Successopoly Team Building in Brighton

Successopoly Team Building
  • Successopoly Team Building
  • Successopoly Team Building Activity
  • Successopoly Team Building Experience

Activity Details

  • Giant Monopoly board
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Includes all equipment and props
  • Costumed compare to host

Treat your workplace to an enjoyable day of light-hearted fun with the successopoly team building in Brighton. Loosely based on the classic board game Monopoly, you and your office workers will receive a briefing from the event compere on how the day will run before splitting into smaller groups. From there, each one will need to complete a series of five challenges to build their starting money. When the full game kicks off, every rival group will take it in turns to roll the dice and make their way around the gigantic playing area, purchasing property and earning the most money for a chance to be the winners for the day.

What’s Included

  • Relive the fun of your childhood but in a giant, competitive version!
  • Event manager will introduce the event and split you into teams
  • Start with 5 tasks, the order in which you complete these tasks will result in the amount of money you start with and who starts first
  • Make your way around the board, purchasing properties and earning as much money as possible!
  • The team with the most money at the end will be the winners
  • Includes giant dice, giant chance and community chest cards and some extra props
  • Hosting compare to run the event
  • Winning team will receive a trophy and medals
  • Fully managed event


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