Dusseldorf Hen Party

Dusseldorf Hen Party

Beer Bike

Beer Bike

  • Ultimate party bike
  • 10 litres of beer
  • Heaps of laughter
  • Outside the city
  • £687.50
Song Recording

Song Recording

  • Pick your favourite tunes
  • Record 1 to 7 songs
  • CD for everyone
  • 2 hour session
  • £781.50
Indoor Go Karting

Indoor Go Karting

  • Friendly competition
  • Epic indoor track
  • Powerful go karts
  • 45 laps in total
  • £1176.50
Jewellery Making & Photoshoot

Jewellery Making & Photoshoot

  • Create personal jewellery
  • Perfect wedding gift
  • Sparkling wine included
  • Amazing photoshoot
  • £71.50
Laser Tag

Laser Tag

  • Fun fast paced games
  • Latest laser guns
  • Different game modes
  • Includes drinks & snacks
  • £47.00
Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making

  • Learn about mixology
  • Hands on activity
  • Mix, muddle, shake & more
  • Professional bartender
  • £84.50
Travel Abroad With Funktion

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7
4D Mini Golf

4D Mini Golf

  • Indoor mini golf
  • 3D glasses
  • Equipment included
  • 18-hole course
  • £25.00
Drinks & Strippers

Drinks & Strippers

  • 1 hour in city centre bar
  • Beer or sparkling wine
  • 15-minute strip show
  • City centre location
  • £70.00
Prosecco Bike

Prosecco Bike

  • 2-hour tour outside the city
  • Tour guide included
  • 10 cans of prosecco
  • Sound system included
  • £625.00
Striptease Dance Class

Striptease Dance Class

  • Learn an erotic dance
  • Professional tutor
  • Studio Included
  • Drink on arrival
  • £57.00
Mexican Dinner with Stripper

Mexican Dinner with Stripper

  • Main course
  • 1 drink each
  • 10-minute show
  • Includes a shot each
  • £50.50
German Meal

German Meal

  • 3 Course meal
  • Traditional German food
  • City centre restaurant
  • Vegetarian options
  • £47.50
Salsa Dance Class

Salsa Dance Class

  • Learn a Latin dance
  • Professional tutor
  • City centre studio
  • Perfect for beginners
  • £635.50

Wine Tasting

  • Authentic German wine
  • Local wine expert host
  • Try 5 different wines
  • Light snacks included
  • £78.50

What is a Dusseldorf Hen Party Like?

Situated in the heart of Western Germany is the bustling city of Dusseldorf. This is a German city known for its fantastic Dusseldorf hen do ideas, whether it’s taking in the sights with a tour of the city or tucking into some delicious German cuisine. This city’s unbelievable nightlife earned Dusseldorf the reputation it has today for being one of the best cities in Germany to celebrate. Whether you’re heading down to party in the Altstadt (Old Town) or up to the top of the Rheinturm to witness some fantastic views of a Dusseldorf weekend is both epic and underrated.

What is a Dusseldorf Hen Party Like?

Dusseldorf is the perfect mixture of class and fun, which is perfect for a weekend away with the girls. Although it is usually less visited than the other larger German cities, a trip to Dusseldorf is actually probably one of the best weekend experiences you could give the bride! The weather is also great compared to what you might think; In fact, it only rains on average of 9 days each month! This means you and the girls can go explore the city and find architectural gems such as Kö-Bogen, Gehry Buildings, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Playhouse) and more.

Dusseldorf is filled to the brim of arts and culture, home to heaps of museums, theatres, cultural festivals and much more, ensuring you don’t fall short of things to do whilst celebrating there. The main theatre is Capitol Theater, housing over 1,250 seats in its main hall. Of course the nightlife is booming, with Altstadt (The Old Town) being a main area to go. The Nachtresidenz Düsseldorf is the best nightclub venue for girls who want to party until the sun rises!

Not only is this an amazing city in itself, but the Dusseldorf activities are second to none as well! But if you want an idea of the types of things you can keep yourselves busy with during your day, head into the city centre and start exploring! Whether you fancy a day of shopping ‘til you drop on Konigsallee or taking a relaxing stroll along the River Rhine promenade, the variety of things to do and explore in Dusseldorf makes it an amazing destination for groups of all shapes and sizes!

  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: €5-7
  • Airport: Düsseldorf Airport DUS
  • Flight duration: 1hr 35mins

Top 10 Hen Party Activities in Dusseldorf

Because the German city has so much variety, we want to narrow down the best Dusseldorf hen do activities to bring you the favourites. Below is the tried and tested top 10 Dusseldorf activities to browse through.

1. Cocktail Making

Create your own concoctions in the best-selling cocktail masterclass, complete with a mixologist to teach you all the tips & tricks of mixing drinks!

2. 4D Mini Golf

Embark on a mind-boggling adventure through 18 wacky holes with a session of 4D indoor mini-golf.

3. Salsa Class

Throw this energetic class into your weekend for something different and exciting - no prior skills needed!

4. Prosecco Bike

See the sights of the city whilst you peddle and sip your prosecco on the go! Includes a guide and free-flowing prosecco on board.

5. Wine Tasting

Tantalise your taste buds with a variety of delicious wines and learn the history behind the creation process.

6. Laser Tag

Get competitive with a host of fun and fast-paced games and game modes with the latest laser rifles.

7. German Meal

Feast your eyes and your bellies on a classic feast fit for German royalty! Includes a 3-course meal inside a traditional and cosy tavern.

8. Song Recording

Experience something to remember and record some of your favourite songs with your own voiceover to take home as a CD.

9. Indoor Go Karting

If you have a need for speed, there’s no better adrenaline-fuelled activity than go-karting! Put your leathers on and prepare for a bit of friendly competition.

10. Jewellery Making & Photoshoot

Get creative with this unique opportunity to craft your own jewellery from scratch and then model your designs in an exclusive photoshoot.

Places to Eat in Dusseldorf?

Places to Eat in Dusseldorf?

If you and the girls are looking for the best place to enjoy any these delicious traditional dishes, then you’ll want to head over to Munstermann Kontor, situated in the central Carlstadt area of the city. Specialising in delicious German cuisine, this extremely popular eatery also has a great menu of French and Central European dishes too. If you'd rather something safe and close to home, Bob & Mary's hamburger joint has got your back.

When heading back from a big night out in Dusseldorf, why not consider swapping out that usual kebab and chips for some German late-night food? If you and the girls head over to Schweine Janes, you can expect a range of delicious German takeaway foods to try, which are both reasonably priced and HUGE!

Luckily for you, Dusseldorf is known for an incredibly varied food and drink offering which ranges from speciality local and international favourites. But of course, since you are going for a hen party in Dusseldorf, you will probably want to try out some of the traditional dishes. And among all of them there are to try, we have a few of the most popular that you need to look out for.

The Halve Hahn is a local cheese served with cumin and rye sandwich. If you are after something warmer then look out for the Rheinischer Sauerbraten. This is a marinated roast that was once traditionally cooked with horse meat, but it has now been replaced by beef, pork, venison or mutton. And of course, what visit to a German city would be complete without sampling the local brew? Dusseldorf’s “Altbier” follows an old recipe originating from the Westphalia region that’s unlike any other beer you’ve tasted before!

Where to Shop in Dusseldorf?

Where to Shop in Dusseldorf?

Known for being the fashion capital of Germany, Dusseldorf couldn’t possibly get any better when it comes to shopping! Its city centre avenues are dotted with high street fashion brands and more shops than you can count, one of these being Königsallee. Known simply as Kö by local people, this is easily one of the busiest and best streets for fashion shopping anywhere in the country. Stretching exactly one kilometre, the avenue is known for the canal and landscapes area that runs alongside it, making it one of the more aesthetically pleasing shopping experiences!

As well as the city’s stunning shopping streets, it also boasts some of the best indoor shopping malls in Germany too. The Düsseldorf Arcaden is a 2-floor complex that houses over 100 high street stores, restaurants and services, making it the perfect destination to head to for a full day of shopping.

Another one of Düsseldorf’s amazing indoor malls is the Schadow-Arkaden. Situated just off Königsallee in the city centre, this large indoor complex houses 60 stores and a number of restaurants. If you happen to be shopping on Königsallee and want to extend your trip to make it a full day, stopping here on your route is both convenient and a great idea!

Guide to Dusseldorf Nightlife for Hen Weekends

Dusseldorf’s nightlife is situated along the Rhine River, a gorgeous setting to be against as the night draws in and all the party goers come out! For the girls amongst you who have never experience a night out in Dusseldorf, you can expect it to be vibrant, cool and sophisticated to say the least!

Altstadt (The Old Town)

The city’s premier nightlife hotspot, Altstadt is the hub of all things nightlife, and turns into a massive adult playground after dark. From quirky pubs to stylish cocktail bars, there’s a venue to suit every type of bride to be – that’s why this district is referred to worldwide as the “longest bar in the world”! In the 260+ bars here, there’s a few favourites such as MAITAI cocktail bar for strong drinks and an exotic theme. Alternatively if you’re looking for a true German experience, it’s wise to experience Uerige, a hugely popular microbrewery that curates some of Dusseldorf’s favourite beers.

For cocktails, one of the top bars to visit is the unassuming Cubanitos Bar. From the outside the venue looks tiny and mysterious, but inside you’ll find dim-lights and cosy seating to pair your seriously amazing cocktails with. And just like most cities around the world, Dusseldorf has it’s fair share of Irish pubs! McLaughlin’s will make you feel like you’re sitting in Belfast drinking a pint of Guinness, but if you’re looking for a huge venue and rowdy atmosphere there’s no better pub than The Irish pub Bei Fatty’s to quench your thirst and have you dancing on tables!

It’s likely that you won’t get around all the bars and pubs in Dusseldorf on a short and sweet weekend, but knowing the best places to go beforehand can really narrow things down. If you’re looking to follow the locals, one bar that’s always buzzing is Sir Walter, a little further from the centre of Old Town. And just down the road? Weißer Bär is a great place to start the night with a bit of grub and outdoor seating. Because both of these places are out of the central Altstadt area, we suggest you start here and work your way in as night falls and the crowds come out.


When the night is well underway we are sure you will be wanting to head out to a nightclub. There’s a few options around Dusseldorf city centre, the Old Town and a bit further into the sticks. Taxi’s and transport is sleek in Dusseldorf, so getting to and from nightclubs slightly further out won’t be an issue! For the most popular, enjoy a night at The Nachtresidenz Düsseldorf nightclub in the city centre. This bustling venue is always backed with partygoers, with bright lights and drinks flowing until 6am on weekends.

Nachtresidenz nightclub is the biggest you’ll find in Dusseldorf but doesn’t necessarily mean the best! Other, smaller contenders like Schickimicki club are also a huge hit for tourists all year round. Situated in the Alstadt Old Town, you can easily hop from your last bar to this bumping club and end your night with a boogie.

What Are the Reasons to Visit Dusseldorf?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Dusseldorf?

River Rhine

Although Dusseldorf is far from the coast, you still get water trickling through the city in the form of the River Rhine. This means relaxing banks, boat cruises and water sports to enjoy!

Quieter Than Most

Dusseldorf has the best of both worlds – great party activities and nightlife without the stressful atmosphere of some of the bigger German cities.

Bavarian Food

If your budding bride is a true foodie, she won’t be disappointed with the choice in Dusseldorf. Try and fit as many eateries in as you can, especially traditional street vendors for bratwurst and currywurst!

A Cheaper Retreat

If you want to experience all the wonder of a trip to Germany without breaking the bank, Dusseldorf is perfect. You can spend as little or as many euros as you like here.

Old Town

Dusseldorf is always being renovated, but the Old Town centre always proves to be popular with tourists. If you’re looking for a traditional German night out in cosy taverns, this is the place to be.

Easy Peasy Transport

Dusseldorf has refined the way of travelling, so exploring has never been easier! The transport links like tramlines and train stations are in abundance, so you can even travel out of the city if you’d like to go further.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Dusseldorf Hen Party

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Dusseldorf Hen Party

In between all of your activities in Dusseldorf we are sure you will be wanting to get the most out of your celebrations. Luckily for you there are so many amazing things to do and sights to see all around the city that the girls will love. First up is Königsallee, a boulevard that is landscaped with canals and designer shops. Even if you don’t want to go shopping having a stroll down this area is a beautiful experience.

Rhine Tower is another sight you can’t miss during your time in Dusseldorf. It’s a 240.­5-metre-high telec­om­mu­nica­tions tower and the tallest building in the city. It’s an extremely impressive building right next to the Rhine river. Or why not take a trip over to Kaiserswerth, a riverside district that can give you a village atmosphere. Here you will find the ruins of the 12th century castle Kaiserpfalz. Throughout the cobblestoned streets you will find unique stores and a main square.

How to Get Around Dusseldorf?

How to Get Around Dusseldorf?

During the weekend you will probably find yourselves needing to know the best ways to get around Dusseldorf. Luckily there are a variety of different public transport options that you can use. The Old Town of Dusseldorf is extremely compact so it is quite easy to cover on foot. But if needed there are plenty of trams, buses and metro trains that can take you around Dusseldorf and the areas just outside of the city too.

As well as the public transport there are plenty of taxis dotted all around the city. Make sure you hail a taxi from their designated ranks or book them in advance over the phone as you can’t flag them down on the street. Or course if you want to see the sights whilst making your way around the city hiring a bike is a great option. And it’s an extremely popular way to get around the city.

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