How Many is too Many for Your Hen Party?

Hen Party Guest List: How Many is Too Many?When the time comes to write the hen party guest list, how many is too many? Is there a limit to how many guests you should have at your hen party? Some like to be selective with their guests; only the closest friends and the dearest relatives are graced with the honour to attend the brides last night of freedom. Others however, like to go all out and have a ball, inviting friends of friends of friends in an event more crowded than the actual wedding.

If you’re dead set on inviting a boatload of people, make sure you’ve got a great big venue to cater for them all. Hire out a hall somewhere and get the party started. Just remember that you don’t need numbers to have a good time, so don’t start recruiting people you barely know just to meet a body count. You can just as easily gather a few close friends and family members and have an amazing hen party experience. In fact, there’s a fair few amazingly fun hen party activities that aren’t really practical with loads of people, such as pain­tballing.

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One downside to humongous hen parties is that they can be a little pricey, however there are ways around this with thousands of tips on cheaper hen parties flying around the internet.

We know it’s hard to turn people down to a hen party when you’re worried about hurting their feelings and any awkward moments when you see them at the wedding, so perhaps your best bet is to compromise, inviting lots of people to dinner and a drink and then start the real hen party with a select few. This makes for a nice balance between an all-out party and spending quality time with your favourite people. Take a look at these special offers so you can have a fun and affordable hen party with everyone involved.

Of course there’s no hen party guest list rules stating how many is too many. It’s ultimately down to you to make that call. Just keep what you’ve read in mind when you make that decision.

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Happy Henning! 

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