Electric Shock Football Team Building in Brighton

Electric Shock Football

Activity Details

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Electric shock each other
  • Hilarious fun
  • Venue hire included

When you think of a team building event, your thoughts might not drift towards an electrifying, shocking and risky experience like the Brighton electric shock football team building experience. However, if you’re looking for something to inspire the team or even let them run wild and have a bit of fun to create strong bonds between new or old colleagues, this is the perfect choice. Dive into some friendly competition with a fun twist that will have everyone laughing, falling and making some solid memories together.

What’s Included

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Play electric shock football games
  • Includes 10 shock devices, bibs and footballs
  • Very funny activity
  • Variety of mini games
  • Two players from each 5 a side team are in charge of the devices
  • Everyone rotates to take a turn at shocking each other
  • Includes an events coordinator
  • Bottle of bubbly for winning team

Once you arrive at the Brighton electric shock football team building event, you can get stuck into the games straight away without having to lift a finger when it comes to organisation. Simply meet your events co-ordinator for the session, who will guide you through an introduction. After all of the safety instructions are out of the way and everyone has got to know the co-ordinator and equipment used, it’s time to let the games begin and add some friendly competition to this footy with a twist.

Then, choose your teams and get ready for a classic 5 a side game – or so it seems! Two players from each team will be taken out of the game and control the electric shock devices, leaving everyone else in suspense as they try to score goals.

Throughout the Brighton electric shock football team building activity, everyone will get the chance to play and be in control of who gets shocked next, plus there will be a few mini games to try out and make the most of your afternoon out of the office. Towards the end of your experience, the events co-ordinator will sit everyone down and announce the overall winning team of the day. This team will receive a tasty bottle of bubbly to take home and enjoy their victory with, so make sure to bring your A game and work together!


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