Advice for the Bride

Advice for the Bride

So, you’ve just become newlywed, congra­tula­tions! If you’re in need of a little pep talk in the form of advice for the bride, we’ve got your back.

Getting married is one of the most exciting milestones of your life, but it can be overwhelming and scary too. Just after you’ve celebrated with all your friends and family, you might be searching for some words of wisdom to touch your feet on the ground again. As well as the famous party game, we want to provide you with some advice for the bride to get you started on your journey into co-existing.

Check out our Advice for the Bride Game!

Advice for Brides Straight After the Big Day

1. Bring out the Mr & Mrs Mugs at Home

Maybe not the deepest marriage advice but cracking out your prized Mr and Mrs mugs is a cute way to kick off married life.

2. Get your Wedding Dress Cleaned & Preserved

Having your wedding dress cleaned is a must as we all know the big day can be long and messy (especially towards the end!) If you’re looking to keep the dress, there’s plenty of services to preserve the material effectively.

3. Repurpose your Flowers

It’s unfortunate that your beautiful wedding florals won’t last forever, but repurposing your flowers is good advice for the bride who wants to stay sustainable. Donate them, press them, dry them – the options are endless.

4. Go from Miss to Mrs – Officially!

In the week after your wedding, it’s wise to make a checklist of all the accounts you have that will need a name change. This can feel satisfying and official and speeds up the process of you using your new shared surname.

5. Go for a Meal or Spa Day

The evening after can leave couples feeling a bit flat, so make sure to plan either a lovely activity or your favourite meal/takeout that will keep you in high spirits.

6. Send your Wedding 'Thank You' Cards

Sending thank you cards is full of perks, the obvious one being that your guests will feel appreciated when they receive your gratitude for their attendance. Other than that, the ritual of signing and sending thank you cards with your new marriage partner is great for bonding after such a significant milestone in your lives.

Wedding Thank You Card - TwistStationery

Wedding Thank You Card - Notonthehighstreet

Wedding Thank You Card - wanderluststudiouk

Wedding Thank You Card - FROMLUCY

Long Term Marriage Advice for Brides

Long Term Marriage Advice for Newly Weds

Bask in that Post-Wed Glow

If you haven’t heard this piece of marriage advice for the bride to be, hear it now – book time off after the wedding! The last thing you want to do is go from gorgeous bride to 9 to 5 the very next day. We tend to follow the trend of wedding suppliers who recommend at least 2 days off, not including the day after.

This will give you time to decompress after the stress of planning. In this time you could:

  • Sort through wedding photos
  • Have an informal family brunch
  • Plan a newlywed day trip
  • Set the groundwork for your honeymoon (packing, planning, creating an itinerary)
  • Sorting & organising in post-wed bliss

Create Plans to Make Memories

When you’re in the thick of planning, it can be heard to see beyond the big day to plans post-wed.  Hugely helpful advice for newly weds is to have small (or large) plans to look forward to other than a pending honeymoon. This can be a house project, a new pet or even just a scheduled walk each week for some couple time.

These memories will fill the months after your wedding with joy, and make you remember the reasons you married this person in the first place!

Don’t Leave Your Relationship Behind

The leap into married life is officially a big change, but your relationship is still at the heart of what’s important. Long-term relationships need work to continue to flourish, so make sure you don’t take things for granted after you’ve tied the knot. This best marriage advice is true in the days after the big day and each day until forever.

Remember to be Yourself Too!

As important as your newly-wed relationship is, your individual self is important too! Two halves make a whole, so it’s important to consider yourself an individual whilst also a partner to your significant other. Continue to practice self-care so you can be your best self throughout the marriage.

Advice for the Bride Game

When it comes to sending off the bride-to-be, make it special by letting her know the best ways to keep a healthy & happy marriage!

What better way is there to let the bride know how much they mean to you than with some unique and memorable “Advice for The Bride” cards! We have so many different games for you to play. It can be hard deciding what hen party games to include into a hen weekend. This is a meaningful and budget-friendly way to celebrate the marriage, we’ve got a few ideas to offer you when it comes to giving the bride a few tips about married life.

How to Make Your Own Advice for the Bride Cards:

You will need:

1. A pen

2. Pieces of card

25 Advice for the Bride Sentence Starters:

1. Always try to...

2. Keep an open mind when discussing...

3. Never...

4. Don't forget to...

5. Remember that a lasting marriage needs...and...

6. Enjoy...

7. Remember to...

8. Cherish...

9. Sometimes, you have to...

10. The best thing about married life is...

11. My best piece of advice to you is...

12. On your honeymoon...

13. Everyday...

14. In marriage, you will learn...

15. If in doubt, remember to...

16. Always remember to tell your husband...

17. Never your husband

18. Always remind your husband...

19. Never forget your husband's...

20. Always make sure that...

21. Never hide...from your husband

22. Always try to help your husband with...

23. Make sure your husband helps with...

24. Never give your husband advice about...

25. Always say your husband is...

Printable Advice for the Bride

Advice for the Bride Printable - 1

Advice for the Bride Printable - 2

Advice for the Bride Printable - 3

When to Make & Give Advice for the Bride Cards

It goes without saying that you will want to keep this idea a surprise to the bride so that she gets a pleasant shock when you and the girls finally give them to her! But when should you write them…and when is the best time to give them to the bride?

One way of doing this effectively and without the bride’s prior knowledge would be to arrange all the girls that will be attending the all-important hen party and letting them know about your idea. This way, each of the girls can make their own or follow a template before giving them to the bride-to-be on the hen party! However, this method can prove tricky if some members of the hen party don’t know each other and communication may not be easy without the bride getting involved!

Another way to do this would be to arrange a date or time between the hen and the wedding day itself for you and the girls to meet up and create your cards! If transport is an issue or anything else prevents you from doing either of these, then why not use our very own printable Advice for The Bride card template? All you need to do is send them to the girls and they can fill them out before the big day!

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