Hamburg Hen Do

Hamburg Hen Do

Bavarian Feast

  • A feast for a queen
  • Experience Germany!
  • Wine & Shots
  • Traditional feast

Escape Rooms

  • Interactive team activity
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Themed rooms
  • Will you escape?

Cocktail Bar Crawl

  • Enjoy a bar crawl
  • 3-hour tour
  • Cocktails & Shots included
  • English-speaking guide

Ladies Night

  • Ladies night in Hamburg
  • Welcome shots included
  • 5-hour pub crawl
  • Nightclub entry

Limo Tour

  • Limo tour around Hamburg
  • Luxurious travel
  • Comfy seating, lights, music
  • See some sights

American School Party Bus Airport Transfer

  • Funny airport pickup
  • Great for large groups
  • Meet at airport
  • English speaking

Nightclub Entry

  • End the night right!
  • Guestlist entry
  • Guide to assist entry
  • City centre venue

Steak Dinner

  • Simple & tasty
  • 2-hour table reservation
  • Wine included
  • Classic steak & chips

Return Airport Transfers

  • Hassle free pick ups
  • Picks up at airport
  • Transfer you to accom­moda­tion
  • Private minibus

Private Speed Boat Tour

  • Adrenaline-fuelled ride
  • Powerful & exhilarating
  • Includes all the gear
  • Exclusive for you

Ratsherrn Brewery Tour

  • Tour the Ratsherrn brewery
  • A tour of the iconic factory
  • Taste & sample different beers
  • English speaking guide

American School Party Bus

  • Great for large groups
  • Party on transport
  • Exclusive for your group
  • See Berlin tourist points


  • A hen do staple
  • Surprise the bride!
  • Hunky male stripper
  • Can come to a variety of venues

Traditional German Dinner

  • Stick to traditions!
  • 1-course German dinner
  • Wine included
  • Full time guide

Sailing Boat Cruise

  • Sailing boat experience
  • Private for your group
  • Skipper on board
  • Bring your own booze

Party Bus Airport Transfer

  • Party airport pickup
  • Great for large groups
  • Meet & greet
  • English-speaking guide

One Way Airport Transfers

  • Hassle free pick up/drop off
  • English speaking guide
  • One Way airport transfer
  • Organised before you go

Private River Cruise

  • Exclusive river cruise
  • Just for your group
  • See the sights from the river
  • Add some culture

Cocktail Making

  • Hands on mixology
  • Welcome drink & snack
  • Neo-classic cocktails
  • Entertaining workshop

Sexy Wake Up Call

  • Rise and shine ladies!
  • Sexy stripper
  • Perfect start to the day
  • Comes to accom­moda­tion

Indoor Paintball

  • Exhilarating activity
  • Equipment included
  • 250 paintballs each
  • Music system on site

Limo Airport Transfer

  • Luxury pick up
  • Meet & greet service
  • Music, comfort
  • Lincoln, Hummer limos

High Ropes Course

  • Climb to heights
  • Perfect for thrill seekers
  • English speaking guide
  • Equipment included

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

Pole Dancing

  • Work the pole
  • Sexy dance routine
  • Professional teacher
  • Unfor­get­table time

Private River Cruise with Stripper

  • Exclusive boat hire
  • Sexy stripper
  • Cash bar on board
  • Relaxing hour cruise

What to Look Forward to with a Hen Party in Hamburg?

Germany has always been popular for hen parties, and a hen party in Hamburg will deliver an unfor­get­table last night of freedom for the bride to be and her budding hens. Other than the unbelievably abundance of bars, this German city also holds some amazing Hamburg hen do ideas no matter what your bride to be enjoys. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-fueled fun or classy daytime experiences. One thing you can guarantee from a hen weekend in Hamburg – it won’t break the bank! So, its no surprise as to why a Hamburg hen weekend is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. Get ready to pack your bags and jet to Germany with the gals.

What to Look Forward to with a Hen Party in Hamburg?

