Low Key Hen Party Ideas

Low Key Hen Party Ideas

Looking to take a more chilled out and casual approach to your pre-wedding celebrations?

Check out our list of low key hen party ideas below, perfect for making your occasion a truly memorable one.

While hen parties are commonly associated with all-night clubbing, dancing ‘til the sun comes up and endless boozing, we know that that’s not everybody’s cup of tea. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of low-key hen do ideas, ideal for those who would prefer to have a more chilled out experience with the girls before the bride-to-be gets hitched!

Whether it’s going out for a casual meal and a round of classy drinks or playing some hilarious hen party games with the girls, there’s a whole host of things you can do to have a relaxed time whilst making unforgettable memories.

What are the 6 Best Low Key Hen Party Ideas?

With so many games, ideas and activities out there girl groups, it can be hard to sift through it all to find the right ones to suit your occasion. Thankfully, we’ve done all the research for you, so all you need to do is check out our list below to get some inspiration! 

1. Party at Home

Despite the fact that more and more groups are travelling to different party cities across the UK and Europe for their celebrations, the popularity in events at home is also on the rise.

With so many hen party entertainment ideas out there to choose from, why not host your pre-wedding celebrations in the comfort of your own home?

This is a fantastic way to avoid all the hustle and bustle and make memories with the girls in a happy and comfortable environment. We also have some amazing ladies get together ideas that will be perfect.

2. Shopping Trip

A classic idea that not many can say no, is to get the girls together for an all-out shopping bonanza!

Whether you’re heading to your local city centre or to a bigger shopping centre out of town, you and the girls deserve to indulge yourselves in a bit of retail therapy before the big day arrives.

You could enjoy something like this before then having a girls night in.

3. Casual Meal

One thing is for certain: no hen night is complete without a mouth-watering meal. Taking the girls out to a local restaurant or your favourite eatery is a great way to have a chat, laugh and enjoy some delicious cuisine.

If you have members of the group that aren’t familiar with each other, this is the perfect chance for you to break the ice.

4. Sophisticated Drinks

Head to a classy bar to enjoy a round (or two) of sophisticated cocktails & bubbles. Whether you plan on heading to your local favourite spot or to a really upmarket venue, there’s no reason why you and the girls can’t treat yourselves to a bottle of bubbly to see off the bride-to-be in style!

5. Keep the Group Small

Easily one of the toughest parts of planning a hen do is deciding who to invite. We recommend that for a truly low key hen party, you will want to keep the group size small.

As hard as this may be, being selective and deciding who the bride will really want to be there is the best way to keep the numbers down and the atmosphere relaxed.

If you know that the bride-to-be is set on the idea of having a more casual party, then she will definitely be thankful for you keeping the number of attendees low. See our hen ideas for small groups here.

6. Rent a Party House

The ultimate way to celebrate is with a hen party house for you and the girls. Whether you’re just planning on a one-night stay, a weekend away or longer, there’s a huge variety of large houses.

With options all over the UK ranging from city centre apartments to countryside cottages, take a look at some of these insane Airbnb apartments for groups and see what all the fuss is about!

Low Key Hen Party Ideas

Add Some Activities into Your Low Key Hen Do

1. Smartphone Treasure Hunt

Taking the ladies on a smartphone city treasure hunt around your local city is a wonderful idea to keep it more civilised.  You’ll get to see all discover landmarks while having a little bit of a competition between each other

2. Yoga Class at Home

Choose a relaxing yoga class at your home with selected friends.  No pressure, just have fun with the women you invite and want to take part. 

The instructor will come to your home or venue and make it a session to remember.

See Yoga Hen Party Classes >

3. Spa Pamper Day

Everybody loves a bit of TLC now and again, and the bride-to-be definitely deserves some with all the planning stress she has to take care of.

Do her a favour and treat her and the rest of the girls to a luxurious spa pamper day hen party. Taking place at a city centre spa, head down to enjoy a jacuzzi soak or steam room session. 

Trust us when we say that there’s no better way to unwind on your low key hen weekend than this.

4. Mobile Flower Crown Making

A classy yet creative activity that’s becoming a popular UK hen party idea.

The girls are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised with a flower crown making hen party.

Not only will you get to keep your wonderful new creation, but you’ll also receive a presentation box each to take home with you, making memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some more ideas for a ladies night at home that you all could enjoy.

Low Key Hen Party Games

Low Key Hen Party Games

1. Advice for the Bride

A classic that can either be played as a light-hearted game full of laughter or as a meaningful sentiment, Advice for the Bride is a simple game that doesn’t require much planning or organising, as the only things you’re going to need is card and pens.

Using cards with sentence starters such as “On your honeymoon, remember to…”, each of the girls will fill out their own before giving them to the bride-to-be. Whether it’s genuine tips on how to maintain a lasting marriage or telling the bride to tell her husband off if he snores, everybody can interact and get involved with this budget-friendly game.

2. How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Everybody is guaranteed to be howling with laughter by the end of playing How Well Do You Know The Bride.

All you’re going to need for this simply memorable activity is a pen and paper. The premise of the game is simple; the girl that knows the bride-to-be the most will compile a list of questions relating to the bride (for example, “what was the bride-to-be’s first job?” that each of the hens must answer.

Once everybody has given their answers, the scores are then totalled up before announcing who knows the bride the most. 

3. Mr & Mrs Quiz

They’re both getting married… but just how much do the bride and groom know about each other? Put their knowledge of their other half to the test by quizzing them on themselves in the Mr & Mrs Quiz!

After you’ve decided on some questions for both the bride and the groom, give the groom his questions to answer before the girls. Then on the day, give the bride her questions to answer about the groom, either answering honestly or saying what she thinks the groom would have put. Tally up the scores at the end and see who knows the other better.

Arguably one of the best hen do games to play.

4. Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions

Taking inspiration from the classic hit TV show, this is another truly hilarious way to find out just how well the soon-to-be newlyweds really know each other! In the Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions quiz all you need to do is choose a list of questions, first send over the questions to the groom-to-be for him to answer.

Then you’ll need four paddles, giving two to the bride-to-be and the other two to another hen. Ask the bride the same questions as the groom, which she must answer by holding up “Bride” or “Groom”. The lady with the two other paddles will also reveal what the groom-to-be said at the same time!

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