Hen Party Hats & Headwear - The Buying Guide

Hen Party Hats

Top off your party outfits with this selection of hen party headbands to create the most memorable hen party celebrations!

Hen Party Hats & Headwear Collection

What Is A Hen Party Hat?

Just like any hat, a hen party hat is an accessory worn on your head to signify that you’re celebrating a last night of freedom. A lot of groups wear hen do headbands and other headwear to stand out from the crowd and even to help find one another on a particularly crazy night out! The collection of hen hats online has grown over the years so you’re sure to find something to fits your bride to be’s theme or style easily – especially with this buying guide.

What Type Of Hen Party Headwear Is There?

The types of hen party headwear on the internet are endless as you can create personalised options. However, some popular styles include hen do tiaras, hen hats and funny/crude hen party headbands. The wide selection of hen do headwear means there is a spectrum of prices available for all party budgets. A hen do hat is especially good if you’re planning a virtual celebration and can only see your guests from the shoulders up. Fancy a veil in your celebrations, check out our hen party veils buying guide for plenty options!

When Should You Wear A Hen Do Hat?

The world is truly your oyster when it comes to wearing hen party accessories, you can choose the right time for you! Some suggestions include a the classic last night of freedom to make sure you look unique and cohesive as a group. However, some fun hen party headwear is an easy accessory to wear if you’re going for a daytime – for example exploring a new city or a trip to the beach.

Who Should Wear Hen Do Headwear?

Originally, hen do headwear was created to make the bride to be feel special. This hen hat would be worn by your bride to signify that’s who you’ll be celebrating. However, this has now expanded to the whole list of guests celebrating with them! You can find hen do headwear for mothers of the bride, maid of honours and bridesmaids alike.

What Hen Party Headbands Are On The Market?

There are so many different variations of hen party headbands to throw in your online basket – we thought you might like a helping hand! In this buying guide we’ve narrowed down some of our top picks from across the web to save you time and money. See some of the classic hen party headbands below to surprise all the group with.

Bridesmaid Headband Hen Party x4 - £3.36

Bridesmaid Hen Party Headbands - hooraydays

Team Bride Hen Party Headband  - £3.99

Team Bride Headband Hen Party - TeamHen

Willy Headband Bride Flower Crown - £23

Hen Do Bride Willy Flower Crown - TheFauxFlowerPage

Disney Hen Party Headband - £6

Disney Bride Hen Party Minnie Mouse Ears - MinniedreamsDesigns

Bridal Party Headband With Flowers - £7

Bride Party Headband - BeautyNaturalDesign

Bride Squad Hen Party Headband - £2.99

Squad Headband - TeamHen

The Best Hen Party Tiaras Online?

Most people only get married once in their life, so why not mark the celebration with some hen party tiaras? Feel like a queen yourself or with the whole party and purchase some of these affordable hen party crowns. A bride crown hen party addition is sure to make a special memento for the bride after her special day too.

Rose Gold Bride Hen Party Band - £3.46

Rose Gold Bride Headband - PartyTouchesUK

Hen Party Flower Crowns - £7

Flower Crown Matching Hen Party - PostboxParty

Rose Gold Bride Hen Party Tiara - £4.90

Rose Gold Bride Tiara - PartyTouchesUK

Personalised Hen Do Flower Crown - £12

Personalised Hen Party Flower Crown - PostboxParty

Bride To Be Hen Party Tiara - £12.99

Bride to be Tiara - Celebritish

Personalised UV Hen Party Tiara - £9

Personalised UV Light Tiara - Vacationeers

Buy Your Hen Party Sashes

What Hen Party Sailor Hats Can I Buy?

Although it sounds specific, many groups choose hen party sailor hats to match their theme or location. Hen parties abroad are so popular that a hen do sailor hat is the perfect add-on to your sunny outfits. We’ve bunched together some of the best hen party sailor hats so you can budget the price before you purchase.

Bride Captain Hen Party Hat - £8.87

Bride Captain Hat - SunnyshopbyOlesea

Custom Hen Party Sailors Hats - £8.43

Custom Sailor Captain Hat - ThatsRadcom

Hen Party Sailors Hats & Captain - £7.99

Bridal Party Sailors Hats - TapestryinApril

Ahoy Bitches Hen Party Headband - £12.80

Glitter Ahoy Bitches Headband - Pelemele

What Bride Hen Do Hats Are On The Market?

Back in the day it would only be the bride to be who would wear all these fabulous accessories. If you’re sticking with traditions, see some of the best bride hen do hats on the internet that you can chuck in your shopping cart. There are multiple colours, styles and personalisation you can include for the hen night hats to make sure your bride hats for a hen party match the theme.

Bride Hen Do Hat in Sequins - £64.99

Bride Hat in White or Holographic Sequin - GlitzGirlsUK

Bride Straw Boater Hen Do Hat - £35

Bride Straw Boater Hat - WBCreativeDesign

Bride Squad Hen Party Hats - £14

Bachelorette Bride Squat Hats - HopStudio

Mrs Floppy Beach Hen Party Hat - £17.74

Mrs Beach Hat - HandartMO

Bride To Be Hen Party Headband - £4.21

Bride to Be Headband - hooraydays

Bride To Be Hen Night Headband - £5.99

Bride To Be Hen Party Headband - Ginger Ray

Want More Help?

If you’re struggling to start planning, we have an entire hen party handbook full of resource to help you. Also check out our dozens of hen party activities to fill the celebration with memorable experiences!

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