Organising a Hen Party

Step by Step: Plan Your Hen Party

You’re here! Welcome to our step by step on organising a hen party.

Although long, this article is the one place where you can find every tip, every section of organising and every aspect you need to create the perfect celebration for any bride to be. Being an event planner, we’ve curated this advice over years of planning hen parties and offering epic hen party activities, and put all of the steps into one guide and put them to practice to make sure it works for every situation!

So, grab a few friends, some snacks and maybe a cheeky bottle of wine (or two?) and get settled in to this organising a hen party extra­vag­anza.

Step 1 – Talk to the Bride

Even if the bulk of what you’re organising is a surprise, you can still check back with the bride on certain, things like locations, budgets and guest lists. And this is obviously the most important thing to do before you even start organising anything.­ Once you have had the conversation you will be able to go on your journey.

Questions to Ask the Bride:

  • Do you want to stay in the UK or go Abroad?
  • What’s the budget?
  • Who shall we invite?
  • Do you want to go away for one or two nights?
  • What’s the most important thing for the weekend?
  • Cheeky activities like life drawing hen parties or food & drink related like cocktail making hen parties.

Talk to the Bride

Step 2 – Start Organising the Hen Party

Once you have spoken to the bride and have heard her say on everything to do with the celebrations you can start with the real organising. And there are 3 things to do when you start.

1. Who to Invite to the Party?

The guest list might seem like it’s an easy, breezy part of orga­nisa­tion, but it can all get on top of you if you’re not careful. No matter how many fabulous hen party packages or getaways you organise, the whole thing wouldn't be the same if it wasn't celebrated with the bride’s nearest and dearest.

If you have already spoke to the Bride you will have an idea on who to invite and who NOT to invite. Make yourself a list to keep track of numbers and names, either create a written list or, if you’re really fancy, make yourself a big old excel document with all the details.

Who to invite on a Hen Party

2. When to Go On the Hen Do?

Once you have a list of people to invite on the last night of freedom, it’s time to decide when to go. This solidifies the plans and with your list of invites you will be able to figure out the best date. For example, are some of the bride-to-be’s friend’s teachers? If so you will have to make sure the celebrations fall on a weekend or not in term time.

Think about bank holidays and any other obstacles that might arise when you try to get a big group of girls together. There may be other plans that people have that you know about, try to make sure the date you decide on doesn’t conflict.

Tips for Deciding When to Go:

  • Leave enough time in between the event and wedding so that your guests can be financially comfortable to cover both of the events.
  • Seasons! Choose your bride’s favourite season so she can hopefully get the weather she wants!

When to go on a Hen Party

3. What’s Your Hen Party Budget?

Sometimes tricky, sometimes a sticky situation, but when it boils down to it, setting a budget is really important aspect of hen party planning. When organising a hen party, we say the best way to go about setting and keeping a budget is to be completely transparent with money.

Tell the girls the costs straight away, and make cuts and changes where necessary to make sure you can balance the fun factor with practicality for everyone. If you book through Funktion you will be given access to our My Events VIP Area, a space where you can invite all the girls to so they can pay what they owe online. This way you are able to pay as little or as much as you like and keep track of everyone's payments in a quick and easy way.

Your Budget

4. Where to Go On the Celebratory Weekend?

This is a bit more of an overwhelming step for you bridesmaids, mainly because there are so many places to choose from when it comes to organising a hen party. If you’ve really got no clue, we suggest starting with Home Vs Away.

Hen Party Destinations in the UK

Hen Party Destinations UK

With both hen party destinations UK and weekends abroad, there are perks and drawbacks that you need to consider in order to craft the perfect celebrations for your particular pal. The biggest and best perk is the amount of money you’ll save if you stay on our little wet island.

Not paying for flights, accom­moda­tion and euros means more money for spectacular party activities, accessories and personal touches. It might also mean that more people can afford to come, which can play a big factor if some of your bride’s nearest and dearest are working on a tight budget.

