How to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

7 Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy1. Get them acquainted

It’s important to remember that although you may know all the bridesmaids well, it’s not necessarily the same for them. Why not help them to break the ice with one another with a night out or a meal?

2. Don’t tell them what not to wear

Unless they plan to attend the wedding in fancy dress it’s important not to be too controlling about what your Bridesmaids wear. Even if you have a very specific vision for their dresses it’s important to let them wear dresses that fit their shape. You don’t have to give them total freedom but try not to be overly picky.

3. Keep your cool

When it comes to wedding planning things are bound to get heated eventually. When this happens it’s important to try and relax and not start any fights. Listen to each other and be reasonable. In other words, be bridechilla, not bridezilla.

4. Let them know they’re appreciated

Say thank you often. Send them a handwritten card or just pull them aside for a moment to let them know how appreciative you are for their help. It’s a simple thing that’ll make them feel great. A little gratitude goes a long way.

5. Keep costs down

Eight Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids HappyKeep in mind the cost of travel, hotel, dress, hair and makeup for you bridesmaids and make sure you’re not forcing them to break the bank.

6. Divide the duties

Divide the bridesmaid duties equally and don’t be too reliant on them. If you need extra help during crunch time, there’s always friends and family to help you package the favours and son on.

7. Buy each bridesmaid a gift

To really show your appre­ci­ation, buy each bridesmaid a small gift. It’s even better if you can make it something personal to them.

8. Ask their opinion

Whether it be dresses, favours or anything else, ask their bridesmaids for their opinion. It shows you respect them and they might point out something you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

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