Hamburg is the centre for shopping and culture in Germany with around 80 museums and theatres such as Miniatur Wunderland, Panik City, Thalia Theater and The English Theatre. And for you fashion mad girls this city is becoming one of Europe’s most fashionable desti­nations! This city is a hipster playground for adults & perfect for a Hamburg hen do like no other with the St Pauli district being the main influence.­

Thousands of people enter this cultural district to experience the nightclubs, musicals, pubs and bars in the Sternschanze and St Pauli areas. Hamburg is a city famous for its alternative and punk music scene with over 100 music venues. The most well-known bar in the area for punk rock lovers is Skorbut, so make sure to pay a visit if that’s up your street. Over half of Hamburg is made up of parks and water making it vibrant and relaxed which will be perfect in the day whilst you chill before your unfor­get­table night. The most loved park is Planten un Blomen, with heaps of lakes, fountains and botanical gardens throughout. The large abundance of water (over 30 rivers to be exact!) makes it super easy for you and the girls to take part in some fun filled water activities or simply chill on a river boat cruise with an alcoholic drink in hand of course!

Did you know that Hamburg is home to the most millionaires than anywhere else in Germany? Take a trip there and find out for yourselves why this bustling city draws in such people. You’ll soon realise it’s the thriving party scene, amazing high end shopping venues along Neuer Wall and the delicious food scattered around. There’s heaps of Michelin star restaurants around the city, so you and the girls can dine like celebrities during your weekend away.

  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German
  • Currency:Euros
  • Cost of a vodka & mixer: €4-5
  • Airport: Hamburg Airport
  • Flight duration: 2.5 hours

Top 10 Hen Do Activities in Hamburg

The extensive variety of Hamburg hen do activities is just one of the major perks of having your celebrations there. The choice means that there’s something for everyone, and all the 10 Hamburg hen activities below are tried and tested.

1. Bavarian Feast

Get the real German feel with a Bavarian feast! Food always goes down well especially on a hen weekend so enjoy a traditional German meal during the celeb­ra­tions.

2. Limo Tour

Explore around Hamburg in style with a limo tour. With comfy seating, lights and music you will be able to enjoy luxury travel as you see the sights of the city.

3. Escape Rooms

Test your skills and logic as you enter a room with 60 minutes to escape. With different clues and puzzles to solve you will have to work together in order to escape in time.

4. Cocktail Bar Crawl

Forget about an ordinary bar crawl make it one to remember with a cocktail bar crawl. A 3-hour tour that involves plenty of cocktails and shots along with an English speaking guide.

5. Sailing Boat Cruise

Enjoy the warm weather the right way and jump on board a sailing boat cruise. Completely private for your group with a skipper on board. Make sure you bring your own booze too!

6. Limo Airport Transfer

Start the hen weekend in style and get picked up from the airport in a limo. It’s the ultimate experience that all the girls will love with a meet and greet service.

7. Ladies Night

A hen weekend should be memorable so enjoy a ladies’ night. A 5-hour pub crawl where you and the girls will be taken around all the best bars and clubs in Hamburg!

8. Ratsherrn Brewery Tour

Everyone knows about the Ratsherrn Brewery so why not enjoy a tour of the iconic factory whilst you’re in Hamburg and sample and taste different beers!

9. Return Airport Transfers

Make sure you are organised from the start of the hen weekend to the end. These hassle free pick-ups will be the best way to ensure everyone has fun and there are no stresses.

10. American School Party Bus

Enjoy a weekend in Hamburg like no other and get on the American school party bus! It’s perfect for large groups, especially if you want a unique way to make your way around the city!

The particular Hamburg hen party activities above are just a selection of the mass amount of experiences you can dive into. Make sure you do your research in order to come out with an epic hen weekend!

The Top Places to Eat in Hamburg?

The Top Places to Eat in Hamburg?

Hamburg’s food scene has evolved massively over the years to now being a melting pot of diverse food cultures from various different ethnic backgrounds. This city offers amazing dishes which reflect the culture and the city itself, with plenty inter­nati­onally known venues which have Michelin Stars on offer. Hamburg has always been a busy port city which imports exotic ingredients from all over the world, hence its nickname ‘The Gateway to the World’. Hamburg sounds a lot like hamburger right? Well that’s because this city invented the famous hamburg steak, and places like Burgerlich take the cake for juicy burgers and delicious sides in the city.

Let’s start with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. There are many eateries around Hamburg that serve up tasty breakfast dishes, but Pauline is one of the best. Based within St Pauli, this restaurant is where you and the girls will have the chance to enjoy sweet and savoury waffles, freshly bakes croissants and many more tasty dishes perfect for starting the day off with a full belly. Later on in the day, we highly recommend taking a trip to [M]eatery, especially if you have meat lovers amongst your group as they focus entirely on meat!

