How to Host a Barbie Themed Hen Party

Barbie Themed Hen Party

Trying to find the perfect theme for an upcoming hen do? If so, then you and the girls should consider a Barbie hen party!

Arguably one of the most popular films of all time, Barbie took the world by storm when Margot Robbie took to the silver screen for the role of Barbie. Packed full of funny moments and plenty of pink, this iconic character makes for the perfect theme for a final weekend of freedom. So, if you’re looking for Barbie hen party ideas to put together the perfect celebration, then this article is going to help you plan and put together an unforgettable Barbie-themed hen party that nobody will forget any time soon!

Barbie Hen Party Outfits

Without a doubt, sorting out your Barbie hen party outfits should be one of the first things to consider when planning your Barbie-themed hen do. After all, fashion is what she does best! But don’t worry; Unlike Barbie (who seems to have endless amounts of cash), you don’t need to spend a fortune to complete your look. For example, you can find some brilliantly cheap and cheerful Barbie t-shirts from the brand’s official store on Amazon

The best thing about choosing a Barbie-themed hen party is that most outfits and styles can fit with the theme. However, it’s crucial to make sure that no matter what outfits you and the girls plan on wearing, they ALL need to be hot pink! As long as you stick to this rule, you and the girls can get super-creative with your ideas when planning your daytime and nighttime outfits.

Barbie Hen Party Outfits

Barbie Hen Party Accessories & Decorations

As long as you stick to the “everything pink” rule, then sourcing Barbie-themed hen party accessories and decorations can be a breeze, especially if you have a general list of things to look out for. Before you embark on this step, we highly recommend that you put together a list of accessories (e.g., feather boas, cowboy hats, big sunglasses, etc.) and a list of decorations (e.g., balloons, bunting, plastic cups, etc.)  

By doing this, you can avoid spending endless hours trawling through different sites, hunting for the perfect Barbie-themed decorations and accessories. So, to help you get started, we recommend checking out these pink balloons from Party Delights and this extensive list of accessories from Team Hen.

Barbie Hen Party Accessories & Decorations

Unusual Hen Party Ideas

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Activities

Planning the perfect activities for you and the girls can be a struggle, but with a Barbie hen party, the best way to stick to the theme is by opting for activities that add a luxurious touch to your celebrations.  

For example, booking a mobile pamper party that comes straight to your hotel or accommodation would be a fantastic way to treat the bride-to-be and the rest of the girls during the day. Then, for the evening’s celebrations, booking an experience like a Dreamboys Show or a party bus will be sure to bring about the Barbie vibes! 

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Activities

Barbie Hen Party Food and Drinks

When it’s time to start thinking about Barbie-themed food and drinks, you and the girls have the opportunity to get creative. Starting with the food, why not consider a dessert table decorated with pink cupcakes, macarons and strawberry shortcakes? Then, to complete the look, you could always add a Barbie-themed cake as the centrepiece!

When it comes to drinks, a DIY pink cocktail-making station is the perfect idea where you and the girls can become mixologists for the night! Think Pink Martinis, Rosé Spritzers, and the ever-popular Cosmopolitans – each a delightful sip of Barbie-approved sophistication. Setting this up can be a simple process, too.

After sourcing the spirits, mixers and garnishes for each cocktail, simply lay them out in sections on the table labelled with what cocktail each set of ingredients will make. Then, add some Barbie-themed extras like fruity garnishes, pink straws and custom Barbie drink stirrers.

Barbie Hen Party Food and Drinks

Barbie Themed Hen Party Music

Luckily, choosing the music for your Barbie hen party will probably be one of the easiest elements to get right! Of course, we highly recommend building a playlist of your own, but if you end up stuck for ideas, then be sure to check out the official soundtrack for the 2023 Barbie movie on Spotify to help you gain some inspiration!

Even if you have your playlist running in the background whilst pre-drinking or celebrating with some mobile hen activities, it’s a great way to bring about the Barbie hen party vibes without lifting a finger!

Barbie Hen Party Games and Extras

Before the big night out, why not play some Barbie-themed hen party games to bring about the party vibes? Of course, you could always change and adapt existing hen party games to fit the Barbie theme, but one game in particular that we recommend playing is the Barbie Movie Drinking Game. For this, the rules are quite simple:

Take a Sip whenever:

  • Barbie says, "I can do anything!" 

  • Barbie and her friends are shown in unrealistic and unattainably perfect situations 

  • Barbie is objectified 

  • Barbie's friends are stereotypically feminine 

  • Barbie delivers a sassy one-liner 

Take a Double Sip whenever:

  • Ken does (or says) something ridiculous 

  • Barbie is criticised for her appearance or her choices 

  • Barbie's dreamhouse makes an appearance 

  • Barbie's signature heart-shaped earrings make an appearance 

  • Barbie's pet poodle, Skipper, makes a scene 

Finish your Drink when:

  • Barbie effortlessly switches outfits 

  • Barbie breaks down a gender stereotype 

  • Barbie's pink convertible appears 

  • Barbie inspires young girls to believe in themselves 

Looking for even more? Check out our other hen party games »

Barbie Hen Party Drinking Game Infographic

Best Hen Party Games to Play

Pink Bars & Restaurants for a Barbie Hen Party

The last night of freedom is the highlight of any hen party celebration, so making sure you head to the perfect bars to fit your Barbie hen party theme would be the ideal way to round off all of your hard work putting the theme together! Of course, only the classiest bars and restaurants will suffice for a Barbie-themed hen do, so be sure to consider one of these fantastic venues for your last night of freedom.

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Bars

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Bars - Tonight Josephine

1. Tonight Josephine

Locations: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool & London

A dazzlingly pink cocktail bar franchise, Tonight Josephine is a well-renowned venue that boasts venues in some of the UK’s biggest cities such as London, Liverpool, Cardiff and Birmingham. So, if you happen to be heading to one of these party cities for the last night of freedom, then Tonight Josephine simply must be on your list!

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Bars - Jam Restaurant & Bar

2. Jam Restaurant & Bar

Locations: Liverpool (Cavern Quarter)

Best known for being the number-one hen party bar in Liverpool, Jam boasts a stunning interior that features an extensive flower wall, perfect for a Barbie hen party photo opportunity! Not only does this place have some fantastic booths available to hire, but it also features a mouth-watering food and drink menu, making it a great place to go for a bite to eat before the bride-to-be’s big night out. 

Liverpool Hen Do Ideas »

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Bars - Palm

3. Palm

Locations: Chester (Watergate Street)

Situated in the heart of Chester, Palm is a bright and lively cocktail bar situated beneath the historic Watergate Rows. Not only does it boast a vast range of luxurious cocktails, but this stunning venue also offers a delicious bottomless brunch, perfect for curing a head-splitting hangover after a night on the town. 

Chester Hen Do Ideas »

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Restaurants

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Bars - Archie's

1. Archie's

Locations: Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool & Manchester

Inspired by the popular 1980s movie “License to Drive”, Archie’s started as an independent restaurant in Manchester that has now spread to a number of nearby cities. Famous for its American diner-style vibes, this eclectic chain would provide the perfect backdrop to your Barbie-themed hen party night out!

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Bars - Sunset by Australasia

2. Sunset by Australasia

Locations: Manchester (Spinningfields)

Found in the heart of Spinningfields, Manchester’s former industrial heart, you’ll find Sunset by Australasia. Famous for its baby pink furniture and stunning décor that would fit perfectly with your Barbie hen party theme, this restaurant boasts a fantastic food menu and a range of mouth-watering signature cocktails - What’s not to love?

Barbie-Themed Hen Party Bars - Tattu

3. Tattu

Locations: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, London & Manchester

Specialising in Chinese cuisine and known for its Oriental-inspired décor, Tattu is a massively popular restaurant that can be found in several major cities across the UK. Not only can it provide the perfect backdrop to your evening meal, but the low-lit mood lighting and classy vibes will be sure to fit perfectly with your Barbie-themed hen party. 

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