Hen Party Planning 101

Hen Party Planning 101Hen party planning can seem pretty complicated at times but never fear, we’re here to help you take it back to basics and make your hen party planning a walk in the park. The thing to realise with hen party planning is that it’s not the actual planning that’s the tricky part, it’s chilling out and organising your thoughts that’s the key. Which brings us to…

Step One: Get Yourself Organised

You’re not going to get far with your planning when you’re running around panicking like a headless chicken. Take a deep breath, calm down and carefully lay out everything you need to do. Do this in whatever way works best for you, be it a mind map, checklist or even post it notes stuck to the wall. If you need a little extra help we can send you a free hen party planning checklist that’ll help you keep track of what you need to do and maybe remind you of what you’ve forgotten.

Step Two: Know What You’re After

Before you even think about stuff like invites, ac­com­moda­ti­on and all that jazz, you first need to decide exactly what kind of hen party you’re after. You don’t want to be booking a city centre hotel only to find out later that you could’ve been on an awesome kayaking weekend in the Lake District. Take a look at the many hen party activities out there and decide which one’s are for you. You may be looking for the traditional big night out or maybe you want to try something different. Figure that out and of course, discuss it with the others before jumping the shark.

Step Three: Let us Help

There’s no shame in hiring a hen party planner. If it wasn’t so common, we wouldn’t be doing it for a living! Planning a hen party is definitely achievable on your own but if you just can’t be bothered with the hassle then we’d be happy to help. Just swing on by to our “My Events VIP Area” where you’ll find a number of helpful tools to make your hen party planning experience a breeze. Some of the main features include individual payments (so they’ll be no confusion or arguments over who-owes-what-how-much), a group email function (so you can keep everyone in the know all at once) and a live chat room (so you and the girls can scheme or just natter on to your hearts content).

Whatever you choose to do it’s important to know that hen party planning isn’t the scary monster it can appear to be if you just relax and keep a clear head. If you’ve got a hen party on the horizon and are looking for ideas, locations or anything else, there are tons of hen party ideas to check out on our website.   

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