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Hen Party Bags

Have a scroll through our best buy guide of all things hen party bags. You’ll find everything from tote bags to gift bags and much more to spruce up your hen party.

Hen Bag Collection.    

What are Hen Party Bags?

A token of your appreciation whether that be from the bride to the bridesmaids, hen party gift bags for guests organised by the chief bridesmaid, maid of honour or close knit group of bridesmaids! Traditional hen party bags are often filled with mementos of the weekend or items you may need for the celeb­ra­tions. These favours is pretty general meaning you can make them at any size and any budget to suit!

What Do You Put in a Hen Do Bag?

Ideas for hen party bags can be completely open as there’s plenty of small treats you can use. Usually the bag themselves is given before or at the start of the celeb­ra­tions, so bare this in mind when it comes to the size. Practical bag items can include an event itinerary, emergency numbers and taxi numbers. For fun you could add t-shirts, badges/name tags, temporary tattoos, mini prosecco and willy straws just to name a few.

To save yourself the fuss of finding hen party bag fillers, browse online at some pre-filled hen party bags.

What Do You Give a Bride on Her Hen Night?

This will heavily depend on the bride herself as there’s so many options for different perso­nali­ties. You could fill a bag with little bits of her favourite things like chocolate, sweets and booze. Alter­natively, match the gift with the bridal party gift bags with “Mrs” versions of the items inside. There’s also plenty of more risqué options like knickers, fluffy handcuffs and more if you want your bride to blush at her hen gift bag!

When Should You Give Out your Gift Bags?

You’ve picked what to put in them and they’re all ready to go… but when should you give them to the girls? Traditi­­onally, gift bags, or “favours”, are often given out at the start of the celeb­­ra­­tions. A lot of the time the goodies inside include items for the weekend or trip, a mini bottle of booze and some accessories.

Some groups also add a fun survival kit to the hen party goodie bags that they’ll be able to make use of the gifts whilst you party! This could be anything from chewing gum to miniature cans of wine or pre-mixed spirits to get you back into the party spirit!

Best Hen Party Gift Bags for the Bride?

If you want to gift your budding bride something special before her celeb­ra­tions, this buying guide list is for you. We’ve curated some of the most eye-catching bride hen party bag ideas across the web right here. Get some inspiration for hen party gift bags that might just make it into your basket and make your girl friend tear up before a glass of bubbly.

Classy Bride To Be Gift Bag - £5

Bride To Be Gift Bag - SaraJBridal

Cheap Bride To Be Tote Gift Bag - £7.99

Bride To Be Tote Gift Bag - JustBeautifulGifts

Cheap Bride Gift Bag - £2.99

Personalised Rose Gold Bride Gift Bag - SimplyUniqueUk

Classy Wife To Be Gift Bag - £4

Wife To Be Gift Bag - SaraJBridal

Cheap Personalised Gift Bag - £2.50

Personalised Gift Bag - CathanCreations

Classy & Cheap Bridal Gift Bag - £3.60

Wedding Gift Bags - TheaElizabethStudio

Take a look at some more hen do tote bags.

What Bridesmaid Gift Bags are on the Market?

The bridesmaids put a lot of time and effort into making the last night of freedom special, so some little bridesmaid gift bags will definitely be appreciated! There’s a lot of different bag options out there to cover almost every budget and style imaginable, such as bridesmaid tote bags and bridesmaid paper bags. See if one of the ideas below takes your fancy…

Classy Bridesmaid Gift Bag - £3.80

Bridesmaid Wedding Luxury Ribbon Gift Bags - TheaElizabethStudio

Classy Personalised Gift Bag - £3.90

Personalised Cream Bridesmaid Gift Bag - LauraGodboldDesign

Personalised Bridesmaid Bag - £4.49

Personalised Large Kraft Bridesmaid Gift Bag - DesignsbyLexiUK

Cheap Bridesmaid Gift Bag - £3.50

Personalised Bridesmaid Gift Bag - FingersnThumbsCrafts

Personalised Gift Bag Bridesmaid - £2.15

Personalised Bridesmaid Gift Bag - BekahsKittyCatCrafts

Cheap Gift Bag for Bridesmaids - £3.25

Bridesmaid Gift Bag Personalised - HandMadeByButtonRose

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Personalised Hen Party Bags

Personalised gift bags are a super easy way to make your celebrations that little bit more special. There’s plenty different ways to personalise them, such as adding the name of the person receiving the gift or stating the bride to be’s name. We’ve compiled a collection of personalised hen do bags covering a range of styles and price points, so get ready to add some into your shopping baskets!