If you are wanting to know what dishes to look out for when at any of those amazing restaurants, then just keep on reading. Finkenwerder Scholle is a traditional fish dish is named after a district of Hamburg that was once a fishing village. Plaice is baked or pan-fried with bacon, onions and shrimp from the North Sea. And Aalsuppe is the oldest recipe of the Hamburg eel soup dates back to a cookbook from 1788. A traditional dessert in Hamburg is Rote Grütze which is red summer berries and is served with milk, vanilla sauce or ice cream.

Where to Shop in Hamburg?

Where to Shop in Hamburg?

Known for being a paradise for shopping enthusiasts, Hamburg is home to thousands of amazing stores waiting for you and the girls to come visit. To give you a glimpse into Hamburg’s shopping scene, you’ll be happy to know that there at over 10 shopping centres in the city, some of them being home to over 200 stores within.

Europa Passage

Talking about shopping centres, Europa Passage is the best of them all according to both locals and tourists, so you and the girls must visit if you’re planning on some retail therapy. There are over 120 shops filled out over five impressive floors, ranging from electronics, to beautify and of course fashion. You and the girls will easily be able to spend an entire day here emptying your bank accounts, so you’re bound to get thirsty or hungry at some point. There’s no need to worry if you do as there are plenty of eateries inside the mall for you to refuel in.

Neuer Wall

If you and the girls fancy treating yourselves to some designer labels, then luckily for you you’ll find them all in one place at Neuer Wall. With clothing brands such as Armani, Prada, Burberry and Chanel, along with exclusive jewellers such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co you may and up splurging a bit more than you like! Even if you don’t have the budget for such high end items, you and the girls will have a field day window shopping around this area.

Spital­erstraß­e in Hamburg

One of the most popular shopping streets in Europe, Spital­erstraß­e is home to a variety of major department stores and inter­national labels such as Nike and H&M, alongside smaller local clothing stores. This is the best street to shop on if you are looking for variety as every type of store you could possibly need will be along Spital­erstraß­e. It’s easily accessible by a multitude of metro stations such as Central Station and has been pedes­tri­anized so you and the girls can focus entirely on shopping.

Guide to Hamburg Nightlife for Hen Parties

Ladies, this city deserves all of your attention even if it’s just for the bars and clubs. You honestly don’t want to miss out on this city of hipster and diverse nightlife. As soon as the sun sets the nightlife scene begins to awake, lighting up the streets with hundreds of bright lights making you feel like you are on the Vegas strip. Take a walk around and you will find it impossible not to be drawn into the amazing youthful atmosphere of the biggest bars and clubs around. Hamburg isn’t the cheapest destination in Europe for a hen weekend, but it makes up for it in quality as you can see in our best bars in Hamburg guide!

St Pauli

One place you have to visit is St Pauli, the heart of Hamburg. Here you'll find an array of cocktail bars, cheap student bars, live music venues, DJ's along with erotic bars & sex shops, so pretty much everything you and the girls need to a proper night out. Although there is an unofficial rule of women visitors being discouraged away from Herbertstraß­­e, Hamburg’s red light district (best to leave that to the stags!). The ladies in the windows can be very territorial about their street and have been known to throw things at women who wonder through, so visit the street of neon lights at your own risk!

Open until the early hours of the morning, 6am precisely, GAGA is the perfect club venue for you and the girls to dance the night away in during a hen weekend in Hamburg. This venue is like no other in Germany, the interior is filled with small metal beams and square tiles that light up the room, giving off a futuristic vibe whilst you bust out your best moves on the dance floor to the booming music. If you prefer more band based live music whilst in a club scene, then you will adore Angie's Nightclub. They use only premium spirits to create their drinks, meaning you and the girls are in for a tipsy night of dancing if you opt for Angie’s.


Although many nightlife areas and venues have already been mentioned, the most famous nightclub hasn’t… Uebel und Gefährlich is as unique as you can get, it’s a World War II fortress turned nightclub. Need we say more? If you and the girls are after a more chilled venue GoldFischGlas is the place you need to be. This venue is known for being an airy and contemporary bar which serves up tasty beers, spirits and cocktails, providing you and the girls with a pretty cool and relaxed place to drink the night away in. But, if you think you can handle your drink and cocktails don’t cut it, make your way to Absinthbar. A you have probably guessed from the name, this venue sells Absinth, in fact over 100 types of it!

