Hen Do Survival Kit

Hen Party Survival Kit

Although you want the hen party to be one to remember, you want to be able to get up the next day for breakfast right?

Why You Need a Hen Do Survival Kit

One of the biggest and most important hen party essentials to have is a hen do survival kit. This handy little bag is filled with all the must-haves you need for a day or night out you or your hen won't forget.

From snack bars and plasters to hair ties and confetti, having a hen party survival kit means you'll never be without the key supplies when you're on the go. And it'll definitely come in handy if any mishaps pop up! So, ensure your hen party runs smoothly by packing all your hen do essentials in one place - get yourself a hen party survival kit today!

See our handy list of essential items to put into your hen party survival kit below...

Hen Party Survival Kit

The Hen Party Survival Kit List – 16 Essentials for the Weekend

1. Water

It may be obvious but it’s often overlooked, a bottle of water can go a long way in between all your party ideas. When you’re tired, hungover, thirsty, in the middle of nowhere or taking on a challenge, a bottle of water could be a life saver. Remember – avoid single use plastic bottles.

2. Passport/ID

If you’re lucky enough to look under 25, don’t forget your ID or passport. The last thing you want is to queue outside of a club for 20 minutes and realise you can’t get in anyway. On top of that, your passport is the number one necessity for a party weekend abroad.

3. Emergency Cash

The phrase “better safe than sorry” really comes into play when thinking about emergency cash. Have your own back and bring some extra funds just in case.

4. Paracetamol

This is the start of your hangover kit inside the hen do survival pack, and probably equally as important. It’s likely you’ll get a hangover (or at least a headache) at some point, so make sure you’re well equipped.

5. Snacks

One of the more exciting additions to your hangover survival kit, snacks can be your saviour in a multitude of scenarios. From waiting for the train, feeling a bit faint or being slightly too drunk to navigate your way to the chippy!

6. Sunglasses

Part two of the hen party hangover survival kit side of things – sunglasses. Sunnies will protect your fragile eyes from the glaring bright sun and will improve the hangover look tenfold.

7. Games

Party games are usually on the bottom of everyone’s priority list, but a few hilarious drinking games can be the make or break of a weekend. We’ve even put together a list of hen party games to help you out.

8. Tiny Booze Bottles

Who doesn’t love a tiny bottle of your favourite liqueur? Miniature vodka, tiny gin or a little bottle of jaeger will help get the party started.

9. Wet Wipes

Listen ladies, things happen. A spilt drink here, a muddy knee from unbalanced heels there – we get it! Pack yourself some wet wipes so you can go on with the last night of freedom with no worries.

10. Deodorant

Feeling and smelling fresh are the first steps to enjoying the weekend, so don’t forget to pack your deodorant so you can smell nice even when the hangover kicks in.

11. Lip Balm

The last thing you want is dry, cracked lips when you’re trying to pull off a statement red lip in your classic outfit. Pop your fav lip balm in the hen party survival kit and keep those lips moisturises!

12. Chewing Gum

Deodorant keeps your body fresh, but what about your breath? Chewing gum is especially handy for any single bridesmaids who’re on the prowl.

13. Plasters

A couple of plasters are most likely a handbag staple for you anyway, so it’s a no brainer to bring a few with you on the hen do to save any heel blisters or cuts.

14. Dare Cards

Keep the fun and momentum going on the weekend with some simple yet effective dare cards. We have a ton of party dares to inspire you for this one.

15. Sweets

Do we really need a reason to add sweets onto the hen party survival kit list? They’re delicious! Also great if blood sugars decrease.

16. Bobbles and Clips

The last thing you want is to go digging through your bag and realise you haven’t brought a bobble to style your hair, or just tie it back if you’re feeling a little sicky.

What is a Hen Party Survival Kit?

A hen party survival kit is essentially a bag that contains all the necessary items to make sure the hen and her entourage will have a great time. It typically includes things like snacks, water bottles, blister plasters, mints, and some silly accessories to top off your hen attire - perfect for making your hen night unforgettable!

With easy access to all these essentials and more in one neat package, no hen should be without it!

If you need further help with hen party ideas, we organise parties all over the UK and Europe for 1000’s of groups a year as well as offering some great advice on how to stay safe during the hen party. With an impressive list of hen party activities, there’s an experience for every bride-to-be.

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