Personalised Hen Do Tote Bag x1 - £6.99

Personalised Hen Do Tote Bag - Customizdprintsuk

Personalised Bridal Bag x1 - £1.20

Personalised Bridal Party Bag - TheVinylBride

Rose Gold Personalised Bags x1 - £1.95

Hen Party Bags, Pink & Rose Gold - TwoLittleDucksDesign

Bridal Party Personalised Tote x1 - £6.99

Personalised Bridal Party Tote Bag - PaperScissorsDesign

What Hen Party Tote Bags are Available Online?

If you’re on the look out for a bigger, more useful bag then hen tote bags are the perfect option. Bridesmaid tote bags can hold all the celebration essentials inside for each guest! Plus, you can find some really unique hen party canvas bags designs across the internet.

Rose Gold Team Bride Tote Bag x1 - £4.99


Glitter Bridal Party Tote Bags x1 - £8

Glitter Hen Party Tote Bag - AlphabetBags

The Bride Hen Party Tote Bag x1 - £4.24

The Bride Tote - TeamHen

Personalised Hen Party Tote Bag x1 - £6.99

Personalised Hen Party Tote Bags - Customizdprintsuk

Take a browse at some more Bridesmaid Gift Bags.

25 Fillers for Your Hen Party Goodie Bags! 

1. Some accessories for the girls to wear

2. Small bottle of something boozy/fizzy

3. Shot glass

4. Willy straws

5. Hangover kit (lip balm, bottled water, paracetamol, sweets etc.)

6. Party poppers

7. Sleeping mask

8. Caffeine!

9. Hen party badge

10. Sunglasses

11. A hen party prop for posing

12. A bracelet

13. Hand sanitiser

14. Matching pyjamas

15. Bride tribe temporary tattoo

16. Hen party t-shirt

17. A pen

18. Chocolate

19. A headband

20. Emergency bobbles

21. Nail Varnish

22. A cute little note to your lovely ladies

23. A keepsake (something personalised is always a hit)

24. Hen party bingo card

25. Hen party ice breaker cards

25 Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas

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What Pre Filled Hen Party Bags Can I Buy?

To save you the time of looking for hen party bag filler ideas opt for pre-filled bags instead. There’s a variety of types and sizes of pre-filled hen party bags to choose from that can suit most budgets. Discover a whole new hen party goodie bag world online starting with the ideas below.

Prefilled Bride Squad Goody Bag x1 - £4.24

Bride Squad Filled Goody Bag - TeamHen

Personalised Pre Filled Hen Bag x1- £1.99

Personalised Hen Party Bags - TreasuredForever11

5 Item Pre Filled Hen Party Bag x1 - £3.99

Hen Party Bag filled with 5 Items - JJSOccasions

Filled & Personalised Hen Bag x1 - £1.99

Personalised Filled Hen Party Bag - avagraceful

Rose Gold Hen Party Bags

Rose gold themed parties have become hugely popular in recent years meaning there’s no lack of rose gold goody bags for every bride to be! We suggest adding a few to your shopping cart to compare different price points and quality. See some rose gold hen do bag inspo here to start with.

Rose Gold Hen Party Bag x1 - £1.08

Pink & Rose Gold Hen Party Bag - PartyTouchesUK

Pink Ombre Rose Gold Bag x5 - £5.99


Pink & Rose Gold Hen Do Bags x1 - £1.95

Pink & Rose Gold Hen Party Bags - TwoLittleDucksDesign

Rose Gold Party Bags x5 - £5.99


Team Bride Gift Bags

Make your accessories Instag­ra­mable with the range of team bride gift bags on offer that can match any last night of freedom theme. Shop anything from budget-friendly team bride paper bags to reusable gift bags made of tote material. The team bride party bags are a timeless theme with plenty of options to suit every style.

Floral Team Bride Hen Party Bag x5 - £5.99


Rose Gold Foiled Hen Party Bag x5 - £5.99


Fancy a look at more team bride bags and other accessories? See our buying guide on team bride acessories.

What are the Top Bride Squad Party Bags?

If you love the bride squad slogan why not give all your bridesmaids a themed memento to remember the celeb­ra­tions! Bride squad party bags are a really cute way to tie all the party guests together and can be filled with whatever you fancy. We’ve sweeped the web to find some pretty bride squad gift bags listed right here to add into your shopping basket.

Bride Squad Tote Bag x1 - £4.49

Bride Squad Small Short Handle Mini Tote Bag - RedLeaderUK

Purple Bride Squad Hen Bags x5 - £6.50

Purple Bride Squad Hen Party Bags - Hootyballoo

Pre Filled Bride Squad Bag x1 - £4.29

Bride Squad Filled Goody Bag - TeamHen

Pink Bride Squad Bag x1 - £1.08

Pink Bride Squad Party Bag - PartyTouchesUK

Need More Ideas?

We’re experts in organising and hosting hen party weekends across the UK and Europe, sending thousands of people on events each year. See our extensive list of hen do activities to start your party planning journey.

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