Bride Tribe - The Buying Guide

Bride Tribe Collection Hen Party Accessories

Bride tribe hen party accessories are proving themselves to be ever popular when it comes to glamourous hen parties

So, have a browse through what we think are the best of the bride tribe collection.

Bride Tribe Collection.

What are Bride Tribe Accessories?

As the name suggests, these accessories identify you and the girls as a bride tribe. They’re perfect to wear on a night out to help find each other amongst the crowds and to spice up your photographs throughout the night. Bride tribe accessories range from anything to bride tribe t shirts to bride tribe sashes and sunglasses. So, why not add a few cheeky pieces into your shopping basket!

Where Can I Buy Bride Tribe Accessories?

You can find these accessories all over the internet on a variety of online shops. To save you the fuss of searching the whole web, we have put together a handy buying guide of all things bride tribe accessories, with products from reputable shops such as Ginger Ray and Etsy.

What Bride Tribe T Shirts are Available Online?

The best way to tie a girl gang together is with some staple bride tribe t shirts. Whether they’re matching or not, bride tribe shirts are a popular theme to add to the celebrations and your shopping basket. It’s also a great way to take some cute, cohesive pics!

Pink & White Bride Tribe Shirts - £11.20

Bride Tribe Shirts - PsBachelorette

Bride Tribe Pink Hen Party Tops - £9.95

Bride Tribe Hen T-Shirt - MadeJust4UFrames

Black & White T Shirts Bride Tribe - £17.75

Bride Tribe T Shirts Bride Shirts - QuoteMyTeeUK

Disney Bride Tribe Hen T Shirts - £11.99

Disney Bride Tribe Hen Party T Shirts - RoseBoutiqueByAngela

Rose Gold Bride Tribe T Shirt - £11.99

Bride Tribe T-Shirt Rose Gold - BespokeWeddingCrafts

Bride Tribe Hen Party T Shirts - £9

Bride Tribe T-shirts - NunuTeeDesign

Best Bride Tribe Sashes?

If you’ve already got your outfit sorted add a bride tribe sash to the ensemble for a party edge. We’ve trawled the internet to find a range of bride tribe sashes in a variety of colours and styles. Is there something below to suit your bride to be?

Bride Tribe Rose Gold Sash - £4.95

Rose Gold Bride Tribe Sash - hooraydays

White Sash Set Bride Tribe Theme - £11.99

Bride Tribe Sash Set - ZingaBling

Bride Tribe Bohemian Sash - £30

Bride Tribe Sash & Crown - NoraKatie

Black and Gold Bride Tribe Sash - £2.95

Bride Tribe Sash - AllTiedUpUK

Ginger Ray Bride Tribe Sashes x6 - £17.99


Metallic Bride Tribe Sash - £16.07

Bride Tribe Hen Party Sash - IvyApparelDesigns

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What are the Top Bride Tribe Dressing Gowns?

Perfect for a hen party at home, a bride tribe dressing gown is an ultra-comfy way to theme the celebrations. Even if you pair it with a pair of old slippers! Bride tribe dressing gowns can also be used for the morning of the wedding while you’re getting ready for the big day, so why not treat yourself and purchase one.

Bride To Be Dressing Gown - £17.99


Personalised Bridal Dressing Gown - £29

Personalised Dressing Gown - RockOnRuby

Satin Bridal Party Dressing Gowns - £13

Wedding Satin Dressing Gown - PieridaeGifts

Silk Bride Tribe Dressing Gown - £24.29

Bride Tribe Dressing Gown - IvyApparelDesigns

Floral Bride Tribe Personalised Robes - £14

Personalised Bridesmaid Robes - BespokeGemsCoUk

Friends Theme Bride Tribe Gowns - £14.50

Friends Bridesmaid Satin Robes - pedalisa

What Bride Tribe Bracelets are on the Market?

Bride tribe bracelets are the perfect kind of accessory if you want something more subtle and small. These bride tribe wristbands can also be quite budget friendly and are a great gift to give to the bridesmaids and last night of freedom guests.

Rose Gold Bride Tribe Wristbands - £0.35

ROSE GOLD Hen Party Favour - Cabellobands

Floral Bride Tribe Wish Bracelet - £1.50

Floral Bride Tribe Wish Bracelet - CharmsSoCharming

Bride Tribe Bracelet - £32

Bride Tribe Wish Bracelets - Calmingcreations1

Wish String Bride Tribe Bracelet - £2.25

Wish String Bride Tribe Bracelet - SweetheartsDarlings

Top Bride Tribe Tattoos?

