The Best Wedding Wish List Sites

Wedding Wish Lists

We all love receiving gifts (who doesn’t?), but when it comes to the big day… it can be difficult to decide what you want or need!

But fear not... lucky for you, there’s a whole host of useful websites, tools and wedding gift list makers out there where you can get some inspiration, collate your ideas and share your perfect wedding wish list with your guests. If you’re looking to avoid the awkward conversations around gifts without giving off the wrong impression, this is the perfect way to do it!

1. Amazon Wedding Registry | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - Amazon Wedding List

The world’s biggest online marketplace, it should come as no surprise that they offer a bespoke wedding gift registry service that’s both easy to use and packed full of great wedding gift ideas, from big-name brands to independent stores. Not only that, but it will also collate the names of everyone who has made a purchase, making it easier for you to send “Thank You” notes to the right people. Stocking over 250 million products and counting, this wedding gift list is a fine choice.

2. Prezola | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - Prezola

Another massively popular wedding list service is Prezola, which offers the classic list-making tools as well as the ability to set up honeymoon & experience funding. As well as that, they also have a great collection of inspirational lists and gift list ideas, from outdoor living to kitchenware, pet accessories and more. They also boast 100% recyclable packaging, so even if you receive lots of gifts you won’t have to fret about the environment.

3. The Wedding Shop | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - TheWeddingShop

With over 450 brands to browse at, TheWeddingShop provides a fantastic wedding gift registry service that also offers the service of gifting experience days, honeymoons and charity donations, giving you plenty of flexibility on how you want to use your gifts. This site also operates an entirely free service, which is worth noting as this is something you don’t often get with wedding gift list websites. With the option to store your gifts with the company and offering up two free UK delivery days, this is a company worth checking out when it comes to building your perfect wedding gift list.

4. Hitchd | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - Hitchd

Probably one of the most recognisable wedding-related companies, Hitchd offers a fantastic wedding gift list service, with tools allowing couples to fund traditional wedding gifts as well as experience days, honeymoons, flight tickets and much more. Whilst their service isn’t entirely free, they charge a one-time fee depending on how many guests you’ve invited. With a unique URL address you can share with your guests, this award-winning service is definitely one to consider.

5. John Lewis | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - John Lewis

One of the UK’s top homeware retailers, John Lewis provides an exquisite wedding gift registry service which you can use to put together a fantastic list from their vast range of big-name products. With a simple and sleek design, this wedding registry service is nice and easy to use, doesn’t include any hidden fees and gives you the option to instantly share your list/s with friends and family. You can also keep track of who has purchased what, as well as giving the option to add gift cards to your list as well. Being one of the biggest and longest-running department stores in the country, John Lewis is definitely an option you should look at.

6. Buy Our Honeymoon | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - BuyOurHoneymoon

An established and independent wedding registry service since 2007, Buy Our Honeymoon is a unique service that offers both a honeymoon fundraising service as well as the traditional wedding list tools. With a one-time fee and no hidden costs, you can combine both great gifts and honeymoon experiences into one sleek and compact list. Not only will you get a unique web address for your list, but you’ll also have a choice between a number of themed domains this company offers. The company also doesn’t hold any of the money your guests put forward, acting only as a middleman service… so when gifts are purchased, they’re all yours.

7. Marri­age­Gif­tList | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - MarriageGiftList

With the ability to list items from all over the internet, Marriage Gift List is a fantastic wedding wish list tool that allows you to collate products and wedding gift registries from places like Amazon, Wayfair and many more, rather than restricting you to a handful of other websites and brands. Offering an entirely free service to couples, you can also add gift cards, charity donation pots and experience days to your dream list too. With a tool that lets you keep track of who’s paid for what and the option to tick off who you’ve sent “Thank You” notes to, this is a service worth checking out.

8. HoneyFund | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - HoneyFund

With the option to host both honeymoon wish lists and cash funding registries alike, HoneyFund is a long-running and well-respected wedding wish list site that offers great tools as well as lots of inspiration for honeymoon lists. From experience days to flight tickets, HoneyFund doesn’t charge guests or couples for their service, only charging processing fees on cash gift lists. So whether you fancy exploring the islands of Tahiti or sailing around the Caribbean, this site is the perfect way to keep everything in one place with no headaches.

9. The Wedding Present Company | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - The Wedding Present Company

Providing a fantastic and vast range of bespoke products to add to your wedding gift wish list, The Wedding Present Company is an easy-to-use list building site that splits up its products by brand, room and house style… so if you’re moving into a brand new home after getting married, you can use their inspirational wedding gift lists based on your home or your own taste in décor; whether it’s townhouse, coastal or a country cottage style. Not only that, but this company also hosts a wonderful showroom in Central London which offers virtual appointments for couples to give advice on their wedding gift lists. For an upscale and bespoke service, this site is the perfect choice.

10. Traveler's Joy | Website

Wedding Gift Lists - Traveler's Joy

With over half a million couples signed up to create their dream wedding wish list, Traveler’s Joy is a top company when it comes to putting together fundraising for the big honeymoon. With no fees whatsoever, this service offers you a custom web address that you can send directly to your guests. Not only that, but they also offer a huge hub of destination guides, showing off all the best excursions, hotels and things to do in luxury destinations from Aruba to Arizona.

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