Some of the most exciting of Hamburg’s nightlife lies beneath, specifically underwater. Places like The Island (Die Insel), Hamburg’s most exclusive club which is decorated with an aquarium is a place you have to try if you want to feel like a celebrity during your hen weekend, that is if you manage to get on the guest list.

What are the Reasons to Visit Hamburg?

What are the Reasons to Visit Hamburg?

Alternative Vibe

If you and the girls are after a quirky and bohemian backdrop for your hen party pictures and memories, then Hamburg has it all for you. You can’t walk a street without coming across amazing street art, independent stores and famously the lock bridge.

Great Activities

You won’t fall short of fun and thrilling hen party activities when you’re in Hamburg. We offer many great activities to buzzing hens such as cocktail bar crawls, escape rooms and a traditional Bavarian feast. Take to the excess of water with a river boat cruise, wakeboarding or even canoeing!

Amazing Transport

Getting around couldn’t be any easier in Hamburg, there’s plenty transport options for you and the girls to choose from. Whether you opt for foot, metro, bike, boat or bus, it will always be cheap, cheerful, fast, regular and most importantly, reliable.

Reeperbahn Festival

With over 400 music acts performing on the Reeperbahn strip, the Reeperbahn Festival is one of the biggest and best music events in the entire world. You’ll come across a variety of genres to suit everyone, including funk, rock, indie, pop, hip hop, electro, jazz, folk and soul. Ed Sheeran has previously played here right before he became famous!

Delicious Food

Did you know Hamburg inspired the modern-day burger? So, it’s no wonder why this beautiful city is known for its delicious food. There are heaps and heaps of eateries dotted around the city, serving up a variety of cuisines ranging from traditional German food all the way to fancy French dishes.

Unique Atmosphere

As soon as you and the girls step foot in Hamburg you will notice its amazingly unique atmosphere. It gives off a vibrant, youthful and energetic vibe, so it comes as no shock as to why the nightlife scene is booming all day every day.

St Pauli Area

For an area which has everything you and the girls could possibly need on a hen weekend, St Pauli is it. It is filled to the brim with colour, diversity, street art, mind blowing archi­tec­ture, well-loved restaurants and nightlife venues. Even the Beatles partied and played here in the 60s!

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Hamburg Hen Party

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Hamburg Hen Party

If you and the girls don’t fancy being drunk for the entire hen party in Hamburg then you won’t ever find yourselves falling short of things to do in this beautiful German city. You may or may not know that there’s a lot of water in Hamburg, when we say a lot we mean A LOT. So, it only makes sense to take advantage of the water by taking part in some thrilling water sports or simply chilling out with a wine in hand on a relaxing river cruise. It cheerful, cheap and give you and the girls some time to soak up the amazing views of the city.

For some interesting down time whilst in Hamburg, head over to one of the many museums and art galleries. You’ll find amazing pieces from world renowned artists and museums filled to the brim with valuable artefacts and items from major moments in history. If that’s not for you, then visit the zoo! Hamburg is home to one of the best zoos in Europe, containing 510 species including many endangered species, providing you and the girls with a heart-warming day out.

How to Get Around Hamburg?

How to Get Around Hamburg?

When it comes to transport in Hamburg, you and the girls can expect fast, regular and reliable services especially on their rail systems. You can either opt for the U-Bahn (underground) or the S-Bahn (over ground) both services getting you pretty much anywhere in the city with ease. The rail systems are pretty easy to understand with maps and instructions having English translations and a colour coded line alike to the London underground. It’s super cheap too, so you don’t have to worry about spending heaps of money on getting around, with Hamburg Card’s costing 25 euros covering you for three days.

If you and the girls would rather get your steps in to make up for all the boozy antics then there’s no better place to do so than Hamburg. There’s heaps of bridges and walkways dotted around the city, so the multitude of water won’t be an issue for you. Speaking of water, there’s six ferry routes for you to choose from if you want to avoid a long walk and save yourself some time or why not being eco friendly and hop on a “stadtrad”, a red coloured bike available to hire to get you and the girls around.

Why Opt for Us When Planning a Hen Party in Hamburg?

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You’ll be happy to know that Funktion Events are a fully ABTA bonded hen party company, so if anything were to go wrong during your celebrations you will be fully protected. You and the girls will be able to keep up to date with all the hen party details with our My Events area, the latest online events area for individual payments and itinerary updates.