A budget-friendly accessory is a cheeky temporary tattoo for all of the girls to rock on the last night of freedom. There’s plenty of bride tribe tattoos to choose from, each are a bit of fun just for the celebrations. Although not a keepsake, these tattoos are a popular choice to add to the celebrations.

Iridescent Bride Tribe Tattoos x16 - £4.99


Gold Bride Tribe Tattoos x12 - £5.95

Bride Tribe Tattoo Gold - PartyWithPersnickety

Bride Tribe Gold DIY Tattoos x16 - £19.34

BRIDE TRIBE Bachelorette Tattoos - thetattooboutique

Brid Tribe Temporary Tattoo - £1.75

Bride Tribe Hen Party Tattoos - Cabellobands

Temporary Bride Tribe Tattoos x12 - £2.49

Gold DIY Temporary "Bride Tribe" Fake Tattoo - Happium

Tropical Bride Tribe Tattoos x25 - £12.09

 Metallic Tropical Bride Tribe Tattoos - FlashTattoosCustom

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Bride Tribe Headwear

Give your bride to be a bit of veil-wearing practice with a bride tribe headwear piece. The variety of headwear is endless from bride tribe hair clips to headbands and even little bride tribe hair ties – practical! We’ve come up with a little buying guide of what we think is the best headwear when it comes to the bride tribe collection.

Bride Tribe Headbands

Bride Tribe Party Headbands - £5.80

Bride Party Headband - BeautyNaturalDesign

Gold Bride Tribe Headbands x6 - £10.03

Bride Tribe Headbands - GemsWeddingSupplies

Pink Daisy Bride Tribe Headband - £5.80

Bride Tribe Headband - LuckandLuck

Rose Gold Floral Headband - £9.36

Rose Gold Bride To Be Headband - BeautyNaturalDesign

Bride Tribe Hair Clips

Silver Rhinestone Bride Tribe Clips - £15

Bride Tribe Letter Hair Clip - shopmuoi

Gold Bride Tribe Hair Clip - £3.60

Gold Bride Tribe Hair Clip - TheHenPlanner

Bride Tribe Gold Pearl Hair Clip - £6.30

Gold Pearl Bride Tribe Hair Clip - TheHenPlanner

Bride Tribe Hair Clip - £6

TRIBE Hair Clip - TheHenPlanner

Bride Tribe Hair Ties

Bride Tribe Hair Tie - £1

Personalised Bride Tribe Hair Tie - alittlesome14

Rose Gold Bride Tribe Hair Ties - £0.35

ROSE GOLD Hen Party Favour Team Bride - Cabellobands

Bride Tribe Hair Tie Favours - £1

Bride & Bride Tribe Hair Tie Favours - LittleFanciesUK

Elastic Bride Tribe Hair Tie - £1.41

Bride Tribe Hair Ties - TopKnotFavors

Bride Tribe Sunglasses

Whether you’re travelling to a sunny destination or not, bride tribe sunglasses are a classy accessory to add to the girly celebrations. Even if the UK has a rainy day you can still pose like you’re on the sunbeds with these fab bride tribes glasses. We know you want to add some into your shopping basket!

Bride Tribe Hen Party Glasses - £0.55

BRIDE TRIBE Glasses - TeamHen

Hen Party Bride Tribe Sunglasses - £19

Bride Tribe Sunglasses - AlexisExclusive

Bride Tribe Hen Party Sunglasses - £4.49

BRIDE and TRIBE Hen Party Sunglasses - NixanPrintz

Bachelorette Bride Tribe Glasses - £4.83

Bachelorette Party Sunglasses - TheBeesKneesTexas

Bride Tribe Mugs

If you’re planning to create an entire bride tribe vibe then you have to add a personalised bride tribe mug into the mix. Whether you enjoy a caffeinated beverage before a night out or need a cuppa to fix your last night of freedom hangover.

Personalised Bride Tribe Mug - £15.45

Personalised Bride Tribe Mug - ItsaMugLifeCo

Personalised Name Bride Tribe Mug - £9.50

Personalized Bridesmaid Mug - SplendidMugs

Pink & Gold Bride Tribe Mug - £12.08

Pink & Gold Bride Tribe Mug - AcetiDesignCo

Ceramic Bride Tribe Coffee Mug - £16.92

Bride Tribe Ceramic Coffee Mug - thecottonandcanvasco

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