Sofia Hen Party

Sofia Hen Party

Hummer City Tour

  • Ride in style
  • See the sights
  • Bottles of wine
  • Maximum 17 people

Cocktail Bar Crawl

  • Enjoy a bar tour
  • Guided tour for 3 hours
  • Cocktails included
  • English speaking guide

Shoot 'Em up Firearms

  • 4 different weapons
  • Glock, H&K etc
  • Fire 21 bullets
  • Good value shooting


  • Hunky European stripper
  • Hot striptease show
  • Accom­moda­tion or venue
  • Great add on to a meal

Wine Tasting

  • Taste a selection of wines
  • Includes some tapas
  • Central venue
  • Upgrade options

Traditional Bulgarian Dinner

  • Try new flavours
  • 2-course Bulgarian meal
  • 2 glasses of wine
  • Central restaurants

Bar Crawl

  • Guided bar crawl
  • 3 hour tour
  • Glass of wine each
  • English speaking guide

Cocktail Making

  • Make & Shake cocktails
  • Professional bartender
  • Welcome drink
  • English speaking guide

Bar Crawl with Wine

  • Guided bar tour
  • 4-hour tour
  • 5 x Glasses of 5 wines
  • English speaking guide

Escape Rooms

  • Interactive escape rooms
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Different room types
  • 60mins to escape!

Party Bus

  • Sofia party time
  • DJ onboard
  • Comfy seating, lights, music
  • Glass of bubbly

Indoor Go Karting

  • Furious & fast racing
  • Indoor kart track
  • All equipment included
  • Great racing track

Guided Walking Tour

  • Visit tourist hotspots
  • English speaking guide
  • See the popular sights
  • Add some culture

Nightclub Entry

  • Popular club in Sofia
  • Late night party
  • Entry for the group
  • Upgrade options

Nightclub Entry with Tables and Bottles

  • Party like a VIP
  • Reserved table
  • Bottles of spirits
  • Popular clubs

Pole Dancing

  • Good fun
  • 90 min lesson
  • All abilities welcome
  • Instructor to assist

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

Party Bus with Stripper

  • Bubbly included
  • DJ onboard
  • Comfy seating, lights, music
  • Hunky stripper

Bungee Jumping

  • Ultimate thrill
  • Jump from heights
  • High above ground
  • Private transfers


  • Epic paintballing fun
  • 100 paintballs each
  • Equipment provided
  • Private transfers

One Way Airport Transfers

  • Easy going service
  • One way journey
  • Airport or hotel
  • Hen party essential

Party Bus Airport Transfer

  • Fun party bus
  • Airport pick up
  • Beers & DJ’s
  • Music & lighting

Return Airport Transfers

  • Pre-booked service
  • Airport & hotel
  • Private transfers
  • Hen do essential

Limo Airport Transfer

  • Travel like a celeb
  • Luxury limousine
  • Airport pick up
  • One way service

Tenpin Bowling

  • Classic daytime activity
  • One hour game
  • Up to 8 lanes
  • English speaking guide

Why Go to Sofia for Your Hen Party?

Give the bride-to-be the ultimate surprise by booking a Sofia hen party. After all, it is the capital of Bulgaria, meaning that there will be plenty to see and do during your visit. No matter what type of Sofia hen weekend you are after, you will be able to easily find the right activities for you and the girls to sink your teeth into! Whatever you girls choose to do, trust us when we say that this is the perfect place to head with all your Sofia hen do ideas if you are wanting to make long-lasting memories in a city unlike any other.

A Sofia Hen Do

Although part of the European Union since 2007, Bulgaria still uses the lev as their official currency, making the prices cheap as chips! Averaging at around £1.50 for a pint, £3.50 for a vodka mixer and £2 for a shot of vodka, this is one of the cheapest nights out anywhere in Eastern Europe! As if you didn’t need any more convincing, a standard two course meal will cost around you around £10 a head. Not only does this mean that you’ll be spending less than you would in other popular destinations like Berlin and Amsterdam, but you’ll also be saving your pennies for other important activities on your trip… like shopping!

Records of settlement in-and-around Sofia date back almost 10,000 years, making it one of Europe’s oldest cities! Being a university city with a large student population, Sofia offers a bustling and vibrant nightlife jam packed with some of the hottest bars and clubs in Bulgaria! One of the more up-and-coming cities we offer, a Sofia hen weekend is the perfect destinations for the young, the trendy and the adventurous! Oozing with history you’ll never be short from a historic building or some fasci­nat­ingly classic architecture to feast your eyes on.

  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Currency: Bulgarian LEV
  • Cost of cocktail: 7 лв
  • Airport: Sofia Airport
  • Flight duration: 4 hours

Top 10 Hen Do Activities in Sofia

Make the celebrations memorable by adding some of these Sofia hen do activities into your weekend. Whatever you and the girls are planning on doing there will be plenty of Sofia hen activities to suit you all.

