The 2019 Stag & Hen Do Trends Analysis

The Great Big Stag & Hen Do Trends Analysis 2019

Every year, thousands of brides and grooms to-be go off galivanting around the UK for their last night of freedom.

As a market leader in this industry, we help a large portion of these individuals plan their perfect experience, and as result, we get a bird’s eye view of the most popular places and activities to do for your final big night.

We’ve taken this booking data and broken it down to provide you with a behind-the-scenes look into what makes for the perfect stag and hen do, including the best place to go, the best activities to do, and the best time to book.

If you’re after one hell of an experience, this data could be your answer…


Deciding on the location of your trip is immensely important regardless of if you’re a hen or stag. Our data gives us access to the top locations chosen for hen and stag dos in 2019. These are proven places which help to create the perfect do experience. Here’s the best locations to book.

Top Locations for Hen Dos

Liverpool takes the top spot for most popular location, followed closely by Manchester and London. Surprisingly, London isn’t number one despite being the largest and most resourceful city.

The top 5 hen do locations are as follows:

1. Liverpool (9.2%)

2. Manchester (6.9%)

3. London (5.2%)

4. Leeds (4.9%)

5. Bristol (4.5%)

Top Locations for Stag Dos

The locations for stags will surprise you. Coming in at the number one spot for stag dos is Bournemouth. Second is Edinburgh and third is Newcastle. These locations are completely different to the girl groups.  

The top 5 stag do locations are as follows:

1. Bournemouth (8.1%)

2. Edinburgh (6.8%)

3. Newcastle (6.8%)

4. Nottingham (6.8%)

5. Liverpool (5.6%)

The Great Big Stag & Hen Do Trends Analysis - Locations Map

The Great Big Stag & Hen Do Trends Analysis - Charts


So, now you have the location sorted, it’s time to start looking at what you’re going to do with your time there. Activities make sure you’ve always got something to do with your pals on your final night, so making sure you pick the right ones is key. Our data looks into the most popular activities undertaken by our hens and stags, here’s the top ones.

Best Activities for Hens

The most popular activity undertaken is life drawing with 15.5% groups taking that activity in 2019. Second most popular goes to the slightly less tame dance party, which was taken by 15% groups. Cocktail making comes in third with 13.8% groups whipping up some pina coladas in 2019.

Here’s the top 5 activities for hens:

1. Life Drawing (15.1%)

2. Dance Party (15%)

3. Cocktail Making (13.4%)

4. Male Cabaret Show (6.4%)

5. Cocktail Making & Meal (3.5%)

Best Activities for Stags

The most popular activity is beer babes with 9.7% stags preferring this activity in 2019. Second most popular is life drawing, performed by 9.3% stags last year. In third comes the pub treasure hunt, undertaken by 7.9% stags in 2019.

Here are the top 5 activities for stags:

1. Beer Babes (9.7%)

2. Life Drawing (9.3%)

3. Pub Treasure Hunt (7.9%)

4. Club Entry (7.9%)

5. Go Karting (3.6%)

The Great Big Stag & Hen Do Trends Analysis - Activities

The Best Months

Now you have the location and activities set, picking a month to execute your fool proof do experience is the final piece of the puzzle. You don’t want to pick the wrong month and have your experience drowsed in rain and wind. Our analysis looks into the top months to plan your do, so you don’t make a fatal seasonal error.

Spring is the Season of Choice

According to the data, pre-nuptial parties tend to choose the Month of May for their last big night of freedom. Interestingly, the numbers aren’t that big for summer, spring seems like the season for these grooms and brides to-be.

The 5 best months for hen dos are:

1. May (15.2%)

2. April (15%)

3. June (13.2%)

4. July (11.4%)

5. March (10.7%)

The 5 best months for stag dos are:

1. May (17.8%)

2. April (14.9%)

3. July (12.5%)

4. June (11.5%)

5. August (11.1%)

The Great Big Stag & Hen Do Trends Analysis - Month

Let’s Talk Money

Money is going to be a factor on your celebratory weekend, no matter what happens, you’ll be spending it. However, when it comes to stags and hens, who spends the most money on their big night? We think the result may surprise you.

Who Spends the Most Per Person

When it comes to money spent per person per activity, the stags actually spend more money with an average spend of £44. In contrast, ladies spend an average £36.50 per person per activity; significantly less than the lads. It seems men are the big spenders in this situation.

Who Splashes Out on Accommodation?

When it comes to accommodation expenditure, the numbers are relatively the same. Ladies spent £125 per person on their accommodation packages in contrast with the £127 stags spend on theirs. Although small, again, it seems men are the big spenders.

The Great Big Stag & Hen Do Trends Analysis - Money

The Recipe for the Perfect Do - Summary

According to this data, this is the perfect recipe for the ultimate hen do:

Location – Liverpool

Activities – Life Drawing, Dance Party, followed by a trip to the Male Cabaret Shows

Month - May

And this is the perfect recipe for the ultimate stag do:

Location – Bournemouth

Activities – Beer Babes, Life Drawing, followed by a Pub Treasure Hunt

Month - May

If this data has sparked some planning inspiration – let us help! We organise 1,000’s of hen party ideas and stag do ideas all over the UK every year. Browse our website or call our knowledgeable events managers for more help!

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