Things To Do on Valentine's Day

Top 5 Valentine's Day IdeasShow your loved one how much you care with these five fantastic Valentine’s Day ideas for him and her!

5. Take them back to your first date

Taking them back to the place of your very first date is a wonderfully romantic way to celebrate your time together. It’s a beautifully nostalgic trip that will remind you both just how far you’ve come as a couple. Order the same food and use the same cheesy chat-up lines for a truly special date!

4. Have a night in

You don’t have to splash out and hit the town for a wonderful valentine’s evening. You don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas! Nothing beats cuddling up on the sofa with your loved one, just watching a film and tucking into a big box of chocolates (and maybe some popcorn too!). It’s cosy, it’s cheap, what more could you ask for?

3. Get your skates on

It might seem like something out of a cheesy rom-com but taking your SO to an ice rink is a lot of fun and a great idea for a valentine’s date. Whether you’re holding hands and gracefully gliding around the rink or holding onto the other the whole time, you’re bound to feel close to one another during this fun and intimate date.

2. Get away from it all

If you’ve got the means and the time, escape the stresses of modern life for a while. You could go for a weekend long spa treatment together or retreat to a B & B where everything is taken care of for you. With all the chores, tasks and burdens lifted off your shoulders you love birds can just focus on each other.

1. Just dance

Not in a sweaty club, we mean proper dancing. Romantic dancing. We’re talking salsa, tango or even ballroom dancing. Anything that has you focusing on each other and has you purely in the moment together. Whether you take a class or teach yourselves, nothing beats a loved up fox-trot on Valentine’s Day. 

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