1. Wine Tasting

Class up your hen party as you and the girls enjoy three different Bulgarian wines with some tapas to snack on. This is the perfect activity to pass some time and have some tipsy fun during your stay!

2. Bar Crawl with Wine

Explore the nightlife in this vibrant city with a fully-guided bar tour around the entire city of Sofia. What better way to kick off your Sofia hen night than enjoying some local wine and fantastic bars?

3. Party Bus with Stripper

Kick off your hen party celebrations in style with an entire hour of touring the city of Sofia whilst partying hard, with an on-board DJ and a hot male stripper for some eye candy!

4. Cocktail Bar Crawl

Kick off your celebrations with a classic cocktail bar crawl around this fabulous city, where you’ll be taken on a 3-hour tour of some of the best venues with an English-speaking tour guide.

5. Shoot 'Em up Firearms

Test your aim with this purely exhilarating hen party activity where you and the girls will get to test four different firearms, from a Glock to a revolver and a shotgun.

6. Traditional Bulgarian Dinner

When in Bulgaria, right? Get together for a deliciously traditional 2-course Bulgarian meal with the girls. Hosted in a central restaurant, you’ll also get 2 glasses of wine each as well as the cultural experience!

7. Hummer City Tour

Take a ride around Sofia in style in the back of a hummer, where you and the girls get to enjoy some wine in luxurious comfort whilst taking in the sights of the city! This is a truly VIP experience not to miss!

8. Cocktail Making

Mix, shake and pour your own fantastic cocktail concoctions with help from a professional mixologist in this classic hen party activity that’s sure to get you ready for the big night out ahead of you!

9. Escape Rooms

Solve cryptic clues, tricky challenges and riddles as you and the girls try to escape the room before time runs out!

10. Nightclub Entry with Tables and Bottles

What hen party night is complete without the VIP experience? Make the most of your Sofia night out with a reserved area in a city centre nightclub and a bottle of your choice!

They are our top 10 Sofia hen party activities but there are still plenty more where they came from if these don’t take your fancy.

Best Places to Eat in Sofia?

Best Places to Eat in Sofia?

For a taste of the traditional, we recommend checking out Izbata Tavern on ul. Slavyanska at the heart of the city, where classic Bulgarian food is their speciality! One of the most popular restaurants anywhere in the city, you and the girls should expect to find delicious local dishes from Shopska salad to Chicken Kapama, all at very reasonable prices! This stylish restaurant is both cosy and welcoming, making it the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal either before or after a big night out in Sofia!

If you’re looking for a more familiar taste, then why not go all-out and check out Skaptobara, the city’s best burger place! Located on ul. Iskar, this American-inspired restaurant is a massively popular eatery with both the locals and visiting tourists, often referred to as having the best burgers in the city. This would make sense, as the brand operates four locations across the city (including one in the Mall of Sofia) and combines amazingly cheap prices with mouth-watering satis­fac­tion.

Where to Shop in Sofia?

Where to Shop in Sofia?

Like many other capital cities, Sofia is a fantastic destination when it comes to shopping! From wide-open shopping streets to indoor centres, there’s every reason to hit the stores and shop ‘til you drop on your hen party in Sofia.

The first place we’d recommend heading to for a browse or a full day of shopping is Vitosha Boulevard. Situated right in the heart of the city centre, this major thoroughfare overlooks the Vitosha Mountain, making for the perfect backdrop to your shopping trip! This wide-open street is lined with enough high fashion boutiques and big brand stores to keep you and the girls entertained for an afternoon, we’re sure of that.

If the weather is being unpre­dic­table, then head to the Mall of Sofia for an indoor shopping paradise experience! Also located in the heart of the city centre, this huge shopping complex is the biggest of its kind in Sofia, covering three storeys and featuring a cinema, restaurants and plenty of high street brand stores you’d expect to find anywhere back in the UK.

An alternative choice for indoor shopping is TZUM. Historically opened in 1956, this building forms part of the “Largo”, three gigantic Soviet-style buildings that were constructed in the heart of Sofia after World War II. This 7-floor building is packed full of inter­national brands and European favourites, giving you a mixture of familiar stores and new favourites to try!

Guide to Sofia Nightlife for Hen Weekends

An increasingly popular destination for stag and hen parties flocking from all over the UK and the rest of Europe, the Sofia nightlife is a force to be reckoned with! As Bulgaria operates very few licensing laws regarding alcohol, you will find that most places will be serving alcohol at any time of the day or night, meaning that the party never really stops in this city! Not only this but ,there’s also many restaurants that stay open throughout the night, providing hungry party goers a cooked breakfast at 6am as they leave the bustling nightclubs. We recommend taking your sunglasses out with you as that morning sun can be brutal!


You will find the largest concen­tra­tion of bars near Vitosha Blvd and around Sofia University. One of the street’s best bars has to be Memento Vitosha. Specialising in mouth-watering cocktails and local beers for you to try, this is an extremely popular spot throughout the day or night for you and the girls to swing by and grab a drink or two, whether you’re out shopping for the day or getting prepared to hit the nightclubs.

Another fantastic place that’s a massive hit with locals and visitors alike is One More Bar Sofia, located on ul. Tsar Ivan Shishman. This modern and vibrant hotspot has everything that you and the girls could possibly want to drink, from vodka to wine and of course… cocktails! This particular bar also has a generously sized beer garden area, making this the ideal place to sit out in the Bulgarian sunshine whilst enjoying some well-priced drink that won’t even dent your purses!


As we’ve mentioned before, Sofia’s nightlife might give you a pleasant surprise if your expectations are low! As we’ve said before, Sofia is a student city and an increasingly popular stag & hen party destination, meaning that the nightlife stays fresh and targeted towards a younger, more energetic crowd. The city features some fantastic bars like the ones we’ve mentioned above, and the nightclubs are right up there in terms of quality and price!

Starting off, we’d recommend making your way to Yalta Club. Situated on Sofia University square, the party hotspot of the city, this venue was opened in 1959 and maintained a popular reputation throughout Bulgaria’s communist history. In 1989, it was the first place in the country to play dance music and largely considered as the foundation of the country’s nightclub movement. If that isn’t enough to convince you, Yalta hosts some of the biggest DJs in Europe and hosts the biggest dance music nights in the capital.

The next place that you should consider for a big night out in Sofia is Mixtape 5. Another amazing dance music venue, this place won’t close its doors until the very early hours of the morning, meaning that this is the ideal place to dance until the sun comes up as one last party before the wedding! Unlike any other venue you’ll find in the city, this nightclub has to be accessed through an underpass, next to Sofia’s iconic Lovers Bridge.

 What Are the Reasons to Visit Sofia?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Sofia?

The History

From centuries under Ottoman rule to decades behind the Iron Curtain, Sofia’s varied history is all on offer for you to discover and learn about

The Architecture

From centuries-old churches and spires to Stalinist skyscrapers, Sofia’s buildings are a beautiful mixture of old and new

The Nightlife

Sofia brings in more and more visitors each year to the city, and its popularity with stag and hen parties means that Sofia’s nightlife is one to be rivalled!

The Weather

Bulgaria enjoys a generous continental climate, meaning that this city experiences hot summers and cold winter, so you know what weather to expect depending on when you book your trip

The Green Spaces

Sofia is packed full of large public parks right next to the busting streets of the city centre such as West Park, South Park and the stunning Borisova Gradina.

The Natural Surroundings

This city sits on the edge of the Vitosha Mountain and is surrounded by beautiful countryside that can be seen from all over Sofia.

Check Out the Markets

The Central Market Hall has hosted traders since 1911 and is a great place to pick up everything Bulgarian, from souvenirs to remember your visit by to traditional local food!

Amazing Hen Party Activities

Whether you’re looking to take the relaxed approach to your trip with a guided walking tour of the city or you’re hoping to go all-out with a cocktail bar crawl.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Sofia Hen Party

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Sofia Hen Party

With so much to see and do in Sofia, there’s no wonder why so many stag and hen parties from all over the UK flock across to this Eastern European capital city every year! Not only is it packed full of exciting hen party activities for you to sink your teeth into, but there’s a number of ways that you can make the most out of your Sofia hen party. One way of doing that is by exploring the history and significance this city has had throughout history. In the heart of the capital is the Square of Religious Tolerance. Probably the only arrangement of its kind anywhere in the world, the city centre is dominated by four religious buildings that have influenced the city for thousands of years, being a synagogue, a mosque, an Orthodox church and a catholic cathedral!

Another fantastic way to make the most of your time in the Bulgarian capital is by exploring the natural surroundings that hug this city. Sofia’s immediate surroundings are dominated by the Balkan Mountains and stunning countryside, making it the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a peaceful day taking in the natural beauty that Bulgaria has to offer.

 How to Get Around Sofia?

How to Get Around Sofia?

Like a large number of capital and major cities across Europe, Sofia is served by an impressive and efficient underground metro system, spanning across 35 stations and covering 2 lines. The network also serves Sofia Airport, making it a great way to get in and out of the city in no time at all!

Once in the city, a great way to navigate the streets is either by tram or trolleybus. The tram network covers around 165 stops across 14 lines, making this one of the easiest ways to see the city whilst massively cutting down your travel time between desti­nations. The trolleybus is also a fast and inexpensive way of getting from A to B, so you’ll never be out of options!

Why Consider Us When Planning a Hen Party in Sofia?

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