a condom then blow it up like a balloon

6. Dance on a table for 10 seconds in public

7. Down at least half a pint

8. Do a loud fake orgasm

9. Shout "Can someone pass me the anal beads!"

10. Get down on one knee & serenade a stranger for 30 seconds

11. Talk with a foreign accent for 10 minutes

12. Pole dance for 20 seconds in public

13. FREE SPACE - you lucky thing!

14. Wink at a stranger continously for 30 seconds

15. Say to a stranger "My pussy says meow" in a posh voice with no laughing

16. Kiss a bald man's head

17. Suck a penis shaped object & make eye contact for 1 minute in public

18. Kiss a bartender

19. Photobomb 3 photos

20. Crawl along the floor & make loud baby noises for 10 seconds in public

21. Ask 5 guys their penis nicknames

22. Be carried by a strong man

23. Spank your ass & shout "Oh Yeah!" in public

24. Convince a stranger to massage you

25. Convince a guy to take off their top & strike a pose

How to Play the Hen Party Bingo Game

1. Print out the Bingo Sheets

Simply download this bingo sheet. Print out a copy for the bride to be to play on the night.

2. Cut up Another Bingo Sheet

Print off another bingo sheet, use some scissors and cut out the 25 hen challenges. Fold them up and place them in a bag.

3. Draw Out the Challenges

On the hen night when out in the bars, start to draw the challenges out of the bag. The bride to be can mark off the challenges as they are drawn out. Once she creates a line, she can shout Bingo and the challenges can stop. She then must complete the hen party challenges over the night.

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