A drawback (for most gals at least) is that it doesn't really feel as special to stay at home. Sometimes, you don’t need all the crazy activities to make a splash with the last night of freedom. A whole lot of sun and some delicious cocktails on the beach is sometimes just enough to make the bride to be feel special.

Hen Weekends Abroad

Celebratory Weekends Abroad

At first glance, planning hen weekends abroad can seem like a daunting task for just a few bridesmaids to conquer. We’re here to tell you that there’s loads of ways it can be easier, and equally loads of ways the organising can be worth the pay off. A pre-nuptial party away usually means a whole weekend of celeb­ra­tions, and a few days taken away from the wedding stresses, surrounding the bride to be with people she loves.

Aside from all the sappy and gooey stuff, planning flights for 20 girls is A LOT to handle. You and the other bridesmaids need to be prepared to be strict with budgets, and make sure everyone is aware of how much a whole weekend of sun and lounging will cost. Once you’re over this hurdle, the rest of planning an event away can be a totally fun experience.

We at Funktion Events care about your protection when you are travelling away. Which is why we are a Member of ABTA. Make sure you are always travelling with confidence, over the past 65 years ABTA have been offering advice and guidance to a very high standard for agents and the public within the travel industry.

Step 3 – General Tips for Organising a Hen Party

1. Give Plenty of Notice. Basically as soon as your friend gives you the wonderful news, all the plans should be in your head. From there, make sure you let all the girls, family members, dogs, cats and everyone else know the situation.

2. Be Strict. Don’t allow room for confusion, sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind in the long run. Make sure everyone knows what they’re paying, times and everything in between.

3. Consider Your Audience. When your bride to be has put together her perfect guest list, you need to consider this when you’re organising. Ask yourself – will the bride to be’s future mother in law thank you for dragging her go karting for the day?

4. Be Organised. Channel your Monica Geller, ladies!

5. Set up a Group Chat. Whether you are doing that through Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails, you get the gist, a group chat is a great idea for getting the girls excited for the upcoming celeb­ra­tions.

Group Chat

Step 4 – Add Any Party Extras

When all the official stuff is sorted, the money has been dealt with and the dates are set, make sure you finalise the event with a few personal touches as an ode to your soon-to-be wed friend. These can be small, but making sure a last night (or weekend) or freedom is personal and thoughtful will all go towards making the event memorable.

  • Games! In between all your activities and boozy nights, a few games are sure to go down a treat and keep the party spirits alive. If you’ve not sorted these yet, you’re in luck! Have a cheeky peek at our hen party games and download the list for free, take it with you for the weekend.
  • Mr & Mrs Quiz. Nothing is more personal than the budding bride answering questions about her soon to be hubby in front of a bunch of giggling girls. Before you go, grab a Mr & Mrs Questions and fill it out specific to your pal.
  • Personalised T-Shirts. If it’s not a photograph you want, why not get some hilarious text or funny nicknames printed onto matching t-shirts for the whole party to wear (it will defo keep anyone from getting lost!). We’ll even pass you some ideas in our free t-shirt names and phrases list.
  • Hangover Kit, a great way to treat your guests to some items they will definitely be thankful for when it comes down to the morning after a wild night out. Add things like paracetamol, water, mints, sunglasses, face wipes, bobbles and headache patches to name a few.

The Hen Party Hangover Kit

Step 5 – Keep Gathering All of Your Party Inspiration

Don’t neglect Pinterest! Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to party ideas, favours, decorations, sentiments and genius personal touches that your budding bride won’t soon forget. We regularly update our Pinterest with incredible ideas and inspirations that could come of use when it comes to the all-important hen party planning.

We have Pinterest boards for:

  • Activities & Ideas
  • Party Favours
  • Drinks for the Last Night of Freedom
  • Party Destinations
  • Party Games
  • Decorations for Parties
  • Evening  Ideas

Have a browse here…

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From reading our step by step guide on how to plan a last night of freedom we are sure you are probably raring to go with the hen party planning! Luckily for you we have 1000s of hen party activities & ideas for you to include into your celeb­ra­tions.

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