Freebie Packs for Hen Party

Freebie Hen Party Packs

With the ever-mounting costs of the wedding and hen party, it’s nice when you find a few freebies to help your hen party celebrations be completely perfect for you. There’s a bunch of freebie hen party packs on the internet if you know where to look, and we’ve made it our mission to make these more accessible for any bride to be. We offer several helpful and fun freebies to try, and this article gives a quick description of each for you to have a peek at!

Hen Party Planning Checklist

Planning a whole group of giggling girls for an exciting event that suits everyone is difficult enough, but having a checklist definitely makes this easier. Instead of stressing about making your own checklist and forgetting the vital bits and bobs, grab a free, ready-made hen party planning checklist. Although it might seem so small, this little checklist includes all the things you need to remember, discuss with your bride, tell the guests and buy before certain dates.

Hen Party Games

Whenever you get a second to breathe in between your busy hen party agenda, it’s great to have a few hen party games up your sleeve. All you need to do with this free games list is print it out and take it with you wherever you’re celebrating – it’s that easy! These free hen party packs all have a variety of ideas to suit any type of hen, so make sure to have a quick scan of all the games the list offers.

Mr & Mrs Question Quiz

If you’d rather stick with the classics and have yourself a Mr & Mrs Question Quiz, this freebie is right up your street. Print the question quiz and give half to the groom to be so he can answer all the questions about him and his fiancé. Then when the hen party comes around, whip out your answers and grill the bride to see how well she knows her soon to be husband!

T-Shirt Names & Phrases List

Hen parties are well known for their flashy accessories and pink themed everything! If you haven’t sorted your outfits yet, why not opt for a totally personalised hen do for you and the group with a hen party T-shirt names & phrases list. This list is packed with funny, sexy, risky and unique names and phrases that will suit any bride, no matter what you get up to on your last night of freedom (plus it’s one of the freebie hen party packs)!

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