Disney Themed Hen Party Ideas

Disney Themed Hen Party Ideas

There’s no question about it, you are throwing a Disney themed hen party!

After all, Disney captured our hearts when we were little girls just learning about the world. We looked up to those badass, fearless characters like Mulan and Pocahontas.

We learned kindness from Snow White, the importance of the truth from Pinocchio and how to have fun from Lion King. It taught us those big first life lessons, like the importance of new shoes and taking a night off. Disney will always have a special place in our hearts, and rightly so. What better way to celebrate finding your prince charming than to throw the best Disney themed party of all time!

We've sent over 150,000 ladies on hen nights, so we know a thing or two about them; enjoy the read!

Disney Invites

This is the first thing the guests will see about the big weekend. So, if you're all about the best first impression, here are winning Disney themed party invites.

Disney Princess:

If you are opting for a Disney Princess route start hunting in your local charity shops for some handheld antique mirrors, one that might be found in the beast's extravagant castle by Belle or one the Wicked Queen Grimhilde might use to summon the magic mirror. I would then handwrite on the mirror, for top tips on getting this looking award-worthy. Pinterest has plenty of examples.

Alternatively, a Disney princess-themed one would be more practical for delivering to larger group sizes. Create some large clam shell invites with the invite inside. Choose between card clam shells for easy posting or real shells with a mini scroll tucked in insight and a small pearl. Either way, this under-the-sea invite sets the tone.

Disney Pixar:

If you like a crafty hen party, then get some Mike & Sully in your life and create some door invites. Perhaps the door opens to reveal the details of the last night of freedom. Don’t forget each door is different, so get personalising!

Maybe you’re more Toy Story, so recruit some green army soldiers and some simple army dog tags. Stamp the date and their party nickname and send their recruitment packs out.

Or is your secret mantra just keep swimming. For an amazing Finding Nemo invite, buy or create a fish in a bag and attach your new owner's instructions.

Simply Disney:

Hakuna Matata! So your very own Nala has found her Simba, and now it’s time to celebrate at Pride Rock. Purchase some lion print balloons, fill them with glitter, carefully scroll the invite, and insert them inside. Place in a box with some tissue paper or confetti with a safety pin and instructions to pop the balloon.

“I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!” Give the gift of magic and the ability to fly with some miniature bottles of fairy dust. Place a mini invite scrolled up inside the fairy dust with the instructions to open it with happy thoughts.

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Disney Themed Activities

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,” well, don’t worry Belle, here are our handpicked activities to ensure your Disney themed hen do does not fall short of some mischief and adventure!

Disney Princess:

Whichever princess is your soul sister, there’s the perfect activity for you to do on your celebrations. Feeling Brave? Learn to shoot like Merida in an archery lesson. Or are you more of an ice queen like Elsa and the cold never bothered you anyway. Hit the slopes at one of our snow sports combo days with your girls. Fancy being pampered like a princess? Then, our spa pamper day is the perfect idea for you and the girls. 

Disney Pixar:

Are you on a mission but suffer from short term memory loss? Well, don’t worry Dory we won’t guide your wrong. All you have to do is just keep swimming, canoeing, and surfing with your guests on your amazing Disney Pixar-themed weekend!

Can you survive Sunnyside's old school sports day? Channel your inner woody and round up the girls for a trip down memory lane.

Simply Disney:

Have you been working on your roar? Why don’t you jump into your own musical ballad with your bride tribe with a recording studio experience? Keep the recorded tracks for the ultimate sing-along souvenir.

Or have the best mix of all and jump into our Disney Dance class and dance along to all your childhood favourite Disney songs. You can then showcase this dance on the Big Day!

Food & Drinks

No one likes to be hangry, so here are our favourite Disney-themed treats to serve to your guests. After all “what could be more important than a little something to eat?” O Winnie, we couldn’t agree more!

Disney Princess:

Ensure your princess gets to the ball on time with some Cinderella’s pumpkins. These are easy and simple, peel some satsumas and push some small cut celery to make the pumpkin stem.  Or test your baking skills with sleeping meringue clam shells with a strawberry ganache and a chocolate pearl. Want a crowd-pleaser? Opt for the Cold Frost cocktail or even the Rebel Royal cocktail!

Disney Pixar:

It’s time to put that freezer into use before Olaf gets in there. With some yellow snow cones from Monsters Inc., Don’t worry; they are the edible kind! They could even be the adult kind by making cocktail snow cones, just make sure Boo doesn’t get her hands on any! Or if you are feeling more peckish, how about you and the gang have some pizza from Toy Story's Pizza Planet? Re-decorate a pizza box with the Pizza Planet logo; it's easy, simple, and effective.

Simply Disney:

If you are as laid back as Timone and Pumbaa, you should be at the party sipping on a No Worries Cocktail. Made of peach vodka, amaretto, orange juice and mango, it’s the perfect tropical cocktail to unwind.

Instead of lifting up rocks for a witchetty grub, how about nibbling on some sweet jungle style chocolate covered strawberries instead. Use white chocolate and food colouring, to make animal prints and patterns. They will be a show-stopper that will make all Pride Rock Jealous.


Of course, your Disney hen party should be filled with fun and games! After all, it was the Great Walt Disney himself who said: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” 

So, let’s jump straight into the fun with our Disney Dare Cards!

If you are up for the challenge and feeling brave, see if you and your girls can complete all of our Disney dares! Hold onto your lucky crickets, and hope you get an easy one! Fail to complete a dare, have a mystery shot from the Bar!

We have many hen party games that can be tweaked to suit your Disney theme

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Disney Princess:

If you’re looking for something original and an alternative to a Disney Princess dress, we have found the perfect option for you! With these amazing party tops from Bachette! Do you have the fairest bride in the kingdom? Then we have the perfect snow white themed tops, with her guests being Tipsy, Sassy, Happy and even flirty! These are fun, creative and versatile. Perfect for any activities you may choose!

Or maybe she is mad about mermaids. The sea, the glitter, and the magic, what’s not to love? Then trading my tail for a veil t shirt will be perfect for her. Perfect addition for any themed hen party!

Alternatively, if you are working on a shorter timeline or don’t want to miss out on the hen party sashes , what about some fun Princess-themed sashes from the Hen Party Superstore? They are available in a range of Disney Princess colours, so can subtly include the theme even in the evening with the LBD!

Disney Pixar:

If you want to create some monsters inc costumes but the trio has already been claimed. It’s time to get creative! Get yourself a blue safety hard hat. Print the Monster University icon onto sticker paper. Repurpose some Pringle tubes into scream canisters. Use these as accessories to finish your very own monster creation!

Simply Disney:

Disney themed party outfit ideas

Has Minnie found her Mickie? And soon they too will have their happily ever after, but first party time! What better T-shirt for the Minnie and Mickie Mad bride than these cute mouse tops! With Bride’s Mouse and Mouse of Honor, these cute tops are fun to accessorise with and still let the bride be front and centre stage.

Shop for yours here!


The key to the best Disney themed hen party is knowing your bride, what kind of Disney girl she is and getting creative. This doesn’t mean you have to be born with the Picasso gene; all you need to be armed with is a glue gun and some glitter.

If you are still unsure, try out this quiz to find out which female Disney character you are from Buzzfeed! Try answering as your friend to help you decide. Let us know which character you got and who you will be on your Disney